Under the Dome Season 1 Finale: ‘Curtains’ Review

Go Big Or Go DOME!

It's Raining Pink

“Must. Get. Stoned…NOW!”

HOLY F’ING SHIT! If the above pic doesn’t make you completely lose your shit, then this show is just never going to be for you! Last night’s epic season finale of Under the Dome did not disappoint! And, in fact, even with the shaky dialogue and some bad acting (ya, we’re looking at you Linda), this series literally just went BAT SHIT CRAZY on all of us last night!

The Season Finale of Under the Dome, appropriately titled ‘Curtains’, mostly explored the Dome mystery… and it was like they hit the accelerator and never let go! One thing after the next… I felt like I was back on the Island in my Lost days! The great thing about LOST was that it was exactly that, BAT SHIT CRAZY! So much crazy, mysterious stuff went down throughout the series and that was exactly what this episode of Under the Dome felt like. It moved quickly, there were lots of reveals and a ton of cliffhangers heading into next season!

This was easily the best episode of the season so far and what season finale’s should be about!

So, without further ado, my review…

Under the Dome of Darkness

The finale starts off with the Children of the Dome, Norrie’s negligent lesbian mother (aka Carolyn) and Captain Caterpillar who have all been joined by Deputy Linda! Of course, this wouldn’t be Under the Dome without Linda freaking out and thinking the mini-dome is radioactive… a theory which the Children of the Dome and EVERYONE ELSE already know was disproved way back in THE PILOT!  And while they are all getting stoned in Benny’s room with the mini-dome…

Linda: “The Mini-Dome could be radioactive guys!!!”; Every viewer watching: “Go home, Linda”

…Captain Caterpillar finally decides to break out of his cocoon…

No one ever suspects the Butterfly…

…and turns into Mister Butterfly! Mister Butterfly, however, needs air to live! And he starts having a dome seizure and slamming into the mini-dome walls, which for some reason causes the mini-dome to start turning black!!! WTF!

OK, shit is already getting CRAZY! With Mister Butterfly, formerly the artist known as Captain Caterpillar, either suffering from seizures, lack of air or excessive amounts of Benny’s marijuana stash… it falls to the ground of the mini-dome and things go to black… LITERALLY!

When I said I wanted this show to be DARK, I didn’t mean LITERALLY!!!!

So with the butterfly dying, the Children of the Dome come to the conclusion that they have to get the butterfly out of the mini-dome before it runs out of oxygen– I am just going to choose not to question this and call it ‘Kid Logic’.

In a scene straight out of LOST (specifically, the scene where the island disappears!!!)…. the Dome turns completely black and HOLY SHIT:

“Once you go black, you never go back ;)”

Did I mention all of this happened within the FIRST FIVE MINUTES!!!

With Mama Dome and Mini-Dome turning black, Linda decides to get her hands dirty. And in typical Linda fashion (and one of the greatest moments of this show),  she puts her hand on the mini-dome…

If Linda touches the Mini-Dome… the viewers are going to have a good time!”

…and gets BLASTED across the room! The only issue I had with this was when Carolyn said “She’ll be fine!” Nuts, she’s alive! God I hate Linda!

With Linda out of the picture, the Children of the Dome get their persuasion hats on and easily convince Junior to help them hide the mini-dome AGAIN before Big Jim arrives.

Now, I know I can’t stand Linda… she is easily the worst character on the show, but I can see the series is slowly starting to embrace this! She is so stupid that she is accidentally joining up with Big Jim and becoming part of the ‘villain’ side! Obviously her moral compass and tiny brain have led her to make some pretty stupid decisions on this show but Big Jim needs a deputy and he needs a deputy he can easily manipulate! Linda… you be the perfect choice! And since she has consistently made idiotic decision after idiotic decision, the writers have at least kept this going throughout the entire first season. The last thing I want to see now is Linda making a smart decision, it just wouldn’t make any sense! 🙂

The Monarch Is Crowned… And It’s Not Princess Kate!

