Fear The Walking Dead: ‘The Good Man’ Season Finale Review

Leaving It All Behind

Leaving It All Behind

Finally, the episode of Fear the Walking Dead that we all wanted. With literally nothing happening last week, I was thrilled to see shit finally hit the fan. Stuff actually went down guys, and it paid off huge. I was fully entertained throughout the finale. Even though no one really important died, this episode finally advanced our story to where it should be going. Our characters had to make some tough choices in The Good Man and they finally left sweet suburbia to head off into this unforgiving world.

I also really like Strand. That guy seems to know what he’s doing and this show desperately needed someone with survival skills. I think there was too much focus on the Clark’s and family life. Strand really adds a new element to the show because we don’t know a lot about him and because he’s not a bitch when it comes to making decisions (right, Travis)?

This episode was everything a finale should be. Zombie’s are officially fucking the world up so quickly stop whatever you’re doing and enjoy the recap!

Zombie Armageddon 

The very opening of this episode left us with some shots of the city with Timber Timbre’s It Comes Back To Haunt Us playing in the background. I love it when this show does these types of shots…just simple scenery with a chilling soundtrack. You can check out the track below:

After the stunning intro, our episode picks up where we left off and the Clark family plus Daniel and Ofelia are packing up and ready to hit the road. They have no plans of bringing Corporal Adams with them and Daniel is ready to shoot the guy in the head but Travis stops them and decides they should spare him. Bad idea Travis because this is The Walking Dead. Did I also mention he’s probably still pissed about the whole torture thing. Maddie decides it’s best if the Corporal rides with Travis so she can protect her babies and away we go. They head through the military gate which was way too easy to open and the summer vacation begins.

They end up leaving the gate wide open and I’m wondering why until Daniel does the most insane fucking thing imaginable. If you guessed that he led that massive horde of zombies from the arena right to the military compound so they could murder everyone inside than good on you. It appears he has learned from his experiences in El Salvador because this guy is taking zero fucking chances.

When they arrive at the compound, Daniel reaches out to the military guys and lets them know he’s all alone.

I've come alone...

But really, he brought an entire horde of zombies to the party. Eat that, soldiers!


Meanwhile, Alicia and Chris are all best buds now and are left to hang out in a parking garage while the rest of the fam jam goes to break Nick out. They end up hearing something in the garage and immediately hide. The only problem is that they’re not being hunted by zombies. It’s the military and they are being douchey to the supreme. Chris and Alicia refuse to go with them which leads to Chris making a terrible decision to attack the military guys only to find himself getting knocked the fuck out. The military dudes also end up stealing the SUV so they can get the hell out of there and who can really blame them?

Zombiegeddon continues on the outside with the military shooting at pretty much anything and everything. Liza finally decides that it’s a good time to leave and it looks like Dr. Exner has locked herself inside with all of the patients. Was there ever a more pointless character on this show than Dr. Exner? The answer is nope. She ends up staying behind with all of the bodies which obviously means she’s as good as dead.

"This was a bad decision."

The zombies eventually get inside and all fucking hell finally breaks loose and I loved every second of it. Also, I’m not sure where this guy completed his military training but this was not a smart thing to do:

Guy gets destroyed by helicopter

Yes, that’s right folks. He either committed suicide in the worst way imaginable because he knew he was going to turn into a walker or he is the biggest moron in the entire world. At least it makes for a classic gif.

Finally, one of the fences comes down and Zombie Apocalypse is on. It took us five entire episodes to get to this point but watching everything go to complete shit in less than a minute was actually fun to watch. The zombies end up knocking down another tower as well but luckily Griselda is already dead and won’t be getting crushed for a second time.



Vic and Nick (lol) are still hanging out in the chain link prison. Was it just me or was there an over-usage of shots through chain link fences in the finale? At least Strand is dressed appropriately for the occasion.


With the zombies invading the entire base, all hell breaks loose so Strand goes to grab the key to the prison but Nick obviously stole it from him to prove some kind of a point. On their way out, they see a zombie having a midnight snack and as it turns out it’s the same guy that Strand gave his cuff links to. He lets him live while the zombie continues to snack on his legs. What a jerk. Karma immediately gets back at Strand, however, and him and Nick get trapped inside the facility with a ton of zombies slowly coming to eat them. Luckily, however, Maddie and Travis end up saving the day and are somehow able to break Nick and Vic out just in the nick of time.

Swipe Cards...Never Work When You Need Them

I had to laugh at this scene. It reminded me of every single time I’m in a hotel and the swipe card to the room never seems to work. Fucking red rejection light! Good thing she finally figured it out though otherwise Nick and Strand would have been zombie food.

Things finally calm down and Liza is confronted by Daniel and Ofelia regarding Griselda and she lets them know that Griselda is Griseldead. Ofelia really wants to see her moms one last time but is now really the best time to do this? The answer is absolutely not. They are reunited with Dr. Exner and it now looks like the entire crew is together at last except for Chris and Alicia who are still ridin’ dirty in the parking garage. They seriously need to get the fuck out of there though because the zombies are having a party and they’ve posted the event on Facebook.


