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Scream Queens: ‘Chainsaw’ Review

Backstreet's Back

This show! I don’t know why but I just can’t stop loving Ryan Murphy’s latest series. Is it this amazing cast, Coney included? The hilarious antics of Denise Hemphill? Or frat boys getting their arms chopped off by chainsaw-wielding maniac’s as the Backstreet Boys Everybody plays in the background? All of the above.

Chainsaw hit all the right spots and I couldn’t get enough. I think this show especially works great if you don’t take it to seriously. While there is a murder mystery going down at Kappa Kappa Tau’s sorority house, the best parts of this show are the laughs and they have not stopped. Denise was by far the highlight of this episode with some hilarious moments and even though we’re not even close to figuring out who’s behind the red devil mask, it appears each character is going to have their own motive going forward.

Plus there was Coney, the greatest school mascot to ever grace us with his presence. Enjoy the recap, screamers!

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Scream Queens: ‘Hell Week’ Series Premiere Review (Part II)

Helluva Good Time

The first hour of Scream Queens was a treasure of television goodness. If you haven’t read our review of the pilot yet, be sure to click here and catch up before reading on as this review only covers the last half of the two-hour premiere.

Of course, the second half was not nearly as good without Deaf Taylor Swift but it still had a ton of great moments and catch phrases. Emma Roberts continues to shine as Chanel Oberlin and Nasim Pedrad has dazzled us as Gigi Caldwell. So far, Gigi is my absolute favorite and I really hope she is not murdered any time soon (or not at all). The entire cast has done a remarkable job of establishing their characters and by the second hour, I’m already liking most of them. That is no easy feat.

And what would this show be without some crazy twists and we had just that by the end of the premiere. At this point, I have no idea who the killer is but that’s what makes this murder mystery so much fun! Quick, grab some Burger Shack (with a sprinkle of candle wax) and enjoy the review!

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Scream Queens: ‘Pilot’ Series Premiere Review (Part I)

Get Your Scream On

AHHHHHHH! That’s the sound of me screaming because Scream Queens has finally premiered and it was worth the wait. Emma Roberts is a quote-dropping goddess, Lea Michele was hilarious as Hester, deaf Taylor Swift is the next American Idol and Jamie Lee Curtis is, well, Jamie Lee Curtis. Need I say more?

With American Horror Story: Hotel right around the corner, Ryan Murphy appears to have done it again with Scream Queens and the premiere episode was both fun and fantastic. Also, the music was phenomenal, as it always is with Ryan Murphy involved, so I’m going to do my best to include any and all of the music featured in these episodes. After all, waterfalls is my JAM!

So let’s head to Kappa Kappa Tau’s sorority house and check in on our Scream Queens for Part I of the series premiere. It was definitely a fun lawnmower ride. Enjoy the recap fellow screamers!

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