Dr. Green, Medicine Man

“A sad soul can kill quicker than a germ. That is exactly why I didn’t want them all to see what happens. I know they know. But I didn’t want them to see it right now.” -Hershel Green

I admit… MIKEY HAS DISLIKED the beginning 4 episodes of Season 4 of The Walking Dead… but zombies never seem to impress me that much since they are so overdone and unoriginal so its always a tough task for these writers to impress me. Of course, that all changed on Sunday because Sunday’s episode was like that St. Louis Rams upset over the Indianapolis Colts on the weekend… it was mind-blowing!

I have been a HUGE Hershel fan since he joined the cast way back in Season 2… but simply put, this old man instantly put this show back at the top! I thought this show was going to kill off Hershel so many times… but in my opinion that would have been a HUGE mistake since he is the only one I love to pay attention to on this show (and Daryl and Michonne– but they don’t ever get screen time so meh)!

I still have no clue what is going on with Carol… I was under the impression she was doing everyone a favor by murdering those sick people… yet Rick basically tells her to fuck off (seriously AMC, kill Rick off already… the guy is a terrible decision-maker! Anyone else still miss Shane?), so I don’t really get that, but I suppose I can see what he was thinking with the possibility of Tyrese going ballistic with this new info! Obviously, we haven’t seen the last of Carol… the question is when and how will she be back? Also, Carl was clearly adopted because that kid is bad ass (unlike his parents).

But really, for me, there was one scene that made this episode what it was! The music started to play and Hershel went to work… and wow, it was a brilliant, dark, deep scene that was completely unexpected! All I ask of this show is to please give us more of the Good Doctor because this guy rocks! And for your listening pleasure, have a look at the song that everyone is talking about from the episode, Ben Howard’s ‘Oats in the Water’! Ear Orgasm awaits.

Fun Fact: Scott Wilson (who played Hershel) also played Sam Braun on CSI! I knew he looked familiar! But he makes for a much better good guy! 🙂


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