Fear The Walking Dead: ‘Pilot’ Season Premiere Review

Going Back To Cali

Going Back To Cali

Fear The Walking Dead made its much-anticipated premiere last night and it looks as though the same zombie mayhem from the original is back, this time in California. I’ll admit…the Walking Dead and I have a complicated relationship. I tune in every week, against my will, and I’m almost always disappointed or blown away. Disappointment, however, has been more of the norm lately.

With Fear The Walking Dead, there was some hope that we could finally get some answers about how this outbreak even started in the first place. In fact, I would have suggested that if you really wanted to get my attention, this absolutely needed to be addressed in the pilot…and well, as we know, it was not. The show’s first big mistake and possible deal breaker.

AMC has already renewed Fear the Walking Dead for a second season and I’m not sure if that was a good idea based on what I’ve seen so far. If they don’t start explaining HOW this all happened in the first place, I get the feeling this is going to piss a lot of viewers off, and I’ll be one of them.

So…get in your truck and start hitting things because the Zombie Apocalypse is here. Enjoy the recap.

Family Matters

First up, we meet Nick and his entire family of suburbanites. He’s in a church doing mad drugs since obviously what would this show be without a drug addicted teenager He’s looking for his friend Gloria and after a bit of looking around, he comes across a lot of blood and some dead bodies to go with it. He also finds his friend Gloria at the breakfast table.

"Mmm...human bacon"

And Nick does what probably all of us would do upon seeing this. He runs the fuck away.

Getting the fuck out of dodge

I think the look on his face says it all. After all, this is just the beginning of the zombie apocalypse and no one should have a clue as to what it going on except for us. Of course, it probably is never a good idea to run out on the street in a drug-addicted rage but that was exactly what Nick did, ensuring these characters may be dumb. Uh oh.

Nick gets smoked by random car

Nick’s got a one-way trip to the hospital and that means it’s time to meet the entire family. Obviously no one is going to believe his story since he was stoned and ranting about flesh and blood and viscera…gross. Mommy comes to the rescue and tells the police where to go:

Fuck da police coming straight from the underground

I love the mom, played by Kim Dickens, whom I instantly recognized from my LOST-watching days (she was Sawyer’s con woman for any Lostie’s out there). She’s playing a guidance counselor and mom of two and is probably going to be the Rick Grimes of this series. But let’s hope not because Rick Grimes sucks.

Maddie 'Mom / Guidance Counselor'

She’s with a guy named Travis who also works at the same school as Maddie as a teacher. And ya, a lot of this episode was simply introducing us to all of the characters so it was a bit slow-moving for my liking. I yawned a lot.

Travis 'Dad / School Teacher'

Clearly Maddie (the mom) and Travis (the dad) had kids with entirely different people before they met. because we also met Travis’s kid, Chris, and I can already tell no one is going to like him.

Chris 'The Spoiled Brat'

He’s all whining that his dad wants to hang out on the weekend and we all already hope this kid gets eaten by a zombie. What a jerk.

Meanwhile, Travis pays Nick another visit in the hospital and they briefly talk about how Nick saw Gloria eating some dudes face. And everyone was dead.

Nick 'The Drug Addict'

Luckily, Travis is somewhat believing the story and decides he should check out the church where it all went down which is an all-around terrible idea. He finds some tweeker in the church and ends up chasing him around until he stumbles across some blood mixed with guts on the ground.

Bloody Hell

Obviously Travis proceeds to run out of the church after finding this and I would have probably done the same thing. He lets Maddie know what he found and she obviously just shrugs it off as your typical drug den killings. No biggie!

Back at the hospital, Nick is curious about the old man next to him who appears to be having difficulties breathing. The nurse gives Nick a bedpan because apparently he’s too crazy to be given bathroom access, so the nurse unties him from his restraints and the old man ends up flatlining. Thank god they actually carted him out of the room because we all know what’s coming…zombie time! Also, Nick escapes. And what he does made me want to eat my own face.

Because getting hit by 1 car is never enough

Seriously, Nick? You just got smoked by a car and you proceed to immediately stand in the middle of the road again after escaping. Unbelievable.

Travis and Maddie are kinda ticked off with the hospital staff who pretty much take no responsibility for Nick escaping, even though the nurse was grossly negligent when she unstrapped Nick. Maddie finally decides that she wants to see the drug den, thinking Nick is there, so Travis takes her to the church and away we go.

She ends up finding some drugs stashed away in one of Nick’s books and all I’m thinking is…where did all the zombies go? Apparently they got bored with religion and took off so Maddie and Travis leave the church and go visit a guy named Calvin, who is friends with Nick and also his drug dealer. Calvin has no idea where Nick is either because Nick is under a bridge.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

We also got to meet Alicia, Maddie’s daughter and Nick’s sister. She’s dating a guy named Matt, who is terrible at drawing fake tattoo’s, and the plan is for them to meet up at Venice Beach.

Alicia 'The High School Sweetheart'

The only problem is that Matt is a no-show and Alicia is pissed. So pissed in fact that she sends this text message:

You Better Be Dead

Yup, according to Alicia, Matt better be dead! And I’m willing to bet that is exactly what he is. Bets, anyone?

World War Z

Back to the search, Maddie and Travis are driving around looking for Nick when they get stuck in traffic and all hell starts to break loose. They end up back at the school the next day where they are watching things unfold on the news…and it’s about time! Everyone is intrigued and I am too.

Forecast is calling for a 50% chance of survival.

