Scream Queens: ‘Hell Week’ Series Premiere Review (Part II)

Helluva Good Time

The first hour of Scream Queens was a treasure of television goodness. If you haven’t read our review of the pilot yet, be sure to click here and catch up before reading on as this review only covers the last half of the two-hour premiere.

Of course, the second half was not nearly as good without Deaf Taylor Swift but it still had a ton of great moments and catch phrases. Emma Roberts continues to shine as Chanel Oberlin and Nasim Pedrad has dazzled us as Gigi Caldwell. So far, Gigi is my absolute favorite and I really hope she is not murdered any time soon (or not at all). The entire cast has done a remarkable job of establishing their characters and by the second hour, I’m already liking most of them. That is no easy feat.

And what would this show be without some crazy twists and we had just that by the end of the premiere. At this point, I have no idea who the killer is but that’s what makes this murder mystery so much fun! Quick, grab some Burger Shack (with a sprinkle of candle wax) and enjoy the review!

American Horror Story: Sorority 

The second half of the premiere begins with Dean Munsch (I hope I’m not the only one that giggles every time I hear that name) getting photo bombed on the news while talking about the now highly-publicized sorority murders. It was only a matter of time before the authorities were called in.

Photo Bombed

Even our goat friend made an appearance.

The Drunken Goat

Also Frogurt is totally back in the cafeteria. Rejoice! This investigation means that the sorority is on lock-down, however, so it looks like our sisters are going to be spending a lot of time together. I don’t think this is the best idea considering it is highly likely that our Red Devil is targeting sorority sisters. This will only make his job easier.

But Gigi explains that this is the best idea ever…it’s like a Friends episode with someone trying to murder all the friends. Best line ever.

Meanwhile, Dean Munsch is busy having an early morning drink with a new professor friend.

"10AM? Well, it's happy hour somewhere."

She’s under a lot of stress and everyone knows that Scotch reduces stress.

Back at KKT headquarters, the girls try to figure out what to do with Chanel #2’s body since they haven’t told anyone about it yet.

"Where we gonna put this?"

Then the best thing ever happens. Hester creepily appears out of nowhere and goes from sweet nerd to disturbing psychopath as she explains how to dispose of the body.

America's Sweetheart or American Psycho?

Chanel is completely creeped out by this, and so am I, so they once again throw the body in the freezer where it will surely disappear like Ms. Bean.

We’re also introduced to Denise Hempville (played by Niecy Nash), local rent-a-cop, who explains to the girls how she intends to protect them all. And it’s a terrible defense plan. The whole dial 1-866 speech was fucking hilarious and it is evident that the sorority girls will be getting no help from this one. Her cell phone is off after all.

"The wait times are pretty bad."

At this point, I don’t know if there is a character on this show that I don’t like. Every single one of them has been pure joy to watch. Even the bro squad.


In between making out with Pete, Grace ends up snooping around the KKT house and finds a locked door in the basement which is totally off limits. This doesn’t stop her and she ends up breaking in to see what she can find. She ends up locating a chest with a dress and a party mix CD which obvs has Waterfalls on it.

Grace is discovered by Chenel who tells her the story about the teen mom who died in the bathtub after giving birth. This leads us to yet another flashback to 1995 where we find out that Dean Munsch and Ms. Bean were involved in covering up teen mom’s death.

The Dean of Murder U

Ms. Bean sure does look a lot better with her face on. Grace suggests that this past incident could be connected to what is happening to them now but Chenel shrugs this off. Grace leaves us with a great question: What happened to the baby and where’s Scooby Doo when you need him?

Pete ends up doing some snooping of his own but he is discovered by the Red Devil who knocks him out and tells him to mind his own business. Not quite sure why he didn’t just murder ole’ Pete but let’s roll with this.


The Red Devil is not doing much to intimidate me so far, at least not by telling people to mind their own beeswax. After getting himself down, Pete meets back up with Grace in an attempt to get laid but Grace ends up finding his Red Devil costume. Wait, WHAT?! The mascot of the college is a red devil and Pete is the school mascot? GO RED DEVILS!!!

School Spirit

It also ruined any chance Pete had of getting laid. Grace thinks Pete is the teen mom’s baby from 1995 and I’m guessing she is onto something here. Could one of our characters be that baby? It’s certainly plausible so we’ll have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, Chenel is getting her sex on with Chad who is the creepiest dude ever and I have no idea why Chanel would even be attracted to this douche. He keeps making weird comments in bed like this one:

"I love having sex with your corpse?"

WTF Chad! Gross, that even weirded me out. Obviously this leads to Chenel breaking up with Chad who is not too happy about it since he wanted to be the one to end their relationship. Douchey to the max.

We also find out that Boone, Chad’s bestie, is gay because every show must come equipped with a token gay guy now which leads to this:

Bros being Bros

Love the inclusion of the stuffed frog. I’m also fairly certain that Boone will be murdered at some point in the series. Of course, this ends in hilarious fashion when Chenel walks in on the two bro’s and Boone’s got a huge bro boner. A ‘bro-ner’ as Chenel refers to it. To be honest, I love how dumb they made Chad. He reminds me of a living version of the bro squad from last week’s South Park episode. Even plants want to get with this guy so he once again breaks up with Chenel even though they already broke up twice. Worst relationship ever.

