Under the Dome Episode 6 ‘In The Dark’ Review: ‘Come Get It Dome’

COME GET IT DOME.If you feel a little dumber after watching Under the Dome, don’t be alarmed. This is perfectly normal. Even Stewie Griffin forgot the alphabet after watching last night’s episode, titled In The Dark.

Big shout out to my good friend Stewie! In other news, dome-shaped fruit sales are spiking. It is a good time to be a Watermelon Farmer. Coincidentally, it’s also summertime so I highly doubt the dome has anything to do with this.

That said though, the first half of the episode was beyond terrible but the action picked up in the second half and got me back to a point where I am actually wondering what is going to happen next. Also returning: BENNY! That’s right, Benny makes this show better. Is it a coincidence that the pink stars only show up when he does? Me, and Benny’s stash of hallucinogens, think not.

With another character potentially biting the dust and the pink stars returning (as well as the NEW version of the four hands), the show isn’t THAT bad any more. I mean, it’s still bad, just not THAT bad.

And because I feel like dancing, I went with an upbeat song selection this week. SKATEBOARD P FTW! Enjoy Domies and Domettes.

‘Come Get It Dome’

I’m pretty much obsessed with Pharrell Williams new song, Come Get It Bae, if only because the beat makes me wanna get up and DANCE! So I decided to do a new version of that tune for my review this week. Just hit play on the video below so you can follow along with the new lyrics! 🙂

Why Y'all Fools Standing Together Like That? I can't LAKE it

"NORRIE! I can do anything you like. I love you, anything you need."

And the town is dressed like Saudis, To Avoid Catastrophe

Let's go down this path and kill Lyle before he murders me."

Hurry the fuck up, so I can save you three."

I know you totally moved on, give me your keys I'm gone.

Too bad Joe, I don't love you. Cus I know you need to get Dome.

Joe Runs Away X4

You wanna ride, road sign recycle

You've got your license, but Jim don't  need shampoo.

Hey look, it's Benn-y, and he's high too.

Take it easy on the clutch, this bitch don't like you.

I can spray it the way you like. I can spray any dome you need.

I can give you dirty looks, now that I'm this town's QUEEN BEE!

None of the town knows the first thing about sav-ing Ben-ny.


The Pink Egg's Totally been gone, but clear-ly not for long.


Some Milky Way X4

A Homemade Bomb, made with recycle.

Don't got your license yet, but you got Deja Vu!

Gonna pop a wheelie, don't trip too hard too.



The Verdict

Episode Score: 7.5. The first half of this episode was pretty much that thing they pulled out of the vampires neck on the last episode of The Strain. If you have not seen that show, do yourself a favor, just don’t eat before watching. The second half, however, seemed like a bit of redemption. The plot picked up, Sam fell off a cliff under the ground under the dome and pink stars fell in lines. Course, we’re all still not sure if this is actually just one big stoner session or if these idiots are really trapped under a dome! Plus, points randomly awarded for Benny’s return. Guaranteed that was all set up between him and Big Jimmy.

Lastly, anyone else get the impression that Sam isn’t dead and that huge cliff is actually some portal? It looks like Sam disappeared and I’m pretty sure I heard a magical ‘vanishing’ sound, whatever that may sound like.

Next week it looks like DOME SWEET DOME, fo’ real! Check out the promo below for Going Home:


2 responses

  1. Haha, plus points for mentioning The Strain! That show looks promising. Or maybe I’m biased because it’s del Toro. Kinda wish they’d get on with the violence, but I get it. Character development and all that. Anyway, back on track. Always love the parodies so I won’t comment on that anymore XD but I thought Sam just disappeared, too! Heard that vanishing /fwoosh./ I read somewhere that the writers or producers (can’t remember which) mentioned that someone might be getting out of the dome early. Maybe it’s Sam.

    1. He totally disappeared and Barbie is next! They finally released the video promo, Barbie is going cliff diving!!! 🙂

      Any song requests for this one? Oz comes to mind after watching that promo, haha!

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