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Heroes Reborn: ‘Brave New World / Odessa’ Series Premiere Review

Heroes Reborn Volume One: Awakening

“When you look back at the things you’ve done, the decisions you’ve made…the last thing you want to feel is regret. Am I right?” -Noah Bennet

Yes! One of my favorite series of all time has returned and I could not be more thrilled. First, I love X-Men because who the hell doesn’t love the X-men? Second, I loved the original¬†Heroes series even though the story fell apart half way through the second season. That said, this show has so much potential because of the stories that can be told where ordinary people must fulfill their destiny. Save the Cheerleader, Save the World, right? Well, Claire Bear is dead now¬†so the world is doomed.

Returning from the original series is Matt Parkman, Mohinder Suresh, Angela Petrelli, Noah Bennet, the Haitian, Micah Sanders and Hiro Nakamura. No Sylar, unfortunately but maybe he’ll make a cameo at some point. Also, Mohinder better not still be a fucking lizard or else!

The premiere was full of new characters and Evo’s and some were clearly better than others. Tommy has one of the best powers ever regardless what he thinks about it but over in Tokyo, Miko’s entire story line was beyond fucked up. What in the hell was going on with that? At least they kept the same narration from the original series because the writing is absolutely brilliant when it comes to that.

So get ready for a whole new cast of characters with brand new super powers and enjoy the recap.

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