So while Mama Dome is dressed in all black… Angie and Julia were busy bustin’ Barbie out of prison! And I gotta say, it was a little too easy! I mean, I understand that 3 of the 4 police officers are dead (Freddie, Randolph and Duke) and the rest are caught outside the dome… but you would think by now they would have some kind of competent police force, but sadly that is not the case and Barbie goes all Jack Bauer again and gets revenge on Phil for last weeks dropkick to the head…

New Barbie Doll Idea: Jack Bauer Barbie 

…with a dropkick to the head WITH HIS HANDS TIED BEHIND HIS BACK! Always has to one-up everyone… no wonder the residents of Chester’s Mill don’t like this guy! Barbie, Julia and Angie head out and get a secret message from the Children of the Dome– and luckily they have one of the more intelligent residents on their side, who also happens to be a 15-year old kid! Joe is smart enough to hide the actual location of where they’re heading so Big Jim can’t find them! Smart move, kid! Suddenly, we have a new contender for deputy– look out Linda!

So they all meet back up at the Scooby Doo Detective Agency, aka the Cement Factory, and the Dome goes all Simon again since the band is back together!

“This would make for a wicked drinking game!!!”

And apparently the Mini-Dome is feeling frisky with all those hands touching it!

Harry Potter and the Glowing Mini-Dome

So Mini-Dome starts glowing like something straight out of a gypsy/wizard movie and suddenly collapses and BREAKS OPEN!

R.I.P. Mini-Dome 

So I guess that’s that for the mini-dome! I’m going to miss using the word mini-dome in numerous sentences. You will be missed! So with the mini-dome now out of the picture, Mr. Butterfly decides he wants to live and starts floating around the Cement Factory with not a care in the world! He lands on Barbie, possibly attracted to his bad assery, but as it turns out Barbie is not our Monarch. To be fair, that would have been a bit too obvious anyways!

This, however, does not prevent Junior from freaking out on the Children of the Dome because… he hates Barbie. Small town drama– gotta love it! Then, out of nowhere, the magic egg starts going completely fucking crazy…

New 1980’s Anti-Drug Ad: “This is your brain on drugs– any questions?” 

…and starts glowing and shaking the entire cement factory. This, of course, doesn’t prevent Julia from picking the thing up! And as soon as she does, the shaking stops and Mister Butterfly decides to take a nap on the egg:

Mister Butterfly

“Boob… Egg… they all look the same to me!”

So Julia is the Monarch! And to be perfectly honest, while this was slightly predictable it makes for a lot more interesting television than if it were Barbie so I’m glad it turns out Julia is our Monarch after all! And it all actually makes sense! If you remember from a couple episodes ago, The Dome went bat shit crazy and sent out a Domenado after Julia was shot by Maxine! As it turns out, this was what caused Domenado, not Junior leaving the Children of the Dome alliance! So we now know that Julia is the monarch and is going to be extremely important going forward! I’m still not quite sure what in the hell they mean by ‘Monarch’ or how Julia has been ‘crowned’, but we do know she has to protect the egg after one of the creepiest, coolest moments on this show!

Dome Alien

Before shit really goes down though, Junior has to have one of his usual temper tantrums and flips out on Barbie because he thinks Angie wants Barbie’s dick or something along those lines. So Barbie gives the Children of the Dome and Julia just enough time to escape but not before Junior takes him out and heads for the gallows!

The Children of the Dome head back to Mama Dome looking for a message and ALICE IN DOMELAND shows up! But its not Alice! Its some other LIFEFORM that we know NOTHING ABOUT! WHOA! MIND BLOWN!

I come from the planet Domelandia”

In what is easily the most revealing scene of the series so far, Alice gives us a TON of information while also giving us a trillion new questions for next season! So Alice appears and the first thing she says is that they’re still learning to speak to humans and have taken on a familiar appearance to ‘bridge the divide’!!! WTF!!!!

So Alice is some other lifeform who has brought the Dome and she reveals that the Dome was not sent to punish them, but to protect them! But FROM WHAT! I WANNA KNOW!

