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Survivor Second Chance: ‘Survivor MacGyver’ Recap and Rankings

The Social Network

“I realized that not everyone behaves in that manner out here. We’re real people and I’m going to be a real person throughout this.” -Kass

Survivor is still crushing it in the ratings department and this season has gotten off to a great start. There has been emotion, drama and lots of game play up to this point and things have already shifted significantly on one tribe.

New alliances have been formed and the theme of the season so far seems to be all about the social game. Shiren, Spencer and Fishbach don’t seem to understand this aspect of the game and it has gotten them into hot water early on. Terry, on the other hand, has improved his social game significantly since his last appearance onĀ Survivor and he appears to be reaping the rewards. Of course, this will all change once the merge hits but for now, let’s enjoy this crazy Brazilian soap opera.

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