The Goldbergs: Best Moments From ‘A Chorus Lie’

The Goldbergs Best Moments: A Chorus Lie

The ’80s references never stop with this show and that is probably a good thing. We’re counting down the best moments from each episode of The Goldbergs third season and A Chorus Lie had so many references that it was hard to pick my favorites. Rock on, ’80s style!

5. Adam’s Halloween Costume

Halloween Costume Ideas

You may have missed this but at the beginning of the episode we got some flashbacks of Adam being a cute kid and as it turns out he had an excellent ’80s Halloween costume in the form of a rubik’s cube! So if you’re looking for costume ideas, this might be perfect for you. There’s still plenty of time!

We also had references to Scooter Ball (one of the greatest gym class sports of all time), Sally Jesse Raphael on the cover of TV Guide and Christian Slater. Keep ’em coming!

Sally Jessy Raphael

4. Erica Goldberg’s Date

I have no idea who you are!

Erica Goldberg is absolutely hilarious and this episode was all about why she never dates anyone. As it turned out, she’s just like her dad and would rather be on her own but not before she ended up getting a date to the dance with Johnny, the saxophone-playing weirdo. When Erica finds out that he’s taking more than one date to the dance she is not too impressed. Johnny wonders how she didn’t see this coming to which Erica responds, “because I have NO IDEA WHO YOU ARE other than an oddly confident band geek.” Erica is at her best when she’s upset about something and I couldn’t stop laughing at her reaction to classic Johnny Atkins.

3. Milli Vanilli

Yet another awesome ’80s reference, this time to Milli Vanilli. Gotta love Barry’s dance moves. Even better was the fact that they incorporated the whole ‘lip-syncing’ thing into his little brother Adam’s story.

Milli Vanilli

2. Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? T-Shirt

When I was just a young’n, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? was by far one of my favorite movies and it most certainly still is! Adam Goldberg wearing this t-shirt throughout the episode was so perfect that anyone who has seen, and loved, the movie should #want one of these. Where can I get one? It even said “Stay Tooned…” on the back. I have no words.

Not only that, but a friend and I dressed up as Roger Rabbit and Jessica Rabbit for Halloween one year and the results were hilarious so this movie will always have a special place in my heart and the reference in this week’s Goldbergs was priceless. In other news, Roger Rabbit T-shirt sales have skyrocketed and I am moving to Toon Town 🙂

1. Beverly Goldberg 

Beverly is at it again. Another super fantastic F-bomb dropped by our favorite ’80s mom.

We're gonna Milli Vanilli the F@#$ out of that musical

Adam is set to perform in the school musical but has hit puberty at the worst possible time. His voice is changing so Beverly decides that the best plan of action is to Milli Vanilli the F@#$ out of the musical. I can never get enough of these one-liners and this one was totally epic. First Tom Cruisin’ the floor and now Milli Vanilli’ing a musical.

What were you favorite moments from the latest episode of The Goldbergs? And what ’80s references were you most hyped about? Let us know in the comments and keep rockin’ like the ’80s!


2 responses

  1. Haha, love your best moments! The Goldberg’s rocks. I remember it all & survived it!

    1. Me too! Although I now seriously need a Roger Rabbit t-shirt! 🙂

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