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American Horror Story Coven Finale: ‘The Seven Wonders’ Review

One Witch To Rule Them All

Stevie Nicks

Oh season finale! Why do you always do this to us?! On the one hand, last night’s finale of American Horror Story: Coven, appropriately titled ‘The Seven Wonders‘ produced a lot of really cool and tragic moments for some of our characters. But ultimately, the ending lacked something. I don’t know what, but a lot of the final moments of the season seemed anti-climatic if only because there was no true villain (plus no Laveau or LaLaurie = sad).

Of course, I can’t say enough about that opening. It was pure awesomeness in every way! Plus, STEVIE FREAKING NICKS! Something about her walking around Witch Manor, singing ‘Seven Wonders‘ while we get ready for the big final exam–it was the PERFECT set up for the final episode of Coven.

Check out ‘Seven Wonders‘ below and enjoy my final review of AHS: Coven.

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American Horror Story Coven: ‘Go To Hell’ Review

Old HELL-er

Death. Lots of it. Last night’s episode of American Horror Story, titled ‘Go To Hell’, featured a lot of main characters dying off, even the ones we thought couldn’t die. Further, just when I thought we had our main baddie for the season finale next week, they end up killing her off too. So I have theories and a feeling that the actual ending could be the extinction of the Coven, hmmmm!

But the best part of the episode was HANDS DOWN the highway to hell where Legba was business as usual. Loved the twists and loved the cliffhanger ending. Can’t wait until next week’s finale…the Seven Wonders awaits!

And now my review…

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American Horror Story Coven: ‘Protect The Coven’ Review

Hostile Takeover

The 3rd last episode of Coven came and went last night and I gotta say I was a little bit disappointed with the way things unfolded. To me, this episode seemed to be more of a filler episode to set up the final 2 hours. That said, this happens every single season on this show, so I am just going to be patient.

I mean, Queenie randomly shows up with LaLaurie on a leash (and put back together) and the Axeman and Spaulding are somehow running around communicating with the living and murdering corporate executives and snatching babies, respectively. And there is no explanation as to how this is even possible!!!

Of course, AHS always does seem to wrap things up every season and last night’s epiosde, titled ‘Protect the Coven’, did a great job of “setting things up” for the grand finale!!! And for those that really like horror with lots of blood and gore than this episode was definitely for you because AHS upped the bat shit crazy level to EXTREME BAT SHIT CRAZY! In other words, there was a lot of blood…just not enough story!

And now my review…

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American Horror Story Coven: ‘The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks’ Review

Gold Dust Women

The episode we have ALL been waiting for came and went last night and I have to say I was a little bit disappointed–but only a little. Stevie Nicks finally made her appearance on last night’s returning episode titled ‘The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks’. I hyped the crap out of this episode only to be a bit letdown with the use of Ms. Nicks. But, luckily, the creepy Papa Legba dude (more on him later) made up for it because that entire story line was Bat. Shit. Crazy. Not only that, he just so happened to be played by Lance Reddick (Fringe fans will remember him as Broyles). I had NO idea that was even him under all the cloaks and make-up until doing a bit of research after the show aired! Just awesome and dark as fuck– exactly how I like my AHS!

At the very least, it was still pretty cool to have Stevie Nicks, live and in the flesh, join up with the women at the Coven. I guess I just half-expected the writers to write her into an actual story and use her in a more important (and bat shit crazy) way, but clearly this didn’t happen. All she really did was make a quick cameo and play the piano! Don’t get me wrong, Stevie kicks so much ass and watching her perform on this show is satisfying, but we all expect more from this show and in this particular case, she was clearly misused 😦 That said, I don’t think it’s the last we have seen of Stevie and besides, it kinda illustrates the fact that the Witches taking up residence in New Orleans are not the only ones out there in the world. Did I also mention that a war is brewing…

And now my review…

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American Horror Story Coven: ‘Head’ Review

I Called The Witch Doctor And This Is What She Head Said

My HEAD is still spinning from last night’s episode of American Horror Story! And now, we have to wait FOUR ENTIRE WEEKS until the next episode! That is WAY, WAYYY too long! You’re very lucky, Ryan Murphy, for casting Stevie Nicks herself because if she wasn’t going to be in the next episode, that would simply be TOO LONG of a wait.  And while I’m on the subject of Stevie Nicks and before even getting to my review of last night’s awesome episode, the next episode (airing January 8th–sigh) is titled ‘The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks’. I cannot contain my excitement due to the epic awesomeness of having Stevie Nicks play HERSELF on AHS (and, one other note, she’s going to be making more than just one appearance)!

Of course, the wait is going to be even more excruciating after last night’s action-packed episode, simply titled ‘Head’. There was literally no stop to the action and, count ’em, a total of FIVE deaths, all of which are really going to shake things up!

And really, this episode put the kids to bed and let the real stars shine: Fiona, Myrtle, Delia, LaLaurie (well, her head anyways) and Laveau all stole the show in this one and it was totally fun and entertaining watching these older women getting most of the screen time!

And now my review…

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American Horror Story Coven: ‘The Sacred Taking’ Review

Head Games

WHOA! OK, so last night’s episode of American Horror Story, titled “The Sacred Taking” was pretty f’ing awesome! Even if no one can die on this show due to the fact that our Hippy Witch has brought back almost every single person who has died up to this point. Now, normally this would be a problem on any other show, but for whatever reason, when someone is resurrected on this show, I get extremely curious and last night was no exception.

