Under the Dome Season 2, Episode 2 ‘Infestation’ Review: ‘The Butterfly Effect’

Angie covered in monarch butterflies.Dome butterflies infesting the Domie’s crops, cropdusters and airplane wings grazing against an invisible dome while ignoring the basic laws of real science, Junior getting completely shit-faced drunk in a prison cell by himself, and more random words coming together to form new sentences we all never thought were even possible…all in one hour! Could it be another episode of Under the Dome!?!? You betcha.

So Angie, she’s dead! And her death is going to have quite the butterfly effect on some of Chester’s Mill’s worst characters. I’m looking at you Joe! Also, the butterflies are going to have a butterfly effect of their own because caterpillars are the new butterflies in Domeville!

Here’s the morning review of Infestation to go with your Dome Berries…be sure to remove any butterfly nests from said berries first though. Now let’s get this motherfucking review off my motherfucking dome:

Dome Science

squishing-butterfliesWho knows where Rebecca Pine was hanging out for the entirety of Season 1, but I am glad she has arrived under the dome because finally we have a character who has a science background and can actually make sense of this invisible hamster ball surrounding the residents of Chester’s Mill.

Our first glimpse of the towns token science teacher has her investigating an infestation of caterpillars, while at the same time Joe and Norrie are making out in the woods and everything begins to die around them, possibly due to their bad acting skills. You know you died a little inside too, just for watching this episode.

Norrie and Joe making out in the woods, killing butterflies.And if that wasn’t enough for you, Rebecca comes to the conclusion that the Monarch’s life cycle has hit the restart button cus these little guys are poppin’ up everywhere in a garden near YOU:

the-caterpillar-effectAww, look at these cute little crop demons!  We’ll call it The Caterpillar Effect cus our cute little friends have got the munchies and be taking out Chester’s Mill’s food supply. Luckily, though, Ms. Pine gets her science on and if you guessed that her plan involved fire and crop dustin’, then get on board the Barbie Express for some cropdustin’ goodness (Warning: Plane may hit Dome during flight).

But not before Ms. Rebecca Pine decides to go all GTA on Chester’s Mill’s most productive crops:

burn-em-all-rebecca-pineAnd then they all get the bright idea to fly a plane inside of the Dome in order to spray the crops with fertilizer and prevent King Caterpillar and his Insectoid army from destroying the entire town’s food source. And another sentence that we all thought could not possibly exist is born.

But wait, there’s more. Just when you thought our scientist was bringing some realism under the dome, this happened:

Barbie flies a cropduster and skims the domeNow, I’m no pilot or physicist, but I am pretty sure that plane would have died on impact with the Dome. All Hail Dome Science.

CSI: Dome Edition

Meanwhile, immediately after Junior found Angie’s body, I was waiting for: WHOOOOOOOO ARE YOU!? WHO WHO? WHO WHO? because it appeared that CSI just got a new spin-off:

CSI-DomeCSI: Dome Edition. And who killed Angie? Your guess is as good as mine. But it appears Phil is the new sheriff in town. Wait, what?

Phil Bushey is the new cop in town, for no reason.I don’t remember when this happened, but apparently Phil Bushey is the new Linda Esquivel (yup, she had a last name). Radio station DJ to Chief of Police, all in one day. This town is literally smoking crack. Either that or I’m pretty sure those were marijuana crops Rebecca was burning and the towns residents are now just victims of the world’s biggest hotbox. Where the fuck is BENNY when ya need him because if you are not high as fuck when you go under the dome, then you are probably going to have a bad time.

Also, did anyone else notice how every single person from town is mourning Angie’s death but not one person gives a flying fuck that Linda was crushed by a truck last week.

