Game of Thrones: ‘Oathkeeper’ Review



To take a line from Chef Ramsay…WOW! Just wow! This episode was pure awesomeness all around. As someone who had to read all 5 books after watching the events of the Red Wedding, this episode has officially turned everything on its head. New stories all over Westeros and I think if you are someone who has read A Song Of Ice And Fire, than you were just as pleased with Oathkeeper as I was.

We were introduced to so many new scenes in Oathkeeper that the story has become fresh and it gives the TV series an opportunity to fill in many gaps from the books. And pretty much everything going on at Craster’s Keep is new and fresh. Further, Jon and the Night’s Watch are on their way there and now it seems like a Stark brother reunion is all but inevitable at this point unless Bran and crew are able to escape prior to their arrival.

There was lots to talk about in ‘Oathkeeper’ so let’s get right to it. Power To The People


Dany and her followers are chillin’ in Meereen and she has taken complete control over the city after sending Greyworm inside and arming the slaves with knives. In other words, it is not a good day to be a master in Meereen:


I, personally, have my own Targaryen T-shirt and completely represent Team Dragon, especially when they’re doing this kinda thing to dirty, asshole slavers who completely deserve this fate:


Just like Dany said, 163 slavers were hung around the city as a consequence for the trail of dead child slaves they left on the way to Meereen. They 100% got what they deserved and I feel 0% bad for them. Although, Dany is going to have a “this city smells like dead bodies” problem very soon so she might want to get some Febreze or something. But the whole idea of answering injustice with justice is right up my alley especially because this principal should start being applied in our own society with all the damn Joffrey’s we have in power these days! Seems as though Dany and her posse are going to be staying in Meereen a while though so I am very curious to see what is next for them in Slaver’s Bay.

The Night Is Dark And Full Of Babies

So a brand new Douche has arrived and his name is Clubfoot Karl Tanner, the biggest ball sac in Westeros. It was an awesome sequence to go back to Craster’s after the mutiny and, knowing that the Night’s Watch is going to be heading there to ensure they can’t reveal any info to the Wildings, it makes things very unpredictable.

We also find out that Craster had been leaving his newborn sons to the White Walkers and that the Mutineers have Ghost (and now Summer) held captive. Needless to say I cannot wait for karma to smack this guy right in his ugly face:


Justice will be served for Lord Mormont and the Night’s Watch and the Los Angeles Clippers! Hopefully the wolves rip this guy apart and he dies in the most gruesome (and deserving) way possible.

Back at Castle Black, Sam can’t keep a secret and tells Jon about Bran and instantly everything I thought I knew about this story has literally been thrown off the fucking Wall. So Jon is now on his way to Craster’s Keep with the Nightwatch and, as we know now, Bran and his crew have been taken hostage.


And in a scene straight out of the cult classic 80’s movie Labyrinth, Hodor gets speared by guards while yelling ‘Hodor’:


Totally reminded me of Ludo:


I missed Hodor! But back to the point, it seems almost inevitable that Jon and Bran are going to be having a Stark family reunion very, very soon! And seriously, holy fucking SHIT the possibilities are endless as to what is going to go down here. It is quite possible that Bran may be able to warg his way out of this situation before Jon and the Night’s Watch even arrive. But I doubt that since Locke is now with Jon and looking to take out Bran so it wouldn’t make too much sense for Bran to be gone when they arrive.

And if Jon and Bran reunite and people start finding out that the Stark boy is alive, that will NOT be good for Bran. What I hope happens here is that Jon comes and saves the day but the problem is that people are going to know Bran is alive unless they have a really good cover story. And at this point, only Sam and Jon know about Bran (Gilly doesn’t count). As well as Roose and Locke obviously but they are being tight-lipped about that for now thankfully.

I am absolutely thrilled about all of these new plot twists. It makes the show a lot more interesting and now no one can predict what the hell is going to happen, not even those who have read the books! And just when we thought this show couldn’t get any more crazier and unpredictable, they decided to literally give new meaning to Vanilla Ice’s smash hit from the ’90s:


Zombified ice baby’s are coming! Apparently, this is how these dudes reproduce but obviously they can’t just be building an army from Craster’s babies! There is definitely more to this story that needs to be explored and I am very excited to find out what is going on in White Walkerville.

