Under the Dome Episode 8 ‘Awakening’ Review: ‘The Other Side’

The Other Side of the DomeIt appears that everyone who is trapped under the dome is an idiot which probably explains why everything Barbie does while outside of the Dome is ineffective. Simply put, people who are not from Chester’s Mill are just plain smarter.

Once again we got to see Barbie, Sam and Lyle hanging out in Zenith while the rest of the Dometards went on a bunch of mindless adventures. At least we FINALLY got to see what is going on with all the military outside of the Dome…kinda. And another nice LOST moment which ended with epic failure as Barbie was only able to write down “Don’t J” before getting re-arrested by the military.

We also met some new nerdy character who works for Barbie’s dad but is also trying to hack into the company who is just paying him to keep quiet. Dometarded. I, personally, didn’t care much for this guy and who knows what this corporation’s involvement is, but it’s pretty clear that Barbie’s dad is somehow involved with the Dome after Barbie found video footage of the Domies on his laptop! Maybe this is one giant reality TV show after all and CBS is attempting to fool us with bad acting and terrible writing!? Who knows. Either way, we’re going to the other side of the Dome this week so enjoy the review.

‘The Other Side’

Not too much really happened in this episode until the very end so I’m kinda excited for next week’s episode, if that’s even possible. I do have to admit that I am somewhat entertained by watching Barbie run around outside the Dome and his meeting with Julia at the end was a great touch, even if he completely fucked up the message! What the J!?

And somehow there is a massive list of suspects out vandalizing Big Jim’s property…even the ghetto roadsign windmill was destroyed. And since this show makes no sense at all, it ends up Sheriff Phil did it because he’s pissed off that he was fired from sheriff. Wait, what? Phil…you were a cop for a day, who gives a shit if you were fired! You weren’t even qualified in the first place as last time I checked you’re a fucking RADIO DJ! WHAT THE J! Phil, you suck!

On with the show. So with Barbie, Sam and Lyle on the other side of the Dome, I decided to rock out this week by using Aerosmith’s ‘The Other Side‘. If you’re not familiar with the song, do yourself a favor and hit play cus, well, Aerosmith rocks. Why isn’t Benny jammin’ to these tunes, man?!

Loving you has got to be...take me to the Other Side.

Like the devil on a killing spree...Take him to the other sideBig Jim looks like he is about to murder every single person in town here. That’s also a really nice purple shirt. Lookin’ good Jimmy!

The Dome's exit leads to this slide! Take me to the other side!

Shouldn't I be on the other side?Next time you might wanna chain him up to the other side of the jail cell there Philly. Not quite the intended use, but this is Chester’s Mill where Dome Science reigns supreme and all logic is trapped under a mini-dome somewhere.

My mamma told me there'd be domes like this, and man she wasn't foolin'

Cause I just can't believe this guy is pissed. Uh uh huh.Apparently every single person in town is pissed at Big Jim…and this guy is now selling off all his equipment because Big Jim is allegedly responsible for infecting and kiling his livelihood…pigs. Well Babe is dead, and like Big Jim said to Phil earlier…”we all got problems.”

It covered up the town, it's certain death.

We all got problems, Philly!

You love me, you hate me, I tried to take the loss, quit cryin' me a river, Lyle's eating apple sauce.

Got e-mail from Barbie, He is on the other side.

Why's the sheriff all creeping on me? Take him to the other side.I should also mention that this was pretty important as well, even if Big Jim is caught red-handed in the bushes with his pants down spying on Julia. OK, so he didn’t have his pants down, LOL, but what a creep, right? More importantly though, ole Jimmy boy now knows that Barbie is alive and well and on the other side of the dome. It’s a bad time to be a resident in Chester’s Mill…although with stupidity levels through the roof, I can’t imagine it ever was a good time.

Going sixty in a fifty-five...PULL OVER TO THE SIDE!

Oh, take me for a bumpy ride...to the Dome's underside.Apparently putting on glasses is all you need for a disguise these days…and Barbie somehow then climbs his way onto the underside of a truck while it is MOVING as not one single person notices. Good job, military.

"I'm looking for a pair of boxing gloves, Oh Philly, how you got it"

Not lookin' safe for you to get out of...oh Jules, please believe me.Stop right there! I just have to say that EVEN CHARLIE IN LOST HAD AN EASIER TIME WRITING A MESSAGE ON HIS HAND WHILE THE ROOM WAS FLOODING WITH WATER!!! What is with the people on this show…Barbie doesn’t know how to write, but he certainly knows how to SCRIBBLE, and don’t even get me started on Mama Rennie, the ART TEACHER!!! WTF, show! Not only that, he ends up failing to finish writing the whole message and clearly this town is not going to be smart enough to figure it out. “Don’t not jump” will be the town’s reasoning next week, you watch! 🙂

Big Jim and Dad

You love him, You hate him, He cuts prices down to size.This is easily the most hilarious billboard I have ever seen. Spin-off about Big Jim’s Motorcars please 🙂


The Verdict

Episode Score: 7.0 Another mildly average episode of Under the Dome. Next week should be A LOT better, as it is titled ‘The Red Door’ , so hopefully we will get to unravel that mystery. Points were awarded for Big Jim telling Phil that “we all got problems” after Phil said they were all probably going to die. Points were subtracted for everything else.

Check out the preview for next week’s episode ‘The Red Door‘. Yup, they’re opening it! Til next week Domies and Domettes! And remember, DOMIE DON’T PLAY THAT!


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