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Scream Queens: ‘Chainsaw’ Review

Backstreet's Back

This show! I don’t know why but I just can’t stop loving Ryan Murphy’s latest series. Is it this amazing cast, Coney included? The hilarious antics of Denise Hemphill? Or frat boys getting their arms chopped off by chainsaw-wielding maniac’s as the Backstreet Boys Everybody plays in the background? All of the above.

Chainsaw hit all the right spots and I couldn’t get enough. I think this show especially works great if you don’t take it to seriously. While there is a murder mystery going down at Kappa Kappa Tau’s sorority house, the best parts of this show are the laughs and they have not stopped. Denise was by far the highlight of this episode with some hilarious moments and even though we’re not even close to figuring out who’s behind the red devil mask, it appears each character is going to have their own motive going forward.

Plus there was Coney, the greatest school mascot to ever grace us with his presence. Enjoy the recap, screamers!

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