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The Goldbergs: Best Moments From ‘A Chorus Lie’

The Goldbergs Best Moments: A Chorus Lie

The ’80s references never stop with this show and that is probably a good thing. We’re counting down the best moments from each episode of The Goldbergs third season and A Chorus Lie had so many references that it was hard to pick my favorites. Rock on, ’80s style!

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The Goldbergs: Best Moments From The Season 3 Premiere

The Goldbergs Best Moments: A Kick Ass Risky Business Party

The Goldbergs returned for its third season this week and this spoof on ’80s living is still as funny as ever. The entire Goldberg clan provided us with a lot of laughs in the premiere which was all about Risky Business and partying.

Barry and Erica were the highlights of this episode with their plan to have a Risky Business themed party at Lainey’s. And Beverly Goldberg, everyone’s favorite ’80s mom, was also in the mix.

So let’s countdown our favorite moments from A Kick Ass Risky Business Party. Hope you enjoyed the premiere as much as I did.

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