Of course, we still have no friggin’ idea how this all started but one of the teachers suggests either airborne toxins, poison water or a virus. I’m guessing none of these are the cause. I swear if we never find out how this all happened, I am going to be one grumpy zombie! Just like this dude:

Zombie Time

It’s about time this started happening. And still no sign of Alicia’s boyfriend, Matt. Everyone is watching the events unfold and if you guessed that it was time for Zombie Armageddon, then you would be correct!

Killshot, Bitch!

I have to admit, I loved the atmosphere as this started happening. You could sense the panic and I would imagine the world would react in much the same way. Let’s see if they can keep that sense of urgency and fear as the series rolls along.

Of course, things don’t get better for Nick after he meets up with Calvin, his drug dealer. Nick starts freaking out about what he saw in the church and Calvin thinks he’s crazy, obviously. Things don’t get any better either because Calvin plans on murdering Nick, probably due to the fact that he had something to do with the murders in the church. Luckily though, Calvin is an idiot and doesn’t hide his gun very well and Nick is able to attack him before getting shot and turned into a zombie. He also ends up putting a bullet in Calvin:

Calvin & Hobbes

Nick runs the hell outta there to avoid prison and Maddie and Travis end up finding him so he tells him all about how he accidentally murdered Calvin, if there is such a thing as accidental murder. So Nick takes them to the crime scene and we all definitely know what’s going to happen because the zombie apocalypse is a-brewing!

When they get there, Calvin is no where to be found since he is now a zombie and wandering around the streets of L.A. Of course, they think Nick is cray cray until they come across Calvin walking through the tunnel but he ends up attacking Maddie who almost gets bit which she obviously doesn’t since she’s a main character. Then, Nick proceeds to hit the gas and literally SMOKES Calvin. See for yourself:

Calvin gets destroyed by a truck

Zombie Calvin totally gets wrecked, GTA style. Of course, now that Calvin is officially a zombie, this is not going to keep him down so he gets right back up.

"Fear me"

Never give up, right? Luckily, Nick is still using the truck as a weapon and plows Calvin with the truck again, this time sending him off a ledge where he loses half of his face.

"This blows"

And the worst part about all of this is that Calvin is still alive after being smoked by a truck numerous times. Not a good day to be a zombie in L.A. Oh, and did I mention that we learned absolutely nothing about how the zombies came to be? Of course I did…and I am not impressed.

The Verdict


I half-expected this episode to be a bit slow-paced and those expectations were unfortunately met. The premiere episode of Fear the Walking Dead had its moments but too much time was spent on introducing all of the characters rather than the upcoming zombie apocalypse. Also not impressed with the intelligent level of most of our characters.That said, at least it’s going to be fun watching everyone start to die before they even have a clue as to what is going on.

While most of this episode was setting things up, at least the final 15 minutes were action-packed. The main reason I was so excited for this series was because I figured we might finally learn how this zombie epidemic began in the first place but still no answers on that front. It is probably going to be a long while before we ever find out anything…and if that’s the case, I’m already pissed.

I really hate to judge an entire series based on the first episode but based on what we’ve seen here, I am not even slightly impressed. If this series is going to be more about how people are dealing and coping with Zombie Armageddon, then count me out because I am more interested in HOW this happened rather than people’s reactions to the situation. Let’s all hope that this gets better and FAST because the premiere was definitely walking dead.

Also, be sure to check out the promo for what is ahead this season. Based on the promo, I’m still not sure how I feel about all of this but if it’s anything like the original series, I can pretty much guarantee we’re all going to keep tuning in like zombies, hoping for something awesome to happen only to be continuously disappointed. The potential is definitely there so hopefully the writers get it right this time! Check it out below:


7 responses

  1. I fast-forwarded a fair amount, I know we need character intros but still…it dragged a bit, I thought. Now I read here and see that I didn’t miss anything. So here’s hoping it picks up speed.

    1. You really missed nothing. As long as the characters don’t do dumb things like on the original, it should be okay! I really like the mom but only because she was on LOST 🙂

  2. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but there have been hints (I feel) as to what is causing. Yes there is alot of speculation still. But look at this. First they keep mentioning a flu shots. Cool, I dout the flu shot is what s making everyone zombies but meh it’s a common thing that is mentioned. Another is the dad talking about nature. And how it always wins. Maybe (again speculation. I’d have to rewatch every episode of TWD just find where an why I’m drawing these conclusions but I can if anyone’s interested in why I’ve come to this) maybe this is a nature thing. Note no matter how you die outside of head trama or a bullet to the brain, you come back as a zombie. It has to be linked somehow. Maybe much like chicken pox which just about everyone’s had in there life at some point, whatever is making people zombies is a natural phenomenom. Something that like the flu naturally people get. Back to the flu shots bit, all the flu shot is just an inactive form of the flu to expose you to it so your body develops a resistance. So maybe that’s how everyone got it. Idk. We may never know the true but this is kinda what I feel is going on.

  3. Michael Hernandez | Reply

    You’re in for a long season because I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that we WONT be learning how it happened. Don’t expect a patient zero thing or what caused it or anything like that. Just simply everything going to shit.

    1. I’ll try and find the link where I read that, might be wrong but that’s what I heard

  4. Damn Mike, you lost me at “Rick Grimes sucks”… to me he’s the best character on TV, tied maybe with Cullen Bohannon from Hell on Wheels.

    I was a little disappointed with the premiere of this show too though, but my expectations were a little high.

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