Myrtle Snow finally made her return as well after her extended stay at Misty’s Spa. And now all of our Witches are finally together chillin’ at the Academy minus Queenie. And hell ya, we even got a little shout-out to one my favorite horror/suspense movies Se7en at the very end of the episode!

Another quick note before I get to the review. Another classic ’60’s song from Madison’s awesome confrontation with Fiona.. ‘Season of the Witch’ by Donovan. It really is an amazing jam so check it out:

Now my review…

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American Horror Story Coven: ‘The Dead’ Review

Fit For A Queen(ie)

Last night’s episode of American Horror Story, titled ‘The Dead, had some interesting scenes but for the most part I feel it lacked something in the action department. Plus, no Lily Rabe the entire episode simply makes me sad 😦 And where the hell is MYRTLE!? The last time we saw her, she was enjoying a mud bath at Misty’s Spa, but this episode failed to make any developments whatsoever on this side of the story, and for the first time this season I felt rather disappointed.

That said, there were some solid performances last night and the end of the episode was pure AWESOMENESS! But again, I just felt this episode lacked the usual ‘bat shit crazy’ moments that we come to expect from AHS! Madison and Queenie (and, of course, Marie Laveau) stole the show… and the entire bit with Fiona and the Axeman moved along just a little too slowly for my liking– to the point that I don’t really care what happens between those two. Although I think it is very clear now that Fiona is going to be our main villain for the rest of the series– anything else would make no sense. After all, she is a murdering Supreme who is now having a love-affair with the Axeman of New Orleans.

Of course, Queenie’s betrayal was the highlight for me as it changes up a big part of the story and makes things a lot more interesting with the Voodoo Queen! I am super excited to see where they go with this for the remainder of the season!

Also, keep in mind that… THERE WILL BE NO AMERICAN HORROR STORY NEXT WEDNESDAY! 😦 I just want to get that little bit of disappointment out now so no one is surprised when they go sit down to watch next Wednesday and realize that it’s not airing because of the American Thanksgiving holiday. You’ve been warned!

And once again, to get things started, this show has re-ignited my interests in some old school music. This time, the episode opened up to Toto’s 1982 classic ‘Rosanna’– check it out below:

Now my review…

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American Horror Story Coven: ‘The Axeman Cometh’ Review

The Facts Axe of Life

Once again… you have outdone yourself American Horror Story. And the more I delve into the history and story of the Axeman of New Orleans, the more I realize how brilliant this television show is! Not only were the writers able to bring in the actual Axeman of New Orleans but the REAL story is actually aligned with the way they are presenting the plot! In other words, our Axeman friend was very much real and was never found until AHS decided to write us a nice little story about what happened to him.

With the exception of FrankenKyle (please, please, please get rid of him… I almost feel like they didn’t know what the hell to do with Evan Peters so they just threw him into that bullshit role), ‘The Axeman Cometh’ had a little bit of everything and told an extremely interesting story with some history to go with it! I still have faith though… I mean, this show somehow turned Hank into a relevant character, more on that later, so maybe FrankenKyle will finally do something other than smash a bunch of stuff!

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American Horror Story Coven: ‘Burn, Witch. Burn!’ Review

Reservoir Gods

Witch Burning 101, Lesson #1: How to Burn a Witch

If anything, this show has become a life event for me. Every Wednesday I turn off all the lights and get spooky with it! Last night’s episode, ‘Burn, Witch. Burn!’, literally took my breath away for all the right reasons. But there was one scene, and I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about, that will forever live in infamy through the memories of my imagination! Like something straight out of a Quentin Tarantino flick, you just couldn’t look away– even though, ya know, they were friggin’ BURNING A WOMAN ALIVE!

There was so much action and story going on last night I hardly know where to start. So many twists and turns– it’s usually at this point in the season that I start to lose track of where the writer’s are going with the story! I mean– we had zombie daughters out for revenge, a failed attempt to overthrow the Supreme, a double blindside at Witch Council and a good ole’ fashion REAL WITCH BURNING that took a page straight out of Quentin Tarantino’s cult classic Reservoir Dogs. If you don’t watch this show, I feel sorry for you! 🙂

And just to set the mood a little, I’ve included the audio track from the song they played during that Witch burning scene last night, Dr. John’s 1973 classic ‘Right Place, Wrong Time’:

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American Horror Story Coven: ‘Fearful Pranks Ensue’ Review

Whose The Baddest Witch In Town? 

“I’ll get you, my pretty. And your little Minotaur too!”

My favorite day of the year… Halloween! And I have officially added one more reason to love this time of the year because American Horror Story always seems to go all out for their Halloween episodes and last nights ‘Fearful Pranks Ensue’ was no exception. AHS always does a 2-part episode for Halloween so last night’s cliffhanger ending should have shocked nobody! Both Season 1 and Season 2 used this same set-up so I expected nothing less from this season and so far, Part 1 did not disappoint.

And just because I love the Simpsons so much and its Halloween today, I’ll post one of my all-time favorite clips from The Simpsons… of course, it involves witches! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

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