Under the Dome Premiere ‘Heads Will Roll’ Review: ‘Unconscious But Still Breathing’

Under the Dome is back for the summer and it wants our lawn equipment.

Under the Dome is back for another summer of epic non-stop Dome on Dome action! The premiere, titled Heads Will Roll was actually pretty half decent and I think we all owe that to the fact that Stephen King was heavily involved with the premiere episode. Also, they killed off some major characters, one of which happened in the best way possible 🙂

While the show has clearly taken a complete detour from the book, I am completely OK with this (and have made my peace). Plus, that new gem of a show called The Leftovers premiered on HBO on Sunday, and it is everything the Dome should have been. But, the premiere may have set Under the Dome back on the right track by getting rid of some of the mess they had created in Season 1 and introducing some new and intriguing characters. While it wasn’t the best episode simply because they had to deal with Season 1 first, I am definitely stoked to see what happens now, especially with that crazy cliffhanger ending!!!

But at least it looks like they are taking a different direction for Season 2. This could either go really good, really bad or really ugly…either way, I’ll be riding the Dome out for the rest of the Season. Here’s the Under the Dome Season 2 Premiere to go with your HoneyDome Cereal.

Cabin in the Woods

At the end of last season, Julia had thrown the egg into the lake and the Dome started going crazy during Big Jim’s town execution of Barbie, with everyone passing out.

But in the Season 2 premiere, we are first introduced to a couple of new characters and I for one am thrilled about these new entrants into our story. First up Sam Verdreaux, former town drunk, has apparently been jerking off in the woods for the last couple of months and has given a whole new meaning to the phrase “hiding under a rock”. He comes out of hiding when the Dome starts going all Michael Jackson on us:

Sam Verdreaux. new character

I should also mention that Sam is revealed to be a former paramedic and the brother of Pauline Rennie. This connection makes him Junior’s uncle and Big Jim’s brother-in-law, so I think we should all be curious to see what role he plays within the Rennie family dynamic. That is one family reunion I would love to attend. The other cool point worth mentioning…Sam Verdreaux was also a character from the book, he was the town drunk and ended up playing a pretty big role in the story. I am thrilled for his inclusion and also thrilled that they changed up the character to fit the show. Good job, Stephen King.

And Julia and Sam cross paths immediately after Julia gets out of the lake. She sees some random girl drowning and it’s pretty obvious that this so-called ‘mystery woman’ has some connection to the Dome. Julia drops the egg into the middle of the lake and this woman pops out so clearly the Dome is now walking among them in human form–or something along those lines. So Julia gets some help from our new friend Sam and in a matter of seconds she has managed to find two brand new people in Chester’s Mill. Completely fucking ridiculous and crazy–and kinda awesome.

The one big discovery though is the fact that Pauline (Big Jim’s wife) had drawn a picture of the same girl who came out of the water. So what is the connection between Pauline, her drawings and this Dome Girl who hatched out of the lake? Yup, that sentence now exists. 🙂

Meanwhile, Joe, Norrie and Angie were hanging out near the Church, with no sign of our stoner friend Benny, when the Dome decides it feels like having its bell rung:


The visual effects in this episode were just amazing so hopefully they didn’t spend the entire budget on the premiere. But the whole scene with Joe, Angie and Norrie saving the world’s worst mother and new punching bag for these reviews, Caroline, was pretty pointless. I think they were just trying to create some suspense here but the real shocker came at the end of the episode, more on that later!

Linda Sandwich

Heads Will Roll also caught us up with Barbie’s execution which he was able to quickly escape from due to Linda being the worst cop ever who cannot make up her mind. One second she is helping out Big Jim, the next second she decides to save Barbie. Oh, and this conversation happened:

Big Jim: “Linda, what’s happening?”

Linda: “They’re unconscious but still breathing.”

Thank you, Captain Obvious. So Linda saves Barbie because she is, and I am quoting her directly here, “being reasonable”. What the fuck!? But all of this leads to the greatest scene of the premiere…with the Dome going all Magneto on Chester’s Mill…and Linda:

Linda gets sandwiched by a truck and the Dome.

Getting squished like a bug. I guess the Dome was craving a Linda Sandwich, with an SUV as one of it’s sesame-seed buns. I’ll take cheese with that please. So with Linda’s death I have no one to make fun of any more in these reviews…oh wait, yes I do: Caroline is still alive.


So after Linda’s death, which every character instantly got over in 30 seconds, we are introduced to Rebecca Pine and everyone everywhere is wondering where the fuck she’s been hiding out.

New Character Rebecca Pine played by Karla Crome (The Misfits)

Finally, a god damn SCIENTIST! OK, so she’s actually a high school science teacher but at least we have a character who can start explaining some of this crazy Dome shit for us. Also, she is played by Carla Crome who starred in the later seasons of The Misfits (a great show which I highly recommend).