Then she says that if you want the darkness to abate, you must earn the light by protecting the egg! Ya OK, Dome Alien! First just being beginner’s in the whole ‘communicating with humans’ department, it’d be nice if you DIDN’T SPEAK IN FUCKING RIDDLES! That said, it looks like the Dome is actually protecting Chester’s Mill from something! Perhaps something really bad is going to happen on the outside!? Could you imagine a World War 3 situation or an ALIEN INVASION but the Dome is there to protect Chester’s Mill in order to preserve the human species!!!??? Now THAT would be pretty epic!!!!

Go Big Jim or Go Dome

So while the Dome Alien is making first contact with the Children of the Dome and Julia, Big Jim is rallying his troops!

After Big Jim sends Linda out to Joe’s barn where absolutely nothing is going on, things start to get interesting and creepy. And actually, some of these scenes were really well shot visually and have opened up some new ideas! I especially liked the creepiness of the whole scene in the Church. And not sure if anyone else noticed, but the music in the episode was super extra creepy! Especially the scenes involving Big Jim! It really set up Big Jim’s complete turnaround to lunatic! And boy, he didn’t disappoint! I strongly believe we are about to see a brand new side to Jimmy! And its going to involve A LOT of manipulation which already started tenfold in this episode.

The town has gathered in the Church now that Mama Dome has decided to put on its best rendition of ACDC’s Back in Black! The townspeople, with good reason, have no clue what is going on and are looking for answers!

Dome Church

And Big Jim takes advantage of the situation! Big Jim admits he doesn’t know what is going to happen, but he bands the town together using faith and hope! This is going to be important because I think the idea here is that Big Jim is going to be getting as many people on his side, through his power of persuasion and manipulation, to the point where the chips are going to be stacked against Barbie and Julia!

After church, Big Jim gets a pretty fucking awesome idea to build A FUCKING GALLOWS for the town to HANG PEOPLE! This is just plain BAD ASS!!! And I don’t care how ridiculous it is to have Big Jim build a FUCKING GALLOWS IN CHESTER’S MILL because it’s just plain AWESOME! Put this guy on the Iron Throne!

Oh, and did I mention that Big Jim is drinking again 🙂

“Nothing tops a big, dirty glass of liquor and a good ‘ole fashioned gallows hanging after a long day under the dome!”

This guy can drink! Seriously! LOVE IT! Gets drunk and decides to build a gallows! Only on Under the Dome!

Big Jim also takes advantage of Phil’s situation by using Dodee’s death to get him on his side. Phil doesn’t know that Big Jim was the one that killed Domebuster Dodee, so naturally he is going to exploit the shit out of her death to get Phil on his side! I have a feeling that Big Jim, Junior, Linda and Phil are going to be big players in Season 2!

Linda calls Big Jim to tell him what we already know… that nothing is in the barn. You suck Linda! But she does mention the “Pink Stars are Falling in Lines” quote that was left glowing on the wall which instantly triggers something in Big Jim’s memory! Him and Linda meet back up at Mama Rennie’s art gallery and Big Jim shows us all her next masterpiece…

“ZOMG, WHERE CAN I GET ONE OF THESE… oh right, a dumpster”

And just when you think Mama Rennie’s art couldn’t get any worse, this happens! Did anyone have the balls to tell her she had no talent whatsoever in the painting pictures department?!?!?!

The convo between Linda and Big Jim though was HUGELY important, or at least I think it was. So apparently Mama Rennie ‘predicted’ the Dome through her painting and also “Pink Stars Falling in Lines” had been her mantra! Linda questions this at first by suggesting it might be a coincidence… and I actually think it might be just that– a coincidence!

Linda seems to think Big Jim is ‘important’ because of this but Linda is half retarded. So I have a theory here– Mama Rennie and Junior are bat shit crazy insane and this is actually a coincidence that she ‘predicted’ the Dome through her art. That said, Big Jim is going to exploit the fuck out of this situation and essentially the townspeople are going to believe that he is their ‘prophet’ in the metaphorical sense. Plus, why else would Linda suggest it’s a coincidence in the first place– clearly she is not smart enough to know the definition of that word!

Who really knows at this point– but I will say that Big Jim is definitely going to be using those paintings in Season 2 to gain more power with the rest of the townspeople!

