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The Classic Moments List…coming soon!

Our first day of high school

From Left to Right: “The Mole, The Dog Tit and the Goose”, we had nicknames for everything and everyone.


You all may have noticed that I have been ignoring my reviews of Under the Dome. Well, that is because I have been writing some original stories instead of writing about that unbelievably crappy show. Just not worth the time any more. It is, however, because of Under the Dome and the crappy writing that came with it that I am now writing this amazing story.

The story behind the story goes a little something like this…In high school in the ’90’s, a buddy (Party Marty as we called him) and I (The Goose) decided to start writing a list of everything that happened during our adventures. By the end of high school, the Classic Moments List was born. I still have that very list today and we still yell out “CLASSIC MOMENT” every time something awesome or funny happens.

So please check out the link below to read the introduction, you won’t regret it. And I would be very grateful for any feedback. Oh, and one last┬áthing, life is too short, so just enjoy and SMILE! 16-year old me certainly knew how too. Link below (Update: I think I fucked up and I guess I am still in character 15 years later, LMFAO, the Goose is Loose ­čśŽ ┬álink updated):

Classic Moments Intro


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