Under the Dome: ‘Ejecta’ Review

Don’t They Know It’s The End Of The World

Don't They Know It's The End of the World

If you weren’t under the dome for last night’s gripping episode, titled Ejecta, then I guess you’re probably dead since it appears this episode was the end of human civilization. I’m not sure if leaving our domies alive as the last living human beings is a good idea though since, well…we all know they aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer.

This event was actually hinted at way back in Season 1 when the military launched a nuke at the dome and if you need a refresher, you can check out the recap here. You’ll remember Skeeter Davis playing in the background when our domies thought their world was about to end. This time, however, it looks like the dome is their saving grace and these ‘pink stars’ have completely obliterated the planet leaving only those trapped under the dome alive. Sorry Big Jim and Julia…

Big Jim and Julia trapped under the dome.

This episode was easily one of the best of the series which probably doesn’t say much but I loved the premise and the direction were headed now that a meteor shower has wiped out mankind. Although I’m not really sure what was up with rehashing the time of day for all of our characters as this was going on.

It’s the end of the world folks, so grab a bottle of your finest, throw on some Skeeter Davis (reproduced below) and enjoy the ride!

Drinking Buddies

Julia and Big Jim are now besties, looking for the greatest actor to ever grace this show in the form of Indy the Dog. What they fail to realize though is that the world is being destroyed in the background.


Pretty sure the 4th of July already happened. Of course, Big Jim and Julia think this might be their ticket off of the show but unfortunately for them, they are locked up in contracts preventing them from ever leaving the dome. Good thing too, because this happened:

Big Jim and Julia running from meteor

Holy shit! I have to admit, the visuals were spectacular. It’s just unfortunate that our domies don’t really seem all that concerned that THE WORLD JUST ENDED! Don’t they know it’s the end of the world!?!? My guess is they just don’t care because they’re all really dumb.

That said, at least Big Jim realizes what’s going on and decides that he needs to do some major drinking.

Chugging Contest

Way to go, Jimmy! Now that is how you you’re supposed to go out! I mean, if I’m watching the world explode all around me, I’d be doing the same damn thing! And you would too. Julia joins him for some drinks as well and former sworn enemies are now drinking buddies!

White Girl Wasted

They’re reminiscing about the past and Big Jim recalls the time he fished ole crazy Lyle out of the lake and how he was predicting the end of the world. So obviously our domies have been predicting this event for quite some time. Julia sums it up nicely…”Bye Bye Brontosaurus!”

Now that Big Jim’s got a nice buzz going on he gets out his guns because that is his favorite combination and him and Julia decide to form some kind of resistance. But she does say something smart again. Talk about winning streak for Julia in the “I’m right” department. She thinks the dome is there for protection but she questions who it is protecting exactly. Obviously not them…I mean, can we really trust these idiots with the entire future of the human race? The answer is clearly nope.

So morning comes and Julia and Big Jim are still drunk from their end of the world drinks only to awake to this fire storm:

Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires

Everyone say hello to the wall of flame. Could these people be any less grateful that their lives are being saved from the freakin’ apocalypse??? The answer again is nope.

Teenage Wasteland

Joe and Norrie’s time during the meteor shower had its typical ridiculousness and dialogue. Hunter is still pissed that Joe and Norrie wouldn’t let him murder himself for the good of the Kinship so they decide to lock him in the freezer. Good times at the Sweet Briar.

Norrie finally figures out that they were predicting the end of the world back when they were having dome seizures. She also turns into the most negative person ever and thinks joining the Kinship might be the only thing left to do. Joe convinces her otherwise and then almost stabs Sam in the neck. Can’t make this stuff up!

Joe almost stabs Sam

Sam, Joe and Norrie finally all realize that they are not part of the Kinship after Sam tells them he killed Christine but as we all know, Christine is taking a vacation in the cocoons. The teenagers end up wheeling out Hunter and all of a sudden he’s thankful for being alive. Wait, WHAT? You’re drunk show, go home!

"I like being alive."

But at least this clip from Family Guy sums it up nicely:

So now Sam and Joe are besties and everyone hides in the freezer for a frozen meat party! Once out of the freezer, Hunter is back to his crazy cult ways and throws a temper tantrum…

Hunter throws temper tantrum

…with easily the best (and by best I mean worst) dialogue ever:

Take me back to town hall or i'll scream

Not sure how screaming is going to work but let’s roll with it since it was hilarious how serious Hunter was about it. Norrie threatens to gag him and throw him back in the freezer to cool off, pun totally intended. So Hunter completely loses his shit which leads to Norrie committing a hate crime and punching him in the head.

Norrie punches Hunter in the face

Yup, she totally hit the guy in the chair. Not cool Norrie! Didn’t your parents ever teach you not to bully the handicapped? Obviously not, since Caroline was no where to be found this episode. After regaining consciousness, Hunter is back to his old self again and apparently the pain medication numbs his fear of dying young. Yup, if you guessed that Christine was trying to keep the domies from feeling emotions because when their feelings surface, so does humanity then you are as smart as the writing team. And here’s my reaction to that super awesome dialogue (please note the massive use of sarcasm):


Joe and the rest of us are pretty much all like WTF at this point. This is quite possibly the dumbest explanation ever and this whole cult situation is getting completely out of hand. The dumb meter has literally gone through the roof and the word Kinship was used way too many times during this episode. Of course, what this all means is that they now have a way to fight the kinship, using their emotions! So the kiddies decide to do what they do best….go find Julia for the 1000th time.

