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Heroes Reborn: ‘Under The Mask’ Review


“The world has been uneasy. This is the breakthrough we’ve been waiting for. Ladies and Gentlemen…E.P.I.C.” -Erica Kravid

As much as I liked the premiere, Under the Mask was a bit all over the place. The show introduced us to a lot more characters with special powers but I have to admit that I am quite confused with where they are going with the story.

I did, however, like what Renautas did with Molly Walker. Those epically hilarious glasses are the perfect weapon in locating any Evo and it’s going to be almost impossible for anyone to hide in plain sight now. Still, this episode was the equivalent of getting lost in a dark forest. I understand that there are a lot of stories and a lot of characters but Game of Thrones never seems to have a problem with these types of things so Heroes Reborn needs to take a lesson.

Heroes was always at its best when it was dark. Sylar was such an intriguing and horrific character from the original but so far we haven’t been introduced to any really dark Evo’s yet. Sure there is a great mystery that needs to be unraveled but let’s focus more on one Evo at a time rather than time jumping all over the place like Hiro Nakamura.

Hope this review is the perfect medicine to go with your steak and eggs. Enjoy the recap, fellow Evo’s.

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