Game of Thrones: ‘Breaker of Chains’ Review

We Are Meereenese If You Please


Breaker of Chains picked up right where we left off after the Purple Wedding and it did not disappoint. Usually after a big event in this show, the following episode always seems to slow things down. In this case, however, this episode was full of great moments, especially the big reveal in the opening 5 minutes of the show, more on that in a bit. Oh, and we already have a new king… who is TWELVE!!!

My only very big complaint about this season so far is with this new Daario guy. He is just terrible, he has NO charisma and he is like the EXACT opposite of last season. It’s just so bizarre that the writers didn’t cast a guy that acted and looked more similar to Ed Skrein’s Daario character from last season. I’m sure I will eventually get used to it, but honestly the scene in Meereen was so much more better in the books and it didn’t involve Daario.

One more thing, I also came across this great website that features an interactive map of Westeros and allows you to control spoilers by how far you are in the story! CLICK HERE for the map! It helps A LOT!

And now, the rest of this week’s episode:

Nobody Better Lay A Finger On My Littlefinger


Well that was direct and to the point, just the way I like it. Thank you show, for bringing back Littlefinger and instantly explaining the murder plot for us within the first minute of the episode! So, Littlefinger didn’t actually go to The Eyrie after all and instead was planning and conspiring to kill Joffrey. Wow, Littlefinger seems to be A LOT more clever and smart than we all probably first expected. For some reason, even though he’s such a sleazebag, I kinda like the guy. After all, he was responsible for Joffrey’s death (and we know this because he was the one who had the poison necklace made):


And also, this happened to Ser Dontos (aka the town drunk) because of Littlefinger:


That is apparently what you get for being a drunk in Westeros. Littlefinger simply doesn’t trust ‘drunk fools’ and Littlefinger is probably right when he said that money only buys silence for a time. Littlefinger is a walking quote machine by the way, I just love his lines because they are always well executed and usually provide us with tons of information.

The one question they did not answer, however, was where exactly are they going? Sansa definitely can’t stay in King’s Landing after fleeing the wedding so where exactly is Littlefinger taking her? And what is his motivation for saving Sansa (besides the obvious relationship he had with Cat)? He did say that he was sailing home’, but does that mean Winterfell? This is going to be an interesting adventure for all of us 🙂

Power Shift

With Joffrey’s death shaking up King’s Landing, we get some glimpses of some of the attendee’s and how they are dealing with Joff’s murder. First, Margaery and Lady Olenna have a conversation that reveals some interesting tidbits. Margaery just wants to be Queen, that much is fairly obvious. She didn’t actually give a shit about Joffrey, hence why her first words are “So am I still the queen?”. But for me, the big reveal was when Olenna says ‘you did wonderful work on Joffrey, the next one should be much easier”. Well, this can only mean one thing:


Tommen is obviously next in line to be King, even though he’s like 11. But we do know that he is a much, MUCH better person than Joffrey and I can only assume this is why Lady Olenna suggested that the next one would be much easier. Also, the Tywin/Tommen Q&A session was really well executed, having Tommen answer questions about what makes a good King. It is SO obvious from this little scene that Tommen is the complete opposite of his douchey brother.

And you could tell how uncomfortable this made Cersei. Looks like her youngest son is off to King University and Empty Nest Syndrome is about to kick in. Oh, and Jaime and Cersei got it on next to Joffrey’s body which was pretty fucked up if you ask me. I don’t really know what to say about this scene other than they got it all wrong–Cersei wanted this in the books, but then she stops Jaime because she doesn’t want to get caught. This was not the impression I got from this scene, they made it seem like Jaime was raping Cersei which is just stupid.

Meanwhile, Tyrion is still in prison and easily had the best line of the episode when he says “Cersei is the only one I am sure had nothing to do with this murder. Which makes it unique as far as King’s Landing murders go.” So true, Cersei is a bitch. Podrick also tells him that someone asked him to testify against Tyrion which suggests that they are probably framing Tyrion for Joff’s murder. I truly love Pod and Tyrion–they are good friends, Tyrion respects Podrick and Podrick respects Tyrion. It was a sad goodbye but a new adventure will begin for the both of them 🙂


I have to admit this was pretty sad 😦 because these two are actually GOOD people in a very, very BAD place.

It was also revealed that Oberyn Martell and Mace Tyrell will join Tywin on the judges panel. This surprised Tyrion a little because Dorne is still kinda pissed about the whole Elia rape thing so maybe there is some hope for Tyrion yet! Fingers crossed.

