Under the Dome Episode 9 ‘The Red Door’ Review: ‘Back To The Dome’

weezer back to the domeWell that didn’t take long. Two weeks after getting out of the dome, they are all back, minus Lyle, with the addition of random computer nerdy guy, Hunter, that will likely be Joe’s new best friend. And Mama Rennie even made the trip back with all of her paintings fully intact.

I swear it was like we were back in ’94 for an episode of Sliders. After locating the Red Door, which turns out to have been in Barbie’s backyard the entire time, the Outsiders (let’s call them that for this week) head through some portal that looked very much like this:

Sliders from the '90sAnyone else remember the show Sliders? I’d actually love to see a reboot of that. And our Domies totally pulled their own version of Sliders last night by heading back through some strange portal that causes hallucinations which ended up being the highlight of the episode.

Once again, the episode was a Tale of Two Cities: Zenith and Chester’s Mill with Barbie and the Outsiders trying to find the Red Door while Big Jim continues to try to solve the mystery of how Barbie escaped the Dome.

‘Back To The Dome’

Some other headlines from Chester’s Mill: Rebecca continues to lie to Big Jim and I can only think this means that she is going to be his next victim. Big Jim, the 7th new Sheriff in town, hasn’t murdered anyone this season yet, or drank an entire 40 oz. of Rye while shooting at propane tanks, so I’m pretty sure it’s only a matter of time before the town’s scientist has lied her last lie to ole Big Jim Rennie.

We kickin’ it with a brand new jam from a very popular band this week. Introducing Back to the Shack by Weezer. Not sure if it’s my obsession with the ’90’s or what but Mikey Likes Weezer and so should you. Hit play, follow along, have some laughs and most important, enjoy!

Sorry guys I didn't realize I needed you so much.

"I thought it was pretty obvious? I forgot that this show sucks"

I ended up with dome baby and she came when i was young.

Baby I used to be a pink egg, and it will end where it begun..

Take me back, back to the shack, Just make sure there's no booby traps.

the red door, leads offshore

Rockin' out like it's '94

The dome's curve is radial.

And Barbie's smashing this guys nose.

I know where this portal goes: BACK TO THE DOMEWhoa whoa whoa! PAUSE THAT SHIT! Wait a minute here…so this is how it all works? The pink dome egg somehow created this dome and the only way out is to jump off a cliff into a portal under the local high school. This will take you to a playground in Zenith, but the only way to get back is by going to Barbie’s house, opening up the red door and going through a second portal which apparently leads to the middle of the lake in Chester’s Mill! And if that makes any sense to you, then you are clearly as illogical as the people living under the dome. In Dome Science We Trust.

Finally settled down with Dome girl

and I made up with my dad.

Had to go and make a few mistakes. But you're his Uncle, Sam!

I'm writing all of these dealings down, I'll find the pink egg's trail!

cus this is what i was meant to do, and the eggs our holy grail.

Take me back...back to this shack.

Back to the trap, like dome plastic wrap

not right door, check ground floor,

Sheriff Jim thinks you're the town whore.

Let's turn up, the sig-a-nal...turn down these stupid, clingy hoe's

Where does Barbie need to go: Back to the Dome.

I belong in this dome world. Buckle up, this place is cuckoo.

makin' mud spir-als, art impurity

"Just swell...I thought you burned in hell."I was a little pissed when the show ended on that cliffhanger because I think we should all be curious about Big Jim and Pauline’s past. She will likely have some kind of impact on both Junior and Big Jim going forward but I really have no clue what will happen. If I had to guess, based on Sam’s chat with lil’ JR, it appears that Big Jim may have had something to do with Pauline’s alleged demise. If that’s the case, then Big Jim is likely going to be having a bad time with her returning to town. Also, any bets on how long Big Jim lasts as Sheriff? I think he’s already beat the record for longest reigning sheriff in Chester’s Mill since the Dome came down. And apparently no one gives a shit about qualifications either. So really, not too different than the world we live in.

Another important question: what in the fuck happened to Lyle? One minute he’s about to jump through the portal with Mama Rennie, the next minute we have no idea where he is and he didn’t show up in that lake with the other four! Maybe he’s lost in his own memory-trip? Obviously, the dome has some weird effect on Lyle as was the case when he first went through to Zenith so I’m really curious to find out more about crazy Lyle.

While ¾ of the plot makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, things are getting a lot more interesting with some of our characters and I can’t wait to see how Mama Rennie and Hunter interact with the townsfolk. Anyone else up for a Science Teacher vs. Computer Nerd showdown?!?

The Verdict

Episode Score: 8.0. It sure didn’t take very long for everyone, including new additions Mama Rennie and Hunter, to go back Dome. I loved the portal and the flashbacks / flashforwards as well. It really makes me wonder about this Melanie chick too. She pays Barbie a visit before her death in the ’80’s and says she was sent by her mom. Not only that, but she’s been hanging out with Junior a lot lately and explained to Mama Rennie that it was all going to end where it started (i.e. where they found the egg in the first place and where Melanie met her tragic fate). Points were subtracted for this quote though:

Pauline Rennie: Oh my God!

Sam: What?

Pauline: That’s why we have to go there. Don’t you see. You killed that girl because of what I drew. We have to go to Chester’s Mill to atone for our sins. Or we will never find peace, no matter where we run to.

Um, really…this is Mama Rennie’s reasoning? I have officially come to the conclusion that Mama Rennie is, in fact, a nut job. And another thing, how could anyone even figure out what her drawings mean? Even Barbie scribbling ‘DON’T J’ on the Dome wall made more sense than her mud spirals and crayon art.

Points were awarded for a reference to Narnia because that is essentially where the brains, logic and common sense of the residents of Chester’s Mill are currently being stored.

Quick promo: This show had a ton of potential but I think network television kinda ruined the horror and dark atmosphere that the book enticed in all of us readers. Now we just watch the show to make fun of it every week. Look no further than The Leftovers, which is essentially a show that deals with loss. Even though they are not trapped under a dome, an event causing 2% of the world’s population to suddenly vanish has transformed a small town into something that no one could have ever predicted. It is pretty much everything Under the Dome could and should have been and I encourage everyone to get on that bandwagon immediately because you won’t regret it.

Last but not least, check out the promo for next week’s episode of Under the Dome, titled The Fall, and ZOMG ANGIE IS BACK! WTF!!!!


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