The Goldbergs: Best Moments From The Season 3 Premiere

The Goldbergs Best Moments: A Kick Ass Risky Business Party

The Goldbergs returned for its third season this week and this spoof on ’80s living is still as funny as ever. The entire Goldberg clan provided us with a lot of laughs in the premiere which was all about Risky Business and partying.

Barry and Erica were the highlights of this episode with their plan to have a Risky Business themed party at Lainey’s. And Beverly Goldberg, everyone’s favorite ’80s mom, was also in the mix.

So let’s countdown our favorite moments from A Kick Ass Risky Business Party. Hope you enjoyed the premiere as much as I did.

5. Beverly’s Flamazing Sweater

I'm So Flangry

4. Barry Goldberg’s ‘Risky Business’ reenactment 

First, the original from Risky Business:

And now, Barry Goldberg’s version:

Barry Goldberg's version of Risky Business

We also had Beverly come up with a new phrase: “What did I tell you about Tom Cruisin’ the floor? It’s incredibly risky!” No Tom Cruisin’, folks!

3. Erica calls Barry ‘Booger’

With Lainey coming into possession of her father’s Porsche, Barry is complaining about having to sit in the back and Erica decides that he’s the weird guy in the movie that has to sit in the back…also known as Booger. Things don’t end well for Lainey’s Porsche after Barry decides to stretch his legs directly into the gearshift. Erica sums up the entire scene as the car sinks:

Shut up, Booger

2. Big Tasty & Lil’ Yum Yum

Adam is trying to keep his long distance relationship going with Dana so him and Barry get the bright idea to send her a rap music video. And the results were hilarious.

Big Tasty & Lil' Yum Yum

Of course, it didn’t turn out how they expected:

Dat's Love

1. Beverly Goldberg Gets Her Party On, ’80s Style

This would not be an episode of The Goldberg’s without Beverly Goldberg cursing out of no where. With the party getting out of hand at Lainey’s, it was only a matter of time before the Smother showed up. Not only did she use the ‘F’ word once again, but she even included her new catch phrase.

I know I told you never to Tom Cruise the floor, but sometimes you just gotta say 'What the F@#%'

And Erica’s reaction was priceless:

Erica's Reaction is Priceless

There you have it, the best moments from the premiere of The Goldbergs. Agree or disagree? Let us know your favorites in the comments and keep rockin’ on like the ’80s!


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