In The Neck Of Time

With Boone coming out of the closet, he decides that his best option is to join Kappa and Chenel agrees…for all the wrong reasons. She seems to think that presiding over the first sorority ever to accept a gay man will launch her media career. Chanel #5 is pissed about the decision, however, and threatens to destroy Boone. Don’t mess with Chanel #5, yo!

Outside the KKT house, Denise is jammin’ to the Pointer Sisters and waiting for her partner to get back from Burger Shack with a load of Double Shack Burgers. Noms! Be sure to check out Denise’s go-to jam Automatic below:

The professor, Wes, who met with the Dean earlier during her 10AM bender is also parked outside and is confronted by Gigi who is super attracted to him. They’re listening to some Bon Jovi and jammin’ out like it’s 1995. Gigi totally owned this scene with her rendition of Always.

'Always' Is My Jam

And you can check out Gigi’s favorite jam here as well. This video was pretty awesome and I have vivid memories of it even though I was only like 13 years old in 1995:

I am sooo ecstatic that the ’90s is getting so much love. Another potentially important thing to note here is Wes’s playlist which includes only songs from 1995…the same year the teen mom died in the bathtub. Coincidence? I think not. Also not a coincidence that the Dean was creeping around in the bushes.

My favorite jam is 'Creep'

After beginning another round of hazing, Denise and the sorority girls hear a scream. Chenel is all upset over being attacked by the Red Devil while fetching some white eyeliner so she can draw on Zayday (LOL). Denise grabs her trusty nightstick and runs into the house to see what all of the commotion is about. And obviously, it was hilarious. The one great thing about this show so far is that it has no issue making fun of itself regarding how dumb horror movie characters can be. Knowing that the killer is upstairs, the entire sorority decides to head BACK upstairs. Denise’s reaction was priceless.

"You dumb girls are so stupid."

And the sorority sisters, upon arriving back upstairs, find this in the bedroom:

Bitches Gotta Go

This, obviously, leads to more screaming:

Scream Queens Screaming

I swear my goal is to create a .gif every episode that involves these girls screaming at the top of their lungs. Just classic. Denise, meanwhile, has run back to the car but she runs out of breath before getting there. This opens a window of opportunity for our Red Devil, who is really hungry and smells Burger Shack.

I Want Burger Shack

The Red Devil is also hungry for murder. You dead, Shondell.

"Why you got a knife in your throat?"

After murdering a rent-a-cop, the Red Devil heads down the street to the bro squad fraternity where he finds Boone working out to Corey Hart’s Sunglasses at Night. You can check out the original track here:

Wearing your sunglasses at night is never a good idea so don’t do it unless you want to look douchey. We’re interrupted by screams, however, but not your typical sorority sister screams. This time it was the boys turn…and it was epic.

Frat Boys Screaming

I guess it’s a rule that if you’re on this show, you better know how to scream! Of course, they were screaming about Boone’s dead body which was enclosed in candles. Hmmm…candles. Maybe Jennifer is involved?

Boondock Saint

I mean, she has an unhealthy obsession with candles to the point where she needs to season her dinner with wax. Yup, she’s definitely a nut job.

Sprinkle of Candle Wax

Dinner is quickly interrupted by Denise and Chad who inform the ladies about the murders of Shondell and Boone. But the real surprise came from the morgue where our Red Devil friend seems to be collecting dead bodies. But one of the bodies isn’t dead:

I'm Back, BItches

Wait, WHAT!? Boone is fucking alive? Are you serious, show? Honestly, I just figured that Boone was totally a dead body by now but obviously he has some connection to the Red Devil. What does all of this mean exactly? If Boone isn’t dead then it is quite possible that some of our other missing corpses may not be corpses at all. I’m looking at you Shondell, Ms. Bean and Chanel #2.

So what did you think of the premiere? Please let us know in the comments and be sure to vote for who you think the Red Devil is. Thanks for reading fellow screamers!

The Verdict
Mikey Likes It

Personally, I thought the first half of the series premiere was a lot better than the second half but this show is already miles ahead of a lot of the crap that’s already on television. I absolutely love the humor throughout, especially with those weird-as-hell wannabe sorority girls. The whole candle vlogging thing is beyond hilarious. And each character has their own unique trait that helps make everyone stand out. Even Chad, who has banged 50 chicks since him and Chanel broke up.

I literally have no criticisms about this show. It has made me laugh, grossed me out and I have a new cache of one-liners that I can’t wait to start throwing around. It knows how to make fun of itself and the horror genre. And the cast of zany and hilarious characters has me wanting more. Mikey is ecstatic to add this to his rotation and so should you!

As far as the killer is concerned, I think it might be that Wes guy based on the fact that he has a playlist labelled 1995. But maybe that is just a bit too obvious. Personally, if Hester turns out being the killer that would be amazeballs, especially after her monologue about disposing of Ariana Grande’s body. Keep the screams coming. Now where did I put that candle wax?

Lastly, check out the promo for the next episode of Scream Queens, titled Chainsaw. Hopefully we will find out more about the 1995 baby as well as Boone’s involvement in the whole serial murder thing.


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