The plan is to head east into the desert but Strand has a better idea and that’s to go west! You see, Strand has a home on the water filled with supplies. Apparently hes been preparing for this kinda thing. It’s also revealed that most of the dead bodies at the facility had been incinerated and put into piles. Ofelia has a breakdown when she realizes that her mom is in this pile.

Zombie Graveyard

At least it’s better than being a zombie? I think?

Paradise Lost

The group finally gets back to the parking garage where Chris and Alicia inform them that the military took the SUV. That’s when Corporal Adams shows up and Travis finally realizes that he’s an idiot for not killing this guy when he had the chance. OF COURSE he’s pissed off…they tortured the crap out of him. And he’s especially pissed at Ofelia for lying to him hundreds of times so he shoots her instead of Daniel and all fucking hell breaks loose.

Travis tackles the corporal and starts punching him repeatedly in the face and I’m pretty sure Corporal Adams is now Corporal Dead.

Throw Dem 'Bows

Ofelia even survives having only been shot in the arm because apparently Corporal Adams is also a terrible shot. He’s also going to need some serious Advil after that.

"Oww, my face."

Finally the entire cast of characters hits the road. I especially loved the shot of their surroundings as they drove down the highway. It was so crazy seeing the city on fire in the background and zombies roaming the highway. I’ve also reproduced the track that was playing while it happened. Check out Calexico’s World Undone below:

So they all finally head out to Strand’s pad and it’s pretty dope. He’s got a sick beachfront property on the west side of town. Strand tells Nick they can’t stay there, however, because the only way to survive a mad world is to embrace the madness. And let me tell you…he’s not wrong. Love this guy already, it’s unfortunate he didn’t join us until episode five.

We also find out that Abigail, the person Strand is looking for, is not actually a person but rather a boat.

I'm on a boat, mother fucker

Maybe we’ll get to go there next season. Not a bad place to be during the zombie apocalypse either considering zombies can’t swim. Come to think of it, a season spent on the waters of the Pacific Ocean would be an awesome idea but I’m not sure how that would all work out considering there wouldn’t be any zombies around. Maybe they’ll sail to Hawaii? Or Australia? Your guess is as good as mine but I like this idea and I hope they roll with it.

We also find out that Liza was scratched or bitten during the getaway and lets Maddie know her little secret.

When your ex gets bit...good times ensue

She wants Maddie to kill her, which is awesome for Maddie since Liza’s ex is now her husband. But Travis interrupts them and is being all Travis thinking he can treat the infection. No you can’t, Travis! Quit being so dumb.

This is where Liza’s story ends as Travis finally accepts the fact that he has to shoot his ex in the head. How is this ever a bad thing? I mean, you got a new hubby and to top it off, you get to put your ex out of her misery. Not a bad day for Travis if you ask me. Really though, this would not have been an easy thing for anyone to do and I think it really hits home that tough decisions have to be made in this new world.

No Words

They also played the perfect track during this sad scene as the show faded to black after taking us out to sea. Admittedly, this was a perfect ending for the first season of Fear the Walking Dead. I really have no complaints whatsoever. The music was perfect and fitting, the story finally played out, someone important lost their life and I actually felt some kind of emotion by the end of it all.

Getting The Feels

Don’t get me wrong, I still can’t stand Travis and Chris, but I do feel for them. Even though Liza was a huge bitch when we first met her, she was really the only character who tried to help people out for the greater good. Everyone else was only concerned with their immediate family and playing monopoly instead of helping out the community. Liza completely redeemed herself in the end and it was very sad to see her go. I guess helping people out is, in fact, the worst possible thing to do during Zombie Armageddon. Lesson learned.

I’ll leave you with the final jam that played before we rolled to credits, it’s an absolutely beautiful track from The Antlers. Check it out below:

So what did everyone think of the finale? Did it live up to your expectations? Were you happy or sad to see Liza go? And where do you think our characters are headed next season? Let us know in the comments!

The Verdict

Episode Score: MIKEY LIKES IT

Mikey Likes ItThis is what an episode of The Walking Dead should be. After last week’s downer, the finale redeemed everything this show can and should be. We finally caught a glimpse of just how bad the zombie outbreak has become and in the end, our characters had to make some tough choices with Travis shooting his ex-wife Liza after she revealed she had been infected herself.

The other cool aspect of this finale is that it left us wanting more. Strand looking for Abigail, his mysterious boat in the middle of the ocean, was the perfect set up for next season. With Liza dead, where does this leave the Clark’s? And are they ever going to kill off Chris? He needs to go.

Points were awarded when that guy walked into the helicopter blade because that was just hilariously awesome. I did, however, have to subtract points because Travis is a pain in the ass and Chris is still alive. Ugh the Manawa’s…can’t stand ’em.

Lastly, anyone else wondering what the hell happened to Tobias? I hope we haven’t seen the last of him. And I hope you enjoyed the first season of Fear The Walking Dead. Stay tuned for more Walking Dead reviews when the original show that started it all returns on October 11th. Thanks for reading!


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