The Fox and the Hound

More great scenes from these two and I finally think I know what is going to happen (and this scene was all set-up for it). They are apparently heading to The Eyrie (Arya’s Aunt Lysa is there, you will remember her from Season 1). Arya also mentions Braavos and how she would love to see it one day and that she has friends there (you will remember that Jaqen H’ghar from Season 2 was from Bravoos, he was a ‘Faceless Man’). Little foreshadowing, maybe? Would be awesome if they end up there since we haven’t seen Braavos yet and they keep mentioning the Iron Bank of Braavos, so obviously this city should be in the fray at some point. Can’t wait til it ends up on the opening title sequence.

So they get invited in for dinner and apparently these two haven’t eaten in a while:


These two could easily have their own spin-off– they are such an odd couple–what is not to love about them.

But as it turns out, the Hound is still a complete jackass who has lost all faith in humanity Westeros, and who can blame him! We’ve all had a boss like Joffrey…but The Hound takes his bitterness to the next level by smashing their host in the head and robbing them!

This, however, royally pisses off Arya and I get the feeling we might be seeing these two split up sooner than later. It really seems to me like Arya is getting very irritated with Mr. Hound and his actions of screwing good people over. Fair wages for fair work, my ass!

The Hound tries to justify his actions by explaining that it’s just the way things are….the worst possible answer anyone can receive in the history of answers…and Arya sums it up nicely by calling him the worst shit in Westeros. Classic.


The War At The Wall

Meanwhile, back at the Night’s Watch, Sam and Gilly are still making small talk…yawnfest 2014. The books were the same, Sam was boring in the beginning. I guess the whole point of this scene was to have Sam send Gilly away to Molestown to keep her safe, and she seems to think that Sam is bored of her.

But the real action took place at Castle Black. They are preparing for a battle and it is going to be legendary! The Wildings and Mance are coming and the Night’s Watch is at an all-time low on resources. The one thing they DO have though is that huge ass fucking WALL! So man the damn thing and let’s burn some Wilding ass!

And we also got a glimpse of the Wildings and it was not pretty as they basically just slaughtered an entire village of innocent people! And Ygritte looks PISSED:



Also, Styr reminds me of this other dude from South Park (which still makes me laugh everytime):

What I don’t understand though is why the Wildings are so brain dead in that they send this kid back to the Castle Black to let everyone know the Wildings are on their way. You chose poorly, Styr. They gots Jon Snow.

And he knows it is only a matter of time before Mance figures out his lie (about how there were a thousand men at Castle Black alone). Grenn and the others are also back from Craster’s Keep and let’s just put it this way, the Night’s Watch is in DEEP SHIT!

I cannot wait for this battle to go down and I am sure I am not the only one! The Battle of Blackwater Bay ain’t got nothing on the War at the Wall. Fingers crossed that they arrive next episode but I am expecting next week to be more set up than anything, so patience young Padawans.

Meereneese Knot

Dany and her crew finally arrive at Meereen. The city is absolutely stunning but they are greeted by a single knight who really has to take a piss:


I love when Game of Thrones does these hilarious video shots…anyone else remember the horse taking a dump in Season 2? This is just like that, but it’s so clever because we can see Dany and crew between the guys legs LOL! Never would I thought I’d ever need to write a sentence like that in my life but here we are 🙂

So Dany has a decision to make and she decides that the the fake Daario should be the one to go kill Pissy McPissPants. Very disappointing, show! First, in the books, a character by the name of Strong Belwas was the knight selected and, just so everyone knows, this is what he would have looked like:

The scene would have been SO MUCH BETTER with this big fat dude fighting the knight, but hey I get it, the show needed a way to reintroduce Daario. I’ll admit, it was pretty intense, especially when the knight was charging at Daario and he wasn’t really doing anything. We all knew he was going to throw the dagger, but geez that poor horse:


But the best part was when Dany unleashed her catapults which she built from her ships! She’s one smart cookie. And just when I think they are attacking the city:


She sends a message instead with barrels filled with broken shackles. Not a good time to be a Slaver in Slaver’s Bay! Can’t wait to see what happens next in Meereen!

Next Week

Breaker of Chains was yet another awesome episode, they didn’t leave us hanging after last episode’s big death and after two very awesome episodes I am half-expecting a let-down episode next week based on the preview. Titled ‘Oathkeeper’, episode four looks kinda boring and I get the feeling it will mostly be setting stuff up for the rest of the season (and sending people to new destinations). The one thing we do know, however, is that the Wildings are on their way and if this attack takes place in Oathkeeper, then it will have a ton of potential to be a stand-out episode. Check out the preview below:


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