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South Park: ‘The City Part Of Town’ Review

Welcome Home

The new season of South Park has set a super high standard. This week was a bit of a letdown but it’s hardly a surprise after the last episode in which Mr. Kim starred in. The Sodosopa development was the star of this episode and Kenny’s house being right in the middle of it all was clever but other than that this episode just seemed different to me.

South Park appears to be making some big changes this season and I think this episode illustrated that perfectly but this show is supposed to make us laugh throughout the entire episode and I just didn’t find myself laughing as much as the previous two.

There were still some funny moments, however, and I was actually moved by the ending promotion for Whole Foods. It looks like Season 19 is bringing us an updated, revitalized South Park. Welcome home and enjoy the recap.

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South Park: ‘Where My Country Gone’ Review

Buckle Up, Buckaroo

Mr. Garrison is at it again and this time he’s after illegal immigrants. Wait, I mean undocumented immigrants…don’t want the bro squad getting in my face. The only problem is that the bro squad is back from the premiere and it looks like South Park is continuing its season long stories. I am epically thrilled. Even Randy is still a total PC bro.

We immediately find out that the immigrants in question are actually the northern kind and once again South Park has us calling people our buddy, friend and guy. Every time Canada is involved in South Park you know it’s going to be a good time.

So buckle up buckaroo and enjoy the recap but a quick warning: it might be a good idea to avoid getting into a vehicle with Caitlyn Jenner. You’ve been warned.

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