Survivor: ‘Second Chance’ Recap

A Second Chance

Jeff Probst: “How often do you replay Tribal Council?”
Kelly: “Every day!”

Survivor is back for its 31st fucking season! Holy shit. And I don’t know what is worse…the fact that this show has been on the air for 31 fucking seasons or the fact that I have never missed an episode since the best reality show in television history aired its first episode back in the summer of 2000. I was still in high school when it all began and clearly I’m still a nerd. Hell, we went camping that summer and I vaguely remember all of us voting out one of our buddies from camping. Classic!

That said, I love the fact that they are bringing back castaways for the 31st go around, especially Kelly who was there for the first Survivor and lost to a naked, tax evading genius. Richard was one of the best players to play this game but who will come out victorious this year? Your guess is as good as mine.

I do know this though…if Mikey was on this season of Survivor, I would win. Period. I’m still 100% positive that I would completely dominate on Survivor no matter who I’m up against, veterans or not. I don’t need a lot of food, I love the outdoors / being out of my element and I have a TON of energy. The only problem is that Canadians are not allowed to play Survivor! Earth to CANADA…let’s bring this damn show here, please!

So grab your buff and your torch and let’s get ready for some tribal council!

So here is how this is going to go down. I’m simply going to rank who I think are the top favorites to win the game based on the events of each episode. I’ll also break down which castaways are in the most trouble going forward. So let’s get right to it with the Top 10 candidates to win Survivor: Second Chance.

Ta Keo Tribe: Kelly, Woo, Shiren, Peih Gee, Vytas, Abi, Terry, Jeff, Spencer and Kelley

Bayon Tribe: Ciera, Keith, Jeremy, Tasha, Stephen, Kass, Kimmi, Andrew, Monica and Joe

1. Jeremy

Sometimes making moves early can be your downfall in Survivor but I really liked Jeremy’s gameplay in the first episode. He recruited Tasha, Andrew Savage, Keith and Joe and it looks as though it might be the alliance of the century. If these guys stick together they might be an unstoppable force but we all know how immunity idols can wreak havoc in this game.

2. Jeff

Love this guy even if he did throw an immunity challenge for peanut butter. He’s old school all the way having played in the second season in Australia, but I love his attitude and I think he’s got what it takes to get far in this game. He’s playing the game hard and trying not to look the part. He’s formed some strong relationships with the ‘Shelter People’, especially with Peih-Gee, and I think if he keeps it up, he’ll be in prime position to take the million.

3. Kelly

She’s quiet but deadly and she’s a workhorse. While I was never cheering for her in the very first Survivor, I am definitely cheering for her now. She’s latched on with the worker bee’s and she might be in a pretty good position to start off the game. She took 100% responsibility for losing the immunity challenge but the tribe still kept her around. I like her chances.

4. Kimmi

I’m a sucker for the old school and I remember Kimmi from the Outback where she was crushing it in the ‘eating gross bugs’ challenge. I think she’s going to stick around for a long time, if only for the fact that she seems to blend into the background very well. While we didn’t see much of her in the premiere, I’m expecting her to play hard this time around.

5. Joe

Good Job Joe

The guy knows how to play and he’s going to be a major threat to everyone later on in the game. That said, he’s in a great position already having formed an alliance with Jeremy and the rest of the workaholics. He also is the sole reason this tribe has fire and is definitely an asset to his tribe. That is, until they merge. Everyone will see ‘Good Job Joe’ as an ally until they merge and that is when he will become a threat to everyone else’s game. But if he can form the right alliances, he might be in it for the long haul.

6. Terry

What’s not to like about this guy? From the get go, Terry knew exactly what he had to do and immediately befriended Spencer and pulled him into an alliance. While most early alliances usually fall apart, I think Terry and Spencer could go far together if they devise a plan and stick to it! Even if they didn’t vote the same way, I think this was probably more due to circumstance given the fact they had to immediately go to tribal after the immunity challenge. Of course, I could be wrong and Terry might be out on his ass sooner then we think.

