Under the Dome Episode 7 ‘Coming Home’ Review: ‘I’m Coming, Dome’

Dome, Sweet, Dome
Under the Dome went HOME on Monday’s episode, appropriately titled Coming Home, and surprisingly the change in scenery was 10,000% beneficial to the shows plot. We all knew Sam didn’t die but rather got sucked into the Dome’s butt portal which happens to be in mid-air on the side of an underground cliff. And once again dictionary editors everywhere are having fits with this show by allowing brand new words and sentences to form out of thin air, just like the Dome!

There were really only two stories to follow throughout this episode. Barbie and Sam are in Zenith, which also happens to be Dome Baby Miranda’s home town AND Barbie’s home town…that might be a bit far-fetched to me. Anyone else wondering why this City is named after an alien planet and why it also LOOKS like some futuristic city on another planet?

The other half of the episode took place on the edge of that underground cliff where the teenage Domebusters (Norrie, Joe, Junior and newly acquired Miranda) attempt to find out if Barbie and Sam are in fact dead after falling to their alleged deaths.

Well, you know what they say…GO BIG OR GO DOME! This week though, we’re actually going HOME! Enjoy the review Domies, Domettes and Dorphans!

‘I’m Coming, Dome’

Obviously this just made sense…I didn’t have time this week to change up the lyrics so no need to follow along but still, some funny screencaps await!

I'm Coming Dome, I'm Coming DomeWith Barbie and Sam escaping the clutches of the Dome and heading to a world where Dome Science no longer applies, we FINALLY get to see what life is like outside the Dome! But first, Barbie had to fall off the random underground cliff under the school.

"Tell the world, I'm coming home."Of course, he falls in and Julia’s reaction was beyond priceless:

julia-screamingMeanwhile, Big Jim disapproves of everything. But with Barbie falling off the cliff, I can totally see where Big Jim is headin’. It’s pretty obvious at this point that with Barbie out the picture, the town is about to go to shit with Big Jim taking control of Chester’s Mill! And is probably the main reason Barbie wants to get his ass back to Domeville literally ten seconds after getting OUT! We also saw Big Jim almost murder Rebecca which would have been a terrible idea for this show’s future. Keep the fucking scientist ALIVE!

I know my kingdom awaits, the town's forgiven my mistakes.So Barbie ends up waking up on a playground in Zenith after falling off the underground cliff under a dome in Chester’s Mill. That sentence totally just happened! Zenith, however, is Barbie’s hometown and there’s no place like home!

I'm freakin' home! But where's the dome?Tell the world, Barbie’s home… so is Sam:

You knew I wasn't gone, Yeah, I could sure hit a bong!"Sam ends up hooking up with Pauline (Mama Rennie) and they have a bunch of pointless conversations about terrible artwork…by the way, anyone else completely shocked this woman is TEACHING ART CLASSES! Take her off the payroll immediately!

Meanwhile, back Dome, the Domebusters and Janine Julia must have gotten into Benny’s stash again because here come more pink lights. They also end up confirming that Sam and Barbie are probably still alive:

And...I feel like there's nothing this show won't try"And Barbie has troubles of his own back in Zenith. My fave part was when Barbie used the excuse “Would you believe me if I told you I was under the dome?” Classic. So these wannabe thugs have Barbie go on some mission and apparently it ended up being a mission to go to his dad’s house. Lame.

And if you with me put your hands up highhh.They end up drinking Scotch and talking about old times, all the while Joe and the rest of those idiots back in Chester’s Mill are having some strange adventure of their own. But at least they figured out that Barbie and Sam are alive and well in Zenith…drinking Scotch. Also, is anyone else thoroughly annoyed by that pink obelisk?

Another Day, Another DomeAnd as the episode ends we get a nice shot of a hand print and a red door in the ground…which is CLEARLY the entrance to the Dome. So obviously Barbie, Sam, Crazy Lyle and Pauline are going to attempt to find their way back in while Joe, Norrie, Rebecca, Julia and Miranda are trying to find a way out. This can only end badly. I miss Linda.

Another Day, Another Door

The Verdict

Episode Score: 8.5. This episode was actually pretty awesome even if nothing makes any sense. We finally get a glimpse of the outside world and it appears that Sam, Barbie and Pauline may be teaming up next week to try to GET BACK INTO THE DOME! Not quite sure why they want back in ten seconds after getting out, but I assume it is probably a good idea to try and save everyone still trapped. Plus, Barbie and Julia sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

And, does anyone remember LOST– WE HAVE TO GO BACK, KATE!

"We have to go back Dad! WE HAVE TO GO BACK!"Last but not least, check out the promo below for Awakening:


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