A Good Old Fashioned Hanging

At this point, Junior has taken Barbie back to Big Jim, who is presumably now drunk as fuck! They have a conversation in the jailhouse and Barbie, supporting my above argument, even suggests that Big Jim thinks he is some kind of ‘God’ to the townspeople! That’s gotta be some foreshadowing for season 2, right?

Junior and Big Jim have yet another conversation and Big Jim is able to convince his son to join back up with him. I don’t know if Junior is going to turn on his own father or what, he changes his mind so often I’ve lost track which side he’s on! But I do think “The Rennie’s” are going to be taking over Chester’s Mill next season BIG TIME! Hopefully Junior will turn 21 and father and son can get drunk and murder townsfolk together!

Previously on BIG BROTHER….. alliances are formed when Big Jim and Junior make up and hug!

So Drunk Big Jim gives Julia and the Children of the Dome an ultimatum to turn themselves in with the egg or Barbie will pay the ultimate price! And Julia decides, of course, to drop the egg into the lake where it will never be found again…

Apparently, Dome Egg + Water = Pink Stars Rising

To be honest, as I watched this I didn’t really understand why dropping an egg into a lake would be the solution… but it kinda makes sense! No one is ever going to find that thing there… at least not for a while anyways! What really made NO FUCKING SENSE WHATSOEVER was the fact that pink stars started shooting out of the water into the sky!!!! Um…. WHAT!!??

“Cause, baby, you’re a firework”

So just as Barbie is about to be hanged… the sky lights up white and Mama Dome starts changing colors AGAIN like a mood ring on crack! This time though, it turns into a bright white color and the season ends leaving us only with this image:

Anyone else notice that giant dome-shaped object changing colors straight ahead?”

CLIFFHANGER! And by the way, the Dome didn’t just go back to normal! And I’m not really sure what is going on here, but the Dome has essentially changed from a solid black color to a translucent white color (so I assume sunlight still can’t get in but who really knows at this point)!!!

I, personally, loved how bat shit crazy this finale was! I remember watching LOST back in the day and I used to get the same feelings with that show– most notably, “what the fucking fuck is going on?”! That line was probably uttered more during LOST than any other show, but I admit to saying it quite a bit during last night’s finale of Under the Dome!

Not sure if anyone else caught this, but didn’t the mini-dome turn a bright white color before basically crumbling? Is that what’s about to happen to Mama Dome?

So all-in-all, the finale gets a 9. It was action-packed and loaded with exciting, crazy moments! I LOVE television shows like this where you absolutely cannot predict what is going to happen next! And it’s definitely going to be tough now to wait 10 months until the Season 2 premiere. Don’t forget Domies, Stephen King is writing the Season 2 premiere so I’m expecting big things when the show returns next summer!

Thanks for reading Dorphans, I’ve absolutely loved reviewing Under the Dome! Can’t wait for Season 2!

My Top 7 Questions heading into Season 2 of Under the Dome:

(1) What is happening to the Dome? Is it going to disappear like the mini-dome? Or is it just turning white?

(2) What else does the Dome have in store for our newly crowned monarch, Julia Shumway?

(3) Will Barbie be hanged?

(4) Will Big Jim be able to convince the town that he’s a prophet because of his wife’s visions?

(5) Are Phil and Linda officially on Team Rennie?

(6)  Will Junior change his mind again and help the Children of the Dome kill his father like the Dome wants them to?

(7) What is going on on the outside world? How are they reacting to the Dome changing colors? Is the military still looking for Barbie?

Also, Be sure to check out my next review when I delve into BITCHCRAFT for the upcoming season of American Horror Story: Coven which premieres on Wednesday, October 9th, 2013!

I’ve provided the most recent trailer for American Horror Story’s third season and boy does it ever look fucking NUTS! Check it out below! If you haven’t already watched the first 2 seasons, do yourselves a favor and do so now! But just remember, you can still watch American Horror Story Season 3 and not spoil any of the previous seasons because each season is a brand new story! 🙂

And here is the song from the trailer… a nice little version of House of the Rising Sun to get everyone in the mood for Halloween Season!


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  1. I can’t wait for season 2 of Under the Dome and American Horror Story!

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