Game of Thrones: ‘The Dance Of Dragons’ Review

Flight of the Dragon

Flight of the Dragon


Stannis: “Sometimes a person has to choose. Sometimes the world forces his hand. If a man knows what he is and remains true to himself, the choice is no choice at all. He must fulfill his destiny and become who he is meant to be, however much he must hate it.”

Last week it was all about ice. This week it was all about fire. And just when I think that this episode couldn’t possibly match last week’s horror at Hardhome, especially after its slow start, all hell breaks loose into what may have been the greatest scene in Game of Thrones history. Ya, undead zombies and blue-eyed white walkers are pretty cool, but this is DRAGONS we’re talking about here.

And while the first half of the episode was pretty much a yawnfest, that ending was completely mind blowing. Readers of A Song of Ice and Fire have been waiting for this moment and it certainly did not disappoint. Not only that, this episode also featured one of the saddest things I have ever seen and will forever haunt my memories. Shame on you Stannis Baratheon.

But it’s fight night in Meereen so pour yourself a nice glass of wine (just don’t spill it like Ellaria), grab some honeyed locusts and enjoy the review!

Fight Night

Playing With Fire

Finally lots going on with Stannis and company at their camp. And man, when those tents started to ignite and this happened…

Chariots On Fire

…I nearly lost it. Literally, chariots ON fire. And the look on Melisandre’s face was exactly the same as my reaction:

The Night is Dark and our Camps on Fire

It looks like Ramsay and his 20 good men had a plan after all. I’m sure I’m not the only one that wants to see the Bolton’s die horrible deaths but it seems like they are a lot more clever then we anticipated.

Before we get to the really tragic part of this episode, one very important note regarding Davos. Stannis is sending him back to the Wall for more resources and men. Will Davos be able to convince the Night’s Watch to help them out considering their loyalties are strictly to protect the realm of men? This is probably not a good omen.

Then we get some super sad moments, even though at the time they were very heartwarming. Davos has a wonderful conversation with Princess Shireen, who is reading The Dance of Dragons and Davos even has a gift for her.

Stag and Doe

Davos is hands down one of my favorite characters. In such a shitty world, he seems to have a big heart and his gift to Shireen was a beautiful moment. Of course, when he returns I can only imagine what his reaction is going to be after what Stannis ends up doing.

Stannis has another conversation with his daughter and it just makes me want to cry tears of sadness. I would absolutely hate to be in his situation because that was one tough decision to make. And can we really blame Stannis? If he doesn’t do what needs to be done, all is lost. War means sacrifice and in a world of dragons, shadows, stone men, white walkers and R’hllor, I personally think Shireen’s sacrifice absolutely had to happen, as heartbreaking and terrifying as it was.

I know a lot of people are going to be upset with that scene and who can blame them? Those screams will be etched into my memory until the end of time. But Melisandre’s powers are real and the war for Winterfell would be lost without this sacrifice. Shireen will be the one to change the tides and her sacrifice should be remembered for saving many, many lives.

Saying Our Goodbyes

And while Stannis is going to take a lot of heat for this particular decision, you can absolutely tell it was one of the hardest decisions he was ever going to make. He loved Shireen and in death, many people will likely live instead. A necessary evil (I hope).

Personally, I like Stannis. He has fully redeemed himself this season and if Shireen’s death is a means to an end, that being the death of the Bolton’s, then I think this has to be the right decision.

Impossible Decisions

That said, it was easily the hardest thing I have EVER had to watch on television. Game of Thrones has a knack for making us feel every single emotion possible whether it be happy or sad, angry or excited. This, however, was pure sadness.

And Melisandre does have power. So I simply HAVE to believe that this was the right decision because I refuse to think Shireen’s death was for nothing. Melisandre, you better be fucking right about this!


I have no words…

Pure Sadness

And Selyse’s reaction to the screams of her daughter was pretty much how we all felt after watching this scene play out.

Did this really just happen?

Now let us all pray to the Lord of Light because I don’t like seeing little girls die for nothing. And either should you.

Hardhome Hangover


And speaking of tough decisions, back at the wall Jon Snow and his new recruits head home and it is clearly setting something up for the season finale next week. Alliser Thorne is a bit apprehensive about opening the gates, especially considering Jon brought a giant with him.

Gatekeeping Duty

But he finally decides to let them pass, giant and all. And this is clearly not going to sit well with the other members of the Night’s Watch. Leading a pack of people who have been their sworn enemy for the last 1000 years might not be the best idea.