And to top it all off, Junior thinks he murdered Angie because…what else is there to do on a Saturday night under the dome besides drinking yourself stupid in an empty jail cell. Fucking Christ, show…and I thought Dome Science didn’t make any sense. That said, I don’t think Junior killed Angie because that would be way too obvious. Personally, I have a hunch that Uncle Sam is up to something and that he probably had something to do with Angie’s murder. Plus he’s related to the Rennie’s. Whatever you do, just don’t trust the creepy guy in the woods.

Junior visits Sam at his cabin.Identity Crisis

Big Jim saying a eulogyOnce again, it appears Chester’s Mill and the writer’s of this show, have decided to completely ignore Linda’s death, possibly because of her terrible decision-making abilities, and throw a funeral for Angie instead. Linda’s casket is no where in sight although she did get an honorable mention. At this point, I’m pretty sure they just disposed of her body by feeding her to Captain Caterpillar and his crew.

But I dunno how I feel about this Big Jim transformation. He has somehow went from being the lead investigator on Angie’s murder to local priest who thinks everything he does is ‘for the Dome’. In Dome, we trust right? I think they may have vilified Big Jim way too early on. The character he became by the end of the episode was great though, if only because now he can use faith, religion and hope to persuade the townsfolk to get on his side. But don’t forget, Big Jim murdered half the town last season and can’t be trusted. And I have my suscpisions that Uncle Sam is going to be more heavily involved by framing Junior for Angie’s death. After all, it is not out of the question that Junior was just super fucking drunk. Like father, like son (any one remember this from last season?):

Big Jim DrinkingI should also mention that Dome Baby, or whatever the hell she is, was almost shot by Joe:

Joe attempts to shoot Dome BabyAnd this was just stupid. So Joe and Junior come to the conclusion that Dome Baby must have killed Angie. Clearly a CSI fail since Barbie, Julia and Norrie show up to explain to Joe that Angie has some other marks on her arm that came from some other random dude. So mystery NOT SOLVED bitches. Needless to say, Joe doesn’t end up shooting anyone and is easily convinced to put the gun down. I understand why Joe would have thought Dome Baby killed Angie, but man, he’s not going to react like that. Apparently Linda’s spirit has rubbed off on some of our cast.

What the show needs to do is start explaining some stuff, otherwise everything is going to keep coming off as completely retarded, much like a majority of this episode. The next episode best start providing some answers to questions like “How did she hatch out of the water when Julia dropped the egg in?” and “What the fucking fuck is she?”. Tune in next week. Same Dome Time. Same Dome channel.

The Verdict

Episode Score: 7.0Points were instantly subtracted when Phil showed up wearing a cop uniform. You replaced Linda with another LINDA!?!???! Also, why is Julia dating the guy who murdered her husband like two weeks ago? This fight was inevitable:

julia-and-barbie-arguingThis entire episode was all over the place, and even though the plot is more random than my iTunes playlist on shuffle,  Angie’s death will obviously have major repercussions going forward as the team of four from last season (Norrie, Joe, Junior and Angie) are probably going to have to recruit a new member (preferably someone who is good at Simon). The story and character development is pretty bad but I am expecting this to improve once some things are explained. Oh, who am I kidding, I have no more expectations for this show.

But I will say this: even though the writing and acting is terrible in some cases, at least they have some pretty sweet special effects! And at the very least, there are no more pink stars falling in lines…for now.

But hey, it could all be worse for the residents of Chester’s Mill and for us. After all, at least they aren’t trapped Under the Sea:

Maybe lobsters will make an appearance next week, or better yet maybe Caroline, America’s worst Mom, will make an appearance? Or is she passed out in yet another random house?

For a preview of next week’s episode, titled Force Majeure, check ‘er out below. There was no video promo though, apparently the Dome has interfered with our “Next Week On…”, so we will have to deal with photo promo’s this week (beware spoilers). Looks like acid rain, a new character and more ridiculousness is coming. ‘Til next week Dorphans and Domies:


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  1. Not bad, Brady. You certainly don’t sound like the Brady I know from last year, but what the hell, I like it.

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