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Fear The Walking Dead: ‘The Good Man’ Season Finale Review

Leaving It All Behind

Leaving It All Behind

Finally, the episode of Fear the Walking Dead that we all wanted. With literally nothing happening last week, I was thrilled to see shit finally hit the fan. Stuff actually went down guys, and it paid off huge. I was fully entertained throughout the finale. Even though no one really important died, this episode finally advanced our story to where it should be going. Our characters had to make some tough choices in The Good Man and they finally left sweet suburbia to head off into this unforgiving world.

I also really like Strand. That guy seems to know what he’s doing and this show desperately needed someone with survival skills. I think there was too much focus on the Clark’s and family life. Strand really adds a new element to the show because we don’t know a lot about him and because he’s not a bitch when it comes to making decisions (right, Travis)?

This episode was everything a finale should be. Zombie’s are officially fucking the world up so quickly stop whatever you’re doing and enjoy the recap!

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Fear The Walking Dead: ‘Cobalt’ Review

Getting Ready to Rumble

Let's Get Ready To Rumble

It appears this show is not that good. Fear the Walking Dead’s penultimate episode finally advanced the plot to where we want it to be but holy crap did it ever drag us along to get to this point. The military has decided that they have no intention of sitting around in the suburbs and are peacing the F out but why do the writers have to bore us in getting there. So far this season has had pretty much NO action and I have no idea why I am still watching this nonsense. It’s the kind of stuff that can give Under the Dome some stiff competition in the dumb department.

The entire episode was all about getting us to this evacuation point and I truly don’t think it was necessary to take us along for this ridiculously slow ride. Daniel torturing that military dude seemed to drag on forever, Chris and Alicia decide they would rather be looters and Travis can’t even get the balls to shoot a walker. I suppose Nick and Maddie are the most interesting characters up to this point but we barely got to see them and I think it’s safe to say that this is impressing nobody.

So put on your best dress and/or suit, sit down at the piano and enjoy a glass of champagne…or just loot the entire place. After all, this is Zombie Armageddon. Enjoy the recap.

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Fear The Walking Dead: ‘Not Fade Away’ Review

Just A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day - Fear The Walking Dead

These people are the worst. With the zombie outbreak in full effect, our family decides to go for a jog, chill in the pool and of course paint some rooms. Also, golfing is totally a thing for the military now. As I mentioned last week, I was wishing these idiots would have left town and started on an adventure but no, instead they are trapped inside sweet suburbia on a sunny day with no where to go because the military has taken complete control of the neighborhood.

Unfortunately, there really wasn’t much to this episode. We spent a lot of time with our main characters just doing normal things which makes for a terrible story. This is the fucking zombie apocalypse and I want to see shit hit the fan…not Nick lounging in a pool. It took the entire episode to finally move the story forward, and with only two episodes remaining, the writers are running out of time to really wow us.

I did, however, thoroughly enjoy the opening and final scenes of Not Fade Away. With Lou Reed’s Perfect Day playing the background, we get a number of shots of our main characters having a pretty damn good time. I highly encourage you to check out the track below, it’s quite chilling. So what are you waiting for? It’s a beautiful day outside so sit back and relax, hit the play button and enjoy this perfectly perfect day.

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Fear The Walking Dead: ‘The Dog’ Review

Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Zombies At My Neighbors

After taking a non-nonsensical week off last week after only airing two episodes, Fear the Walking Dead returned this week with a brand new episode titled The Dog and it appears it was worth the wait. The first couple of episodes were dragged out but the show appears to be picking up steam. That said, I was fairly disappointed when the military showed up at the end. I would have much preferred our modern families headin’ off on the highway and figuring out what to do next rather than stay home and play board games.

That said, I did like the Monopoly reference at the beginning even if it’s probably the last thing people should be doing during a zombie outbreak. I should also mention that playing a game of Monopoly can sometimes be worse than the zombie apocalypse. This is completely based on my own personal experience and I highly discourage playing this game with lawyers and/or business majors.

Luckily though, this episode was not half bad and even though all of the major characters are still alive and well, it was nice to see the neighborhood falling apart right before our eyes. Poor Susan and Patrick.

Now grab some dice and get rollin’ with the hopes of landing on Free Parking and enjoy the review!

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Fear The Walking Dead: ‘So Close, Yet So Far’ Review

The Shape Of Things To Come

The Shape of Things to Come

Now that is what The Walking Dead should be all about. It looks as though shit is about to hit the fan in LA and after watching So Close Yes So Far, I feel satisfied. I think the entire premise behind this series is absolutely great and, after last week’s lackluster premiere, I think we’re back on track to seeing just how people react in a crisis situation.

The whole idea of what people would do in an apocalyptic situation is what makes this series so great and it is a pleasure to finally get to see how this all plays out at the beginning, something that did not happen in the original series.

I also really loved how they used that bouncy castle at the neighbor’s house to really emphasize that things were going to shit. I mean, the neighbors were all set for a birthday party and instead they end up dead. It made things seem real and that certainly needs to happen in order for this show to be effective.

That said, grab a fire extinguisher, a knife or a crow bar and let’s doing some looting! Enjoy the recap.

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Fear The Walking Dead: ‘Pilot’ Season Premiere Review

Going Back To Cali

Going Back To Cali

Fear The Walking Dead made its much-anticipated premiere last night and it looks as though the same zombie mayhem from the original is back, this time in California. I’ll admit…the Walking Dead and I have a complicated relationship. I tune in every week, against my will, and I’m almost always disappointed or blown away. Disappointment, however, has been more of the norm lately.

With Fear The Walking Dead, there was some hope that we could finally get some answers about how this outbreak even started in the first place. In fact, I would have suggested that if you really wanted to get my attention, this absolutely needed to be addressed in the pilot…and well, as we know, it was not. The show’s first big mistake and possible deal breaker.

AMC has already renewed Fear the Walking Dead for a second season and I’m not sure if that was a good idea based on what I’ve seen so far. If they don’t start explaining HOW this all happened in the first place, I get the feeling this is going to piss a lot of viewers off, and I’ll be one of them.

So…get in your truck and start hitting things because the Zombie Apocalypse is here. Enjoy the recap.

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