Under the Dome Episode 5 ‘Reconciliation’ Review: ‘Dome Tales, Woo-oo’

Tales From The Dome

Last night’s episode of Under the Da-Da-Da-Dome, titled Reconciliation, only proves that the people in Chester’s Mill are pretty much as dumb as a Duck. Ducks, you ask? Why ducks? Why would I compare this show to ducks…they are so freaking cute, all chillin’ in their ponds, quack quackin’ it up. Well, there is a method to my madness, especially if you’re into ’80’s cartoons involving talking ducks! And besides, the town is chock-full of quacks anyways so it only seems appropriate.

We went to the ’90’s last week for the making of Barbie’s new music video but this week we’re going back another decade: The 1980’s…where every single cartoon on network television had a better plot than this show. Even if they involved filthy rich talking ducks!!!

Now, this week’s review, told entirely by changing the lyrics to one of my all-time favorite ’80’s cartoon intro’s. Enjoy!

‘Dome Tales’

If you are not familiar with the classic ’80’s cartoon, Duck Tales, then your childhood probably sucked, just saying. But I’ve posted the intro to one of the best cartoons ever made so everyone can follow along! Pretty sad when Huey, Dewey and Louie make for better TV than Joey, Barbie and Norrie. Don’t forget to hit play before you start singing along 🙂

Norrie is Joe's Ball N Chain, Here in DomeBurg.

All the town's on Mary Jane, it's a Dome Blur.

Big Jim's A Distillery

We Don't Kiss GIngerly

Julia's Inside, trapped, baking

Dome Tales! Woo-oo. Tales of Barbie's Do-Bad and Good Fuck Tales, woo-oo

Scrooge McJim is headin for, the final, curtain.

Will this show-ow ever end???

Joey obsessed,

And Sam confesses

Dome Tales, woo-oo, It looks like the dome is breaking.

Schmuck Tales! Woo-oo, This. Dude. Is. A. Sitting. Duck.

Pot Luck Tales, Woo-oo

R-R-R-Ranger Phil's Behind You

Dynamic Duo, Like-ly On Glue.

Have a drink, just don't get in your...


The Verdict

Episode Score: 5.0. Just terrible. An all-time low for this show. Anyone who hasn’t read the book, just go out and buy it now so you don’t think any worse of this mess. Also, all the points were subtracted because Linda wasn’t in the show. Yep, it’s that bad that Linda could actually come back and SAVE this show because, and hear me out here, ever since she left the show, everything jumped off a cliff. At least this episode had no Lyle!!! Oh, and CAROLINE IS BACK…said no one. Maybe if she gets some airtime next week or gets killed off (fingers crossed), I can do a ‘Sweet Caroline’ review! Fingers crossed on the killed off part though!

Next week under the dome, ducks take over:

Come on, that was awesome. For the real preview of next weeks episode, In The Dark, check ‘er out here:



3 responses

  1. These reviews kill me! I look forward to every UtD episode just so I can read these. XD

    But yeah, even for UtD, this episode was really awful.

    1. Thanks for the compliment! I’m glad you’re liking the new style! 🙂

      1. Parody lyrics are fun! Still laugh alongside the detailed sniping when you give the verdict though.

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