True Detective: ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ Review

Hurt Me Tomorrow

Hurt Me Tomorrow

The third episode of True Detective, titled Maybe Tomorrow, was easily the best installment of season 2 up to this point. There was a lot going on as we continue the investigation of the late Caspar the Ghost and a lot of weird shit happened throughout the episode.

The one thing I truly love about this series is that it makes you think. This is not a mystery that we’re going to be able to solve after the first 3 episodes and I love how intricate and complex these crimes are. That said, the writers are spending way too much time on developing our characters, which is fine but they definitely need to start focusing more on solving the crime.

So sit down, relax, grab yourself “a fucking e-cigarette” and enjoy the recap!

Dead Man Walking


Our episode begins with Ray and his father chatting in a bar with The Rose by Conway Twitty playing in the background. It was a bizarre intro that definitely caught me off guard but I absolutely loved it. Check out the original jam below:

And as the song cuts out, Ray comes back to life!

Ray Comes Back To Life

THANK GOD! So it appears we were right about Ray still being alive and that is a good thing for this show! Apparently he was shot with riot shells, the kind used to control unruly crowds. The feds finally show up and Ray is still in a lot of pain. He also pissed himself as Ani points out.

"It smells like piss."

Later, Ray pays a visit to the doctor and the prognosis is not good. His health has rapidly deteriorated from all the drinking and drugs and bad habits and the doctor even asks him if he wants to live. His mustache, on the other hand, is in great health. So maybe almost dying is Ray’s wake-up call to get better and solve this crime!

Ray pays his father a visit and we find out that it’s the same individual from the dream sequence at the beginning of the episode. Ray takes his old man’s badge out of the garbage and decides to keep it for himself. Ray’s father is an ex-cop / drunk so like father, like son. I guess this whole scene was simply a way to develop Ray’s character and get a better understanding of why Ray is the way he is. Plus, this line:

"No country for white men, boy."

Absolutely awesome. But shit gets worse for Ray after his ex-wife informs him that he’s being investigated for his past dealings, including whether he took retribution on the man who sexually assaulted his ex-wife. She offers Ray $10,000 to take off and he is deeply offended by this and who can blame him. The thing about Ray is that he truly loves his son and wants to be a part of his life. Poor guy. He can’t seem to catch a break even after getting shot but I think this could be exactly the kick in the ass he needs to get his shit together.

Thug Life

We catch up with Frankie, who’s having a ton of trouble getting it up, much to his wife Jordan’s dismay.

"Suck your own dick."

Clearly Frankie needs a drink after this so he heads to his usual bar to meet up with Ray who is pretty ticked off about getting shot and who can blame him. He’s probably thinking Frank set him up, which I don’t believe was the case. Ray wants to know what the deal is with Frank and Caspar but nothing much is revealed and so three episodes in and we really know nothing about this. That said, we do know that a camera and hard drive were stolen from the crime scene.

In other news, Ray has stopped drinking so he can ‘stay angry’ because Ray is a sloppy drunk. I like angry Ray so I’m OK with this and so should you.

Now, I’m still completely lost with respect to Frank’s dealings. All I know at this point is that Frank had a deal with Caspar and his money disappeared when Caspar’s body hit the floor. So Frankie appears to be taking matters into his own hands by threatening some random for money. Not too much was revealed regarding any of this but I think this episode was really meant to bring Frank back to the streets.

Frankie also meets back up with the Russian dude regarding that deal they keep discussing and it didn’t go well. The Russian dude is just following orders so we know there is someone else involved but the questions remains: who? And what is there connection to Caspar?

White Russian

Frankie throws another temper tantrum because the deal is falling apart and I get the sense that something bad is going to come from all of this. Especially after one of Frankie’s men ends up dead:

Sounds like a plan, stan

It also looked as though his eyes were removed, much like Caspar’s. It’s quite possible, and probable, that these two murders are connected and if that’s the case, Frankie and his mob could be in big trouble. Frankie wants to know who’s coming after him so he gathers up Santos and the rest of his business partners in an attempt to get to the bottom of these murders.


So Frankie wants information and he wants his business partners to collect any kind of info on Caspar’s murder. But Santos is having none of this and basically tells Frank to go fuck himself. This was a bad idea…

Frankie Fucks Up Santos

…since Frank is apparently a bad ass. I thought Frank would have gotten his ass kicked here but he sure knows how to handle himself. Santos, on the other hand, is going to need to book a dentist appointment:

The Tooth Fairy

In other words, don’t fuck with Frank! Going forward, it will be very interesting to see how this all plays out. Obviously, Frank’s men / partners are dropping like flies and I think the killer is obviously involved with Frank in some way. Will Frankie be able to solve this crime all by himself though? I highly doubt it but I can only imagine that things are going to get very complicated once we learn more about the deal Frank had with Caspar. Why is the killer messing with Frankie? Our true detectives better start putting the puzzle pieces together and soon!

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

On the other side of Vinci, Ani and Paul head over to the mayors pad in Bel-Air…and the place is a mess. Uncle Phil is going to be pissed when he gets home:

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

They are greeted by this beauty who is apparently nursing a hangover of some sorts. She does not look too impressed…or sober.