7. Andrew (aka Savage)

I remember this guy from Pearl Islands. He was a big time favorite to win the game and he still is a favorite now. The guy has got game and his story about his daughters having a massive crush on Joe was pure comedy in a good way. He hasn’t had any trouble connecting with his tribe mates and I think he’ll be in it to win it for a long time.

8. Spencer

How could you not love Spencer? He’s got game, he’s adorable and he’s ready to take advantage of his second chance. He was a bit nervous about going to tribal council immediately after the challenge but he never really had anything to worry about, did he?

9. Tasha

I instantly loved her after her comment about her Church telling her to cut some throats. She was way too tame in Cagayan but it looks like she’s ready to play big time this go around. She’s on board with Jeremy and the workhorse alliance and I think she definitely has potential to go far. Also she coined the term ‘Joega’ which was awesome.

10. Kelley 

I have no memory of her from her past appearance on San Juan del Sur but she blew me away in the premiere episode. Finding a clue to the hidden immunity idol significantly increased her chances and when she actually grabbed the idol in the middle of an immunity challenge, it impressed me even more. I love the fact that the hidden idols are now at the challenges because it adds an entirely new element to the game. I mean, you pretty much get one shot at the idol because once the challenge is over, you’re going to need to find a new clue for the next one (or at least I think that’s how it works).

Sneak Attack

Lastly, my favorite quote from this episode: “I don’t do yoga. I get up in the morning, I have a cup of coffee and I go to work like 99% of Americans do.” -Keith

On The Chopping Block

1. Abi-Maria

"$1 Million? I just want my bracelet!"

I couldn’t stand her in Survivor: Phillipines due to her incessant bitching and I can’t stand her now. She continues to open her big mouth like an idiot. She is the ideal castaway in teaching us what NOT to do when playing this game. When you are playing a game for $1 million, why in the fuck would you even care about a bracelet…one that is not even real gold. She ended up finding it in Peih-Gee’s bag and immediately thinks Peih-Gee stole the thing but making accusations is never a good idea on Day 2 in Survivor. The probabilities of this one even making the merge are slim to none and I’d be surprised if she makes it through the next couple of weeks. It was a miracle that she survived the first tribal council and she is not doing herself any favors with this whole bracelet incident. She’s gotta go.

2. Stephen (aka Fishbach)

A Fishbach Out Of Water

He called himself a Fishbach out of water and I couldn’t agree more. The guy can’t even chop up some wood and he appears to be utterly useless when it comes to helping out around camp. He is an obvious outcast and looking for the hidden immunity idol this early with the whole tribe knowing is a huge mistake. I don’t think he will be going very far in this game unless he can ramp up his social game and start forming some solid relationships. I don’t see this happening, however, and I predict he’ll be the first voted off of his tribe. Future players…don’t repeat this non-existent strategy.

3. Shiren 

I don’t know what her strategy is but she was solely responsible for eliminating Vytas. The reason she is in this section is that I believe she is playing way too hard and I don’t see her making it to the merge. She’s got a big mouth and was super annoying last season but at least she gives us hilarious monologues about yoga and other such things.

Speaking Yoga

Final Thoughts

Poor Vytas. I felt terrible that he was the first one voted out because I think he could have made it far. It’s unfortunate that the tribe decided to keep Abi around and this was probably a huge mistake. The votes were very clear with Abi, Kelley, Spencer, Shiren, Peih-Gee and Jeff voting out Vytas with a 6-4 vote. Does this mean that Terry, Woo and Kelly are on the outs? I certainly hope not.

Regardless, Vytas’ ass is outta here.

Your Ass is Outta here

What did you think of the premiere episode of Survivor’s 31st season? Who are you cheering for to win the million? Who do you dislike the most? Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading fellow castaways.


2 responses

  1. I love Vytas! I’m so sad! 😞 I can’t stand that damn Brazilian Bitching Bitch! 😡 Stupid to vote out someone who is strong in challenges & keep the one that could never, ever compete in a challenge the first time. UGH. Great premiere though! Thanks for your thoughts on it all!

    1. Abi was soooo annoying! Who do you think is gonna win it all?

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