And that is exactly what they do. So it looks like Joe, Norrie, Hunter, Julia and Big Jim are forming a resistance to this kinship using their emotions. Yup, emotion is the answer to all of our dome-related problems. Big Jim, however, starts handing out guns since that is a WAY better solution and away we go!

Also, this happened at the very end of the episode:

You have 1 missed call

Of course they missed the fucking call! Way to go Julia…you had ONE job, just like Joe last week with the solar panels. But what does this mean exactly? Are there still people alive outside the dome? Or is this incoming communication coming from an entirely different planet?  Does anyone really care? Probably not.


This whole Kinship thing is completely ridiculous but I guess we’ll have to roll with it. Eva and Barbie decide to try and help since they don’t know if the dome is actually going to protect them from this meteor storm. And OMG, a shout-out to the world’s greatest, and worst, cop who died when the dome was magnetized. Yup, real dialogue folks.

Rusty Loves Linda

I actually loved this easter egg mainly because Linda was the best at being the worst sheriff ever and also because she was a big part of the Season 1 episode where they all thought the world was going to end. Remember when she got crushed against the dome? That was classic.

Linda gets sandwiched by a truck and the Dome.

So Eva seems to believe that everyone on the planet is dead, or will be dead. Some will survive the initial impact but then the debris that was kicked up into orbit will rain down, followed by the sun disappearing behind a dust cloud followed by a firestorm. Um, I’m pretty sure Anthropology is not real science so who knows how Eva knows this.

Of course, Barbie decides he wants to try and save the world by letting any outside survivors through the red door but I’m thinking that’s a terrible idea, Barbie Doll. First, people would kill each other just to get inside the dome for their own safety and second, there are clearly not enough resources to support immigration under the dome.

Also, Eva did a terrible job of hiding that key:

Worst Hiding Place Ever

Barbie scoops it up and off he goes to Bird Island to try and save the world. Good luck, Barbie.

Of course, Barbie doesn’t actually make it to Bird Island. He runs into some people on the outside of the dome and they are clearly in big trouble. Also, it was some of the worst acting ever by the people who are about to be incinerated.

Knock Knock. Who's There

Barbie, being Barbie, tries to help them but obviously there is nothing he can do to let these randoms inside the dome. This scene, however, really set up the atmosphere and was really the only time I felt like the world was actually ending. Of course, those people on the outside are also idiots because I have no idea how knocking on the dome is going to help. I guess it doesn’t matter whether you’re inside the dome or outside…you’re still destined to a life of dumb.

Barbie and Eva have no choice but to walk away from these people and I’m not sure what I would do in a situation like this. I mean, there is really not much they could do except walk away and that was exactly what they did.

"What's for dinner?" "BBQ?"

It also appears that Barbie may have joined the Kinship now as he threw away his military tags. Maybe that was the emotion that was holding him back from completing his ‘journey’. I can’t even believe I just typed that but hey, this is Under the Dome.

We also can’t forget about Junior who is now leading Camp Cult. They’re looking for Sam who is obviously responsible for stabbing Christine, so Junior asks his cult friends where they went and they point him in the right direction.

This Guy!

And some are way more into this than others as you can see. So after Sam was almost stabbed by Joe, he is confronted by Junior who knows that Sam was responsible for Christine’s stabbing. He wants Sam to help Christine but this is OBVIOUSLY some idiotic ploy and I’m pretty sure Sam knows this so he goes along with Junior.

During their walk through the woods, we also learn a little more about what is going on outside the dome.  Junior refers to it as “the great destruction” which happened on the dome aliens home world and their purpose right now is to save Queen Christine. Another sentence that has no right existing.

Junior leads Sam into Cocoon Cavern and instantly attacks him but really that was all that happened.

Fix her!

I guess Junior is going to keep Sam in a choke hold until Christine gets out of the vacation goo and decides what to do with him. And here is my reaction to the entire set of events that took place while the world burned:

Julia Laughing

Couldn’t sum it up any better!

The Verdict


The special effects definitely get a like from me but everything else was just…wow! I mean, it’s the end of the fucking world, people! ACT LIKE IT! But hey I guess our characters have been consistent with their reactions and their stupidity. Everything that happened under the dome was pure comedy, especially the part about how emotions are going to save the day. I loved the premise of having the outside world obliterated by meteorites but questions remain, as well as the stupidity: is everyone on the outside dead? Did Big Jim really hand out guns to Norrie and Joe? Why does Norrie dislike handicapped people? Where the hell did Caroline go this time? Is Barbie part of the Kinship now? And how can I adopt Indy the Dog?

Even with the freaking END OF THE WORLD it appears are domies could care less. Next week, a war is brewing and it looks like we have a cripple, two horny teens and a plucky newspaper girl versus a cult of dome aliens who call themselves The Kinship. What an epic hour of stupidity this is going to be. Check out the promo for Breaking Point below:



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