The Hangover

Her name is Veronica Chessani and she is apparently addicted to medicinal marijuana.

Breaking Bag

So the whole reason they head to the mayors house was because Caspar’s phone records showed a ton of phone calls going there in the wee hours of the night. They don’t get any info from Veronica, who is clearly too stoned and hungover to be providing any decent info.

The whole scene was really messed up. The mayors son is a wild child and likes to throw the women he sleeps with off the balcony. He also fakes an accent for some reason.

Get Steppin'

What a tool. Regardless, we don’t learn too much from this visit given the fact that no one at the Chessani residence was cooperating…or sober for that matter.

And as it turns out, the mayor is none too happy about the unexpected visit to his home and he’s completely pissed off with Ani. And then all hell breaks lose because it appears our detectives are now spying on one another. Ani is told by Katherine that Ray is a dirty cop and she wants to take him down. Her plan is to have Ani dig up some dirt on Ray but I get the feeling that Ani is going to end up taking Ray’s side in the end. The mayor, on the other hand, wants to destroy Ani. So it looks like Ray is told to steer Ani in the wrong direction and Ani is tasked with finding dirt on Ray. The only problem is…Ray ain’t no Columbo! But I do love the dynamics of digging up dirty laundry on our detectives.

Meanwhile, Ani has to deal with the random dude she slept in the first episode who shows up unexpectedly and asks her out for a lunch date.


To no avail. In all honesty, Ani is kind of a bitch. I think this guy has every right to be pissed off with her and yet she still threatens him after he insults her for using him under the sheets. Start taking responsibility for your actions, hun! No need to make threats. So this relationship is clearly over but why did the writers include this? Is this just something for character development or is Ani’s ex-fling going to come back to haunt us later on?

Meanwhile, Paul goes out to catch up with an old friend and they have a chat about the old days and whether or not they’d ever go back. But things escalate when Paul’s buddy brings up something regarding a relationship? Wait, what?! So my guess is that these two had some sort of male-on-male relationship in the past and he ended up hurting his buddy emotionally. This may explain why Paul didn’t really want to be around his girlfriend.

The other really weird thing was that the disheveled detective, Teague Dixon, was spying on Paul the whole time.

Smile, you're on camera.

So it looks like all of our detectives are doing a little detective work on each other. This actually makes things super interesting because, while they’re all spying on each other, they’re also going to have to work together to solve the Caspar murder. Love it.

Later, the detectives obtain a photo of a Cadillac registered to a film transportation company so they head off to check it out. Caspar arranged the tax incentives for the film so Ray and Ani do some investigating about the vehicle which was apparently stolen. They talk to the director and a camera guy about a party Caspar attended but not too much is revealed.

They did, however, find out about some dude who quit a week before the Cadi was stolen so they hightail it to have a chat with this guy but he doesn’t appear to be involved or possess any info on the vehicle. But while Ani and Ray were asking questions, this happened:

Flame On!

Wait, WHAT!? Someone lit there fucking car on fire?! How does this even happen!? And the arsonist in question is still in the area, wearing a mask of course, which led us to a chase scene which ended with Ray saving Ani’s life as she was almost struck by a truck. Oh, and this:

Homeless dude gets destroyed

Not a good day to be homeless. Hopefully there wasn’t too many important items in that shopping cart. Seriously though, the killer or killers are following the detectives around and I have no idea why! I mean, the killer ended up sparing Ray so I have no friggin clue what the intention is but I’m very curious to find out.

So we’re almost half way through season 2 and while I’m intrigued, I think this plot is moving a little to slow for my liking. I want to know more about the murder mystery going forward. I want Frank and our detectives to start solving the shit out of this mystery. I want to know who the guy in the mask is. So many wants! While the show has done a phenomenal job of letting us get to know the main characters, I think it’s time to move the focus to the crime itself. After all, this is True Detective.

Episode Rating: MIKEY LIKES IT

I’ve decided to go with a different rating system going forward. So instead of picking a random number between 1 and 10, I’m simply going to rate each episode with a LIKE or DISLIKE. Points were awarded for all of the action and weirdness in this episode, especially Ray coming back from the dead, the Conroy Twitty song at the beginning, the mayors stoned wife and Santos getting his grills pulled. Points were subtracted, however, for too much character development. Also, why does this show have so much hate for e-cigs? Last week it was Ray, this week Paul: “Is that a fucking E-Cigarette?” Classic!

Quick Music Note: For anyone wondering what the name of the song is from the closing credits…we have answers. The song is called Intentional Injury by Bonnie “Prince” Billy. I couldn’t find the song on YouTube or Spotify, but wanted to pass that info on for anyone who loves the soundtrack which you all should!

Next Week

Next Week

Next week, things better be revealed or else! From the promo, it appears that the very first scene of Season 2 is back. If you read any of my past reviews, you’ll recognize those flag poles. I had a feeling they were going to be important in some way and I think we might get some answers next week. Let’s all hope that the action picks up though as the season is way too short for more character development. Check out the promo for the next episode, titled Down Will Come, below:


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