Freaks They Are Not…American Horror Story Does Some Amazing Interviews With These Soon-To-Be STARS (UPDATED)

 “People stare at something they don’t understand. Because we’re different doesn’t mean we’re entirely different, we’re just like you, we just come in different forms” -Rose Siggins

First, a little Live because this was the first song that came to my mind when AHS announced it was going to the Freak Show. But, I must say, none of these people are actually freaks! They are simply AMAZEBALLS!

Ryan Murphy…you are a GENIUS. Not only have you put together one of the BEST shows of all time, but you now have made seemingly normal people (that unfortunately are not seen that way by the majority of the public) into celebrities. I am thrilled that these individuals have been given this opportunity to tell their story because I have simply been BLOWN AWAY! These people have been through it all and we need to collectively shut our mouths up with all of our 1st world and white girl problems! These guys are the epitome of positivity and awesomeness and I believe they have no idea…YET…that they are about to be ridiculously famous.

Enjoy…interviews from some of the new cast for this season of AHS: Freak Show…a MUST-SEE!

Rose Siggins (playing Legless Suzy)

Mat Fraser (playing Paul the Illustrated Seal):

Erika Ervin (playing Amazon Eve)

Jyoti Amge (playing Ma Petite)

The premiere of American Horror Story: Freakshow begins tonight at 10PM/EST on FX. Make sure you have a fresh stash of Cotton Candy and Candy Apples for the 90-minute premiere tonight. Tonight we all get murdered by Twisty the Clown. Review, with screencaps, up tomorrow. Now, go Get Your FREAK On!


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