The Leftovers: Season 2 Trailer

The Leftovers

Holy. Crap. As you may or may not know, Mikey absolutely loved season 1 of HBO’s hit The Leftovers. The finale was one of the best hours of television I have had the privilege of watching in a long time. For those that haven’t checked this show out…drop whatever it is you’re doing and binge watch season 1 because it was phenomenal.

And now, it’s finally here! The season 2 trailer in all of its rapturous glory! You can check out the trailer below, that is if you haven’t departed, and be sure to come to the site for my recaps as I’m introducing this one to my line-up of reviews. The Leftovers second season premieres October 4th on HBO


One response

  1. WHOOOOOOO!!!! That finale was definitely one of the best hours of television. Such an amazing show with just the perfect amount of mystery. Best part about it was that the show was a hundred times better than the book. So glad that from here on out its going to be completely new material. I cannot wait for the premiere. I’ll probably binge watch the 1st season beforehand.

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