The Big Show

So the Wildlings make there way into Castle Black and Jon and his fellow friends are probably thinking exactly what the rest of us are:

Maybe this is a bad idea

It’s really not a good time to be Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. I mean, not only do they have to protect the realms of men from the White Walkers and the Others, but it appears that mutiny is always a concern as well. Just ask Jeor Mormont, who met his untimely end at Craster’s Keep by the same men Jon is now commanding.

And the looks on some of the faces of the Night’s Watch has me very concerned for Jon.

Need therapist

Olly is in desperate need of a therapist after his parents were butchered and eaten by the Thenn’s. So leading a pack of Wildlings into Castle Black is obviously not going to sit well with the young’n.

And this guy…he just looks pissed:

Get the fuck out

I have a feeling that this is going to be a big part of the finale. I can only hope that Jon Snow doesn’t meet the same fate as the former Lord Commander because all I smell is another mutiny on its way.

Spill The Wine

Dorne. I had pretty high hopes and it continues to disappoint. The writers have, unfortunately, completely butchered this entire story line and even Jaime and Bronn are making jokes.

Cheers and Beers

Well at least the story is advancing somewhat and Prince Doran has finally made some decisions regarding the Martell family and Myrcella. But first they have a toast, which doesn’t sit well with Ellaria Sand.

Spill the WIne

She spills her wine all over the floor which is pretty much a metaphor for what we all think about Dorne at this point. At the very least, however, we have a better idea of what is going to happen in Season 6. First off, none of this even happens in the books so I really have no clue where the writers are heading with this but it appears Prince Doran is sending both Myrcella and Trystane back to King’s Landing as per King Tommen’s request.

Get us out of this story line

And it looks as though Jaime is heading back to King’s Landing with them but Doran wants to ensure that Trystane will have a place on the small council to take the place of the late Oberyn, likely a very important point.

I really have no idea what Doran’s plan is here. Sending Trystane to King’s Landing, in my opinion, is a terrible idea. And where does this leave the Sand Snakes? We had such high hopes for them this season, instead they are playing games in a jail cell:

Pat-a-Cake, Pat-a-Cake, Baker's Man

Really? These women were supposed to be bad ass. Instead they have literally accomplished nothing this entire season and I don’t really see much happening in Dorne during the finale unless Ellaria has something big planned before Myrcella heads back home.

Finally, Bronn is also released. I somewhat expected him to meet his end this season but apparently it wasn’t meant to be. His only punishment for hitting a Prince:

Bronn gets elbowed

Wait, WHAT?! An elbow to the face? That’s it? Seriously? This was easily the worst story in Game of Thrones history but luckily for us all the rest of the episode was insanely awesome. Sorry Dorne, but you won’t be missed.


Back in Braavos, Arya finds herself in a bit of a predicament. While on her way to poison the Thin Man, she runs into a familiar face.


It was pretty much a given that Meryn Trant was going to cross paths with Arya after being sent to Braavos. And Arya appears to immediately lose interest in the Thin Man, who is yelling at her for more cockles. Oh, cockles…that word will never get old. Arya instantly recognizes Trant and now her plans of offing the Thin Man appear to be on hold.

Look what the Cat dragged in

Mace Tyrell and Tycho Nestoris meet up regarding the debt racked up in King’s Landing but not much to say about that other than Mace Tyrell is a terrible singer.

Meanwhile, Meryn Trant is off to the local whorehouse to find himself some entertainment. And needless to say, this guy is a pretty big sleazeball. He is presented with three different prostitutes, all of which are…

Too Old

…too old! Wait, WHAT!? These women are certainly not OLD! And Meryn Trant is one sick fuck. Just like the three bears, Meryn rejects the girls like Goldilocks rejected the porridge, until he found just the right one.

Just right

I think we all know where this is going! Meryn even asks the brothel owner to provide a “fresh one” for him on the morrow. Arya is obviously going to disguise herself as a prostitute in order to get Meryn alone. And we might even see the return of Needle, as you’ll remember Arya hiding it near the docks.


I guess the only real way to sum this up is with this:

Oh Boy

I’m not a big fan of predictability, but this entire plot is a little too predictable for my liking. Pretty much the complete opposite of what happened in Meereen.

Dragon Ball

Let the games begin

The main event. And it did not disappoint. We head to Daznak’s Pit in Meereen where Dany, Tyrion, Hizdahr and Daario are about to reopen the good ole fighting pits. And if you thought Hardhome hit a homerun…this was a fucking grand slam! Dany gets the action started with a simple clap of her hands and away we go.

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands

Daario and Hizdahr have a conversation about the fighting pits and Daario is clearly making fun of Hizdahr but a bit of foreshadowing of things to come.