Talk To The Hand

Easily the saddest part of the episode was when Jaime and Brienne had to part ways. Somehow these two complete opposites were great to watch together and it will definitely be a little different without their interactions. Cersei wants Sansa’s head on a silver platter and tries to send Jaime to do it so instead he tells Brienne to protect her! And gives her a new set of armor, his sword (now named Oathkeeper), and a new sidekick. And these two are going to make an awesome duo:


I love them together already. For one, they are both super loyal. If there is anyone Brienne can trust in the Seven Kingdoms, it’s POD and we saw just how loyal the guy was with Tyrion! So here’s a toast to their new adventures which are sure to be exciting.

But I think the most important point to take away from this episode was that Jaime doesn’t believe Tyrion killed Joffrey which may have implications further down the road. Maybe Tyrion will ask him to be his Champion!? Who knows, but I can’t imagine Jaime (or Tywin for that matter) are going to simply let one of their own die. They are proud lions after all and proud lions simply don’t kill their own (unless your name is Cersei).

Jaime also shared another scene with Bronn and they talked about Tyrion and how he had named Jaime as his Champion back in the Eyrie in Season 1. Just another reason to think that Jaime will come to realize that Tyrion had nothing to do with Joffrey’s murder. Also, their training session was a classic:




(Moustache) Ride Your Way To The Top


Back on Littlefinger’s ship, he finally tells us where the hell they’re going and it seems we’re going to be getting a blast from the past. They are heading to The Eyrie so Petyr can marry Sansa’s crazy Aunt Lysa, whom you will remember from Season 1 (and don’t forget about the Moon Gate). He also appears to have a thing for Sansa who apparently will never, ever, ever catch a break in life:


But I do truly believe that Littlefinger wouldn’t do anything to harm Sansa which is kind of a relief. And Sansa seems to be catching on to all the lies of the Seven Kingdoms. You got some street smarts now, girl! And one truly powerful thing to consider is how much Littlefinger has already acquired…because he is in quite the position. Let’s see, first he was given Harrenhal, and now he is marrying Lysa which will give him control over The Eyrie. And since Lysa is a Tully, he will also have some stock in Riverrun as well and he’s holding on to Sansa, one of four remaining Stark’s and quite possibly the key to the North. I cannot wait until they arrive at The Eyrie!

The Lion King

What is not to love about Lady Olenna Tyrell. The ‘Queen of Thorns’ is easily one of the best, most interesting characters in Westeros. Even the story about how she got her husband was perfectly written…’I was good…I was very, very good’. You would think it would be super awkward for an old grandma talking about her sex life, but Lady Olenna makes it pure gold. Also, SHE KILLED JOFFREY!!!! Everyone everywhere, give your grandma a great big hug 🙂


I was surprised they revealed this so quickly in the story but I am certainly glad they did because it makes things way more interesting and delaying this reveal would have only slowed everything down. Good job, show!

But perhaps more interestingly, Olenna is definitely trying to manipulate Margaery by essentially convincing her to act quickly with Tommen and using her own ‘How I Met Your Grandfather’ story as bait. Maraery is also pretty damn clever though and her visit to Tommen’s bedroom was refreshing because it actually seems that Tommen and Margaery might actually be capable of forming a genuine relationship, even if Tommen hasn’t hit puberty yet. And even in death, Joffrey is still a dick (poor Ser Pounce):


Not only that, Tommen was just as much as victim of Joffrey’s douchery and little brothers everywhere know exactly how he feels. It’s a lesson that Tommen takes to heart and I get the sense that Tommen, unlike his older brother, will actually make a great leader and King. And the one common thread that I love between Tommen and Margaery–neither of them are cruel. Maybe there is some hope in King’s Landing after all?


Next Week

Here I was expecting this episode to be a dud and it ended up shining bright like a diamond. I was absolutely blown away by how the writers were able to incorporate brand new stories into the show that have taken a complete turn from the books. Now, no one can predict what will happen next and I have this new found sense of “holy shit, wtf is going to happen next” in me that went away after I read the books. Easily the best episode of the season so far and a pleasant surprise!

It looks like it is going to get even more epic next week as well. Check out the preview  for ‘First Of His Name’ below:


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