She explains to us that the Dome is like a pregnant woman who is having her contractions more quickly. And apparently, she thinks the Dome can manipulate electromagnetic fields which are interfering with some people’s brainwaves. It still doesn’t really explain why only the main characters are still awake but at least it’s a start. And with Linda now out of the way, it’s actually not a bad start.

Rebecca was also hiding out all last season making this:

Model of the Dome around the Town.

They come up with some plan involving a big magnet to counterattack the Dome’s pulses. Now, I don’t even know if this is scientifically possible but seeing as this show is bat shit crazy and the laws of science do not apply whatsoever, I’m just going to continue to roll with it.

I See Dead People

With Big Jim’s plans being foiled by a now dead Linda, the Magneto Dome decides to lock Big Jim in his own bomb shelter by barricading the door with metal objects…and then Big Jim starts seeing all sorts of dead people. First, Dodee, resident DomeBuster, shows up to discuss her mortal bullet wound:


She has obviously been sent by the Dome but essentially she tells Big Jim that he needs to stop trying to win the Game of Domes or everyone is going to be in big trouble, especially Junior. Dodee was very crytpic but her riddles are also very easy to solve: “Sins of the father Jimmy, are always visited on the son.” Me thinks Junior might be in some trouble if Big Jim keeps up his drunken, murdering rampage from last season.

And with Big Jim exploding his way out of the bomb shelter, the Dome goes all Magneto and more people pass out:


And if that isn’t enough, this was when the episode took a nose dive for me because nothing made much sense after Big Jim starts running around looking for Junior. He is visited by a now bad-ass version of Linda:

Linda back from the dead.

Big Jim calls her the Ghost of Christmas Future, which was hilarious, and Linda, now in Ghost form, is actually able to manipulate Big Jim into hanging himself so he can save the town and his son Junior.

Big Jim hanging by a thread.

But, for whatever fucking reason, that is NOT what the Dome wants apparently and Julia randomly decides to NOT hang Big Jim because supposedly the Dome wants them to end the killing. Now, this makes absolutely no fucking sense to me whatsoever so by the end of the damn season we better get some answers about this Dome and its new Dome Baby, who was seen cuddling with Linda’s unconscious and not breathing body:


Also, everyone woke up and the magnetic pulses immediately stopped after Julia removed Big Jim’s noose! WTF. Listen up SHOW, you best be explaining this in the not-so-distant future because this made absolutely no fucking sense to me and probably everyone else. But then again, nothing ever makes sense on this show 🙂

Sick Shot, Sick Track, Sick Ending


Dumb parts aside, there were still two really superb moments for me in this episode. The first one happened about mid-episode and was so well shot with Junior walking through the streets of Chester’s Mill. The track, by the way, went so well with the scene and these types of moments are one thing this show does extremely well (Linda’s “The End of the World” scene also comes to mind from last season, don’t worry she had no lines in that scene).

The track in question, Basic Instinct by The Acid, is phenomenal and I recommend everyone hit the play button below:

But another excellent scene with Junior walking through the streets and a super sincere conversation with his mother Paula. Junior has really come around full circle and his character is starting to grow on me a lot more so I really like what Stephen King did with his character and the entire scene was a pleasant surprise. Oh and not to mention the fact that Pauline Rennie is still alive and well and painting from the OUTSIDE of the dome:


The piece above is titled Fail by Pauline Rennie. It’s a part of her grand collection of “Adults Who Paint Like Children”. Like come on, at least get some quality artwork for the show! But with that rant aside, the fact that she is still alive and outside of the dome all the while painting pictures that seem to predict the future should open up some new questions going forward.

And last but not least, that shocker ending that should shake things up. I have been WAITING for this to happen for the entirety of last season (as Angie’s character was one of the first to be killed off in the books). I also love the fact that we don’t get to see the axe murderer responsible for her death since it adds some mystery to future episodes. At this point, I have no clue who could have done this:


But what we do know, however, is that Dome Baby was the reason Angie was in the school in the first place as she was following her in there but I am not so sure she is responsible for wielding an axe to Angie’s face.

The Verdict

Episode Score: 8.5. Extra points were awarded for killing of Linda in the best, and stupidest, way possible and this awesome cameo from the man himself:


That’s Stephen King for those that don’t recognize the face behind all those horror books!

So the premiere did its job by getting rid of Linda (finally) and introducing us to some very intriguing new characters in Sam, Rebecca and Dome Egg Baby. We got pretty much zero explanation as to why the Dome decided to stop trying to kill everyone after Big Jim saved himself from the noose and Angie’s decapitation at the end presents a whole new mystery for Chester’s Mill.

For a preview of next week’s episode, titled Infestation, just hit play below. I have to admit, this season is looking really good so far! ‘Til next week Dorphans and Domies:


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