Under the Dome Episode 4 ‘Revelation’ Review: ‘Come On Barbie, Let’s Go Party’

Barbie hanging with teens at the library


Another ridiculous and totally wack hour of Under the Dumb Dome. And the only cool thing that happened on this episode DIDN’T EVEN HAPPEN! So, once again, we’re going to have a little fun this week at the cast’s expense. This time, since they have lost their Internet and still haven’t been able to locate the router for a quick reset, we’re going back in time to the 1990’s…a time where there was no Internet. No cell phones. No texting. And no Sushi (oh, Norrie!). Just good ole’ fashion MICRO FILM!

This week, I thought I’d go back in time like the Domies, but instead of the ’80’s, I have decided that the ’90’s is the more appropriate selection.

Rather than me write a bunch of crap about how bad this episode was, I’m going to let these new lyrics tell the story. And if you really wanna have some fun, try singing the screencaps to the song. A good time shall be had by all! Enjoy Domies and Domettes 🙂

‘Barbie Girl’: The Dome Version

If you are not familiar with Aqua’s hit, Barbie Girl, check it out below, and follow along:

 Start at Verse 1 (0:47) for the full effect:


dead pig discovered by rebecca and random farmer


Joe staring down Dome Baby

You can tap, You can play

If you say: "You're the town whore"


Is the Dome elastic, or thermoplastic?

What a creepy stare,

The town should say their pray-ers,

Deforestation! Pink Egg is your creation!


Verse 2 (starts at 1:40, in case your lost like I am with this show’s plot)


Lyle looks like a freak, when he's down on his knees

Been two weeks, slutty friend, oops I did it again...



If you say, Bitch stop the spores...

Come on Barbie, Dome Block Party

The Verdict

Episode Score: 6.5. To be honest, if they turned this episode into a music video for ‘Barbie Girl’, I’d have no choice but to give it a 10, but til then…

It wasn’t that bad I suppose, but I am officially done with these ridiculous stories popping up out of no where and being resolved in 20 minutes. THIS ISN’T CSI! Clearly, I wanted the town infected to make things super interesting…instead everyone bitched out like Linda.

Also, check out a preview of next week’s thriller (♫ it’s gonna be bombastic, i’m completely sarcastic ♫), titled Reconciliation:

Til next week Domies & Domettes (and Barbie Girls). Hope you enjoyed the blast from the past, Dome style.


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  1. I love you. That is all.

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