And while all of this is going on, our first fight ends in epic Game of Thrones fashion:

Fighter gets his head cut off

And out comes the clean-up crew. Gotta love the guy holding up the head:

Clean-Up Crew

The next fighters are revealed and obviously Jorah Mormont is one of them. And things certainly did not look good for him during this 6-man battle royale, even though he made quick work of his first competition.

I fight and die for glory

What’s not to love about Jorah. I thought this would be the end of the black bear but he keeps on keeping on and in the end, saves Dany from almost certain death in the most epic way possible:

Jorah saves the day

GO JORAH! That was so epic and so unexpected. Clearly, though, the Sons of the Harpy mean business and this is an outright assassination attempt on Dany and her people. And even though things were not looking good, at least we finally got to see Jorah and Dany share a moment.


Then the highlight reel began. Harpy’s started stabbing pretty much everything and everyone and things were not looking good for Dany. And especially not good for Hizdahr, whom we all thought was one of the Harpy’s.

Hizdahr gets stabbed

I was actually quite shocked to see Hizdahr meet his death so quickly. For one, I totally thought Jorah was going to be the one to go this episode and as it turns out I was completely wrong. I guess we can scratch Hizdahr off the list of potential Harpy leaders since:


Now we know from the books that someone is supposed to betray Dany and it pretty much can’t be Tyrion or Jorah since they were both outside of Meereen when the Harpy’s began their attacks. That leaves two people: Missandei and Daario. I have this weird feeling that Daario is not who he says he is. Call it a gut feeling if you will, but someone is responsible for leading the Sons of the Harpy and it has to be someone in Dany’s circle.

Speaking of circles…

Circle of Death

Things were not looking good for anyone at Daznak’s Pit. So what does Dany do? She closes her eyes and prays.

The Summoning

Wait, WHAT!? This can’t be the end of Daenerys Targaryen. And clearly it wasn’t because it appears she was doing more than just praying. She was calling on someone…or something! And what came next could only be described as the most epic, amazing thing I have ever seen on television.

Drogon to the rescue

Roasted Harpy Marshmallows

Drogon to the fucking rescue! And he incinerates everyone in his path. We also got a great preview for Jurassic World, which is premiering this Friday and everyone should go see it by the way! It also happens to be my birthday on Saturday and you are damn right I already have my tickets. Best. Birthday. Ever. Everyone is invited. Including you, Drogon:

Jurassic World

With Drogon’s new found fame, it was only a matter of time before he moved on to bigger and better things! At least we get to see A LOT more of the dragons this season.


But the biggest event took place at the very end when Dany mounts Drogon and flies away.


And as Dany heads off into the sky, the reaction of Dany’s crew, and every single person watching this episode, is completely the right one:


Now obviously the next big question is where in the world is Daenerys Targaryen going!? Some of us already know the answer to this mystery but I’m hopeful that we will see where she lands next week for the Season 5 finale. Sure, this season got off to a pretty slow start…but I think it’s safe to say that these last two episodes have completely changed the game. Redemption.

Season Finale Preview

With only one episode remaining, there is clearly no possible way the finale can live up to the last two episodes, right? Hardhome was great. But The Dance of Dragons was greatness. Personally, I think I already know what is coming in the finale and people are going to be absolutely shocked. But with the title Mother’s Mercy, I think a lot of us are hopeful that someone from the books is going to show up (you know who I’m talking about book readers). Check out the preview for the finale, our one last episode before we all will be going through massive withdrawals:


5 responses

  1. The pissed off guy at Castle Black is indeed Bowen Marsh.

    Melisandre must die painfully. Resurrect Jon, then please die.

  2. Okay, I will try this again. GRRRRR. I promised I would return and return I have. I again liked your review very much and all the graphics you use. I don’t think I see 10 as you see 10, but either way, it is going to be epic and I have a feeling there will be a fair number of folk pushing up daisies when it is all over. I am so excited and scared that I think I am having heart palps!! (now to see if I can post this)

  3. Found your review with your link from and I am so glad I did. It’s great and I will be back. HIZDEAD made me snort. I throughly enjoyed this review, you need to do this as a regular gig if you don’t already do this somewhere. How do I find your other links to your other reviews? I so would like to read them. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Martha, thanks so much for the compliments. I wish I could make a career out of this, that would be a dream job! 🙂 You can check out all my other blog posts here:

      Thanks again 🙂

  4. I think Sansa is going to become Lady Stoneheart, it’s certainly a better fate than marrying Littlefinger some day. I’m a bit disappointed in the idea, I wanted her to live, truly live, not live as a bitter zombie on a destroy mission. But since Michelle Fairley was cut and Lady Stoneheart is important, having Sansa carry that story line makes sense.

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