Under the Dome: ‘Exigent Circumstances’ Review

Children of the Dome

Orange Egg

Orange Stars Falling in Lines is the new Pink Stars is falling in lines!

OK so this show is clearly not going to be the dark, dramatic, character-driven show I expected. But at the very least, it has turned into a very entertaining piece of action-packed television! I gotta say, the action has picked up big time and, in my opinion, was something the book lacked. Last night’s episode, titled ‘Exigent Circumstances’, was a thriller to say the least!

Big Jim has finally turned it up and has taken the role of Super Villain, the mini-dome mystery is slowly unraveling and hell, even Phil and Carolyn are getting involved in the action! And Barbie is in quite the situation… but that was some bad assery at the end of the episode when he basically told Big Jim to fuck himself with two words… NOT GUILTY!

I also have some interesting theories, loosely based on the book, for Season 2 now that I have an idea as to where they’re going with the Finale next week! Looks like things are going to be getting a lot darker under the Dome!!!!

Now my review…

They’re All Going To Smile When You Die

This episode finally defined Big Jim as the bad ass villain he was meant to be. He doesn’t even have to think twice about murdering these idiots anymore… my only complaint is that he hasn’t murdered Linda yet. She, clearly, still sucks.

The episode starts off with a massive town gathering with Big Jim leading the troops against Barbie the Fugitive. I have been waiting for this since the show premiered and it’s about time Big Jim is getting the town on his side and leading them against Barbie.

First Rule of Lynch Mobbing: Obtain a mob of angry, stupid people. Check!

So the townspeople have a debate about what is going to be legal and illegal while they search the town for Barbie! It was a pretty stupid debate, I must say. And Linda… she has no control over the situation at all! As Big Jim says, its not what he wants, its what THE PEOPLE want! And they want Barbie’s head on a platter… at least until they realize he was framed.

Meanwhile, Domebuster Dodee deciphers her memory loss after hearing the military talk about the mini-dome… by CHECKING HER CELLPHONE:

“Ohhhhhh, so that’s how I blacked out!!!”

Apparently she didn’t think to do this after waking up in the hospital!!!

That brief moment of stupidity aside, this was hands down my fave scene of the entire episode! To quote Dodee from last week, ‘THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING’… and her death this week did exactly that! GAMECHANGER!

So Dodee’s just hanging out at Domebuster Headquarters being all Janine-like and she walks in on Big Jim as he is listening to some of the military’s discussion about the ‘egg’ and, more importantly, the fact that they saw Big Jim murder the Reverend! I was waiting for Dodee to slide down a pole, hit the alarm and yell “WE GOT ONE!!!!!!”– Domebusters style!

Instead, she pulls off the best line of the show so far…

“They’re going to smile when you die!”

“They’re going to smile when you die!”…geez Dodee, is it just me or does every character that finally turns AWESOME dies 5 seconds later. Because this was Big Jim’s reaction:

“No… they’re going to smile when you, and especially Linda, die”

So with Dodee pretty much figuring everything out, we all knew this was going to be her fate. And unlike the Reverend knocking over a bunch of stuff and starting a fire… this fire was purposely set by Big Jim and the Radio station is no more!

Even though it was a short scene, it was probably the most important scene so far for so many reasons. First, Big Jim will now have a brand new plan going forward. With him discovering that the outside world knows he is a murderer, there is no way in hell he wants the Dome being removed now. If that were to happen, Big Jim will be going to the Big House! His motives have to change and he needs Mama Dome to stay up now in order to protect himself. How this all plays out should be extremely fascinating since Big Jim has to lead the town under the guise that he wants the Dome gone, but really he is going to be doing everything in his power to keep it up!

Second, with Dodee’s death I feel like we may have a new villain to team up with Big Jim and his name is Phil Bushey. With Maxine, the Reverend, Duke, Rose and now Dodee all out of the picture, Big Jim has some new targets with the names Barbie, Julia, Joe, Norrie, Angie and Carolyn. He is definitely going to need some help and Dodee’s death actually sets this up quite brilliantly if the writers decide to go this route. I won’t spoil it for those that haven’t read the book (and this is speculation anyways since I have no idea what is going to happen), but with Phil flipping out on Barbie over Dodee’s death…

Sweet Chin Music

…by basically DROPKICKING Barbie in the face with his foot, I have this weird vibe that Phil is going to be completely brainwashed into believing that Barbie was responsible for Dodee’s death and he’s going to join up with Big Jim and become… ‘more important’. Because other than him putting on some Skeeter Davis, he hasn’t done much of anything on this show. And his role in the book is… ‘extremely important’! So hopefully this is the writers way of putting that story back on track! Fingers Crossed!

As you can see, Dodee’s death was really important. There is no more radio station making it much more difficult for people to communicate with the town, Phil blames Barbie for Dodee’s death and is pissed right off, and Big Jim wants the Dome to stay up! TALLY-HO!

On The Lam

So by the end of the episode, Big Jim has framed Barbie for murdering Max, Agatha and that other random dude with the name I can’t pronounce. He also framed Barbie for shooting Julia… even though it was actually Maxine who shot her. But the key here is that Big Jim does not want Julia opening her big mouth which would essentially destroy his entire cover-up plan. So he sends Junior to watch the room but this only ends in disaster (more on this in a second).

Meanwhile in Domeville, Barbie comes out of hiding and confronts Angie. He has some trust in her so it actually makes sense that he would talk to her and not someone like Linda (who is easily brainwashed to do whatever Big Jim wants). For those that have read the book, when you watch this show… from now on, just pretend that Linda is playing Andy Sanders and I promise it will make the show that more believable! I said it once and I’ll say it again… can we please please please cast this guy:

The New Linda?

Chris Bauer (or as many of you know him as Andy Bellefleur from True Blood)! The guy was BORN to play Andy Sanders on this show, so just do us all  a favor and cast this guy RIGHT NOW, now that True Blood is on its way off our TV screens next summer! In all honesty, if the writers had just kept Andy Sanders in the show from the beginning like they SHOULD have, it would have made Linda A LOT more likable! Here’s hoping Andy Sanders joins us all soon enough!

Back to the Dome… Angie and Barbie concoct a plan to get Julia out of the clinic which is probably a good idea since Big Jim plans on murdering her if she wakes up. And, not sure if anyone remembers the scene from the pilot with Barbie lighting up Angie’s cigarette… well it happened again here!

“Where is Benny with his ‘special’ cigarettes when you need him!”

I kinda like Angie and Barbie on-screen together. Plus it gives something for Junior to bitch about. Oddly enough, even Junior has grown on me a bit. He is a bit weird, I admit, but going with what I know about him from the book and what I know about real people in real life, him being persuaded by a hot chick 3-4 different times on this show isn’t all that far-fetched. And him changing his mind about his crazy ass dad isn’t all that far-fetched either considering his age.

In my eyes, Angie is the one person with the ability to manipulate Junior. Ironic, considering its his father that seems to be manipulating everyone is Chester’s Mill. Down the road, I’m expecting things to heat up between Junior and Barbie with Angie being the main cause.

So while Angie and Barbie are getting Julia outta dodge, this happens…

“Round 2. Ready. FIGHT!”

I was half expecting Barbie to go all Mortal Kombat here and turn into Liu Kang and perform and airborne bicycle kick on Junior… sadly it didn’t happen 😦 Linda is, obviously, 30 seconds away. And actually, this makes sense since she is the worst cop ever! So Barbie easily takes care of Junior for the 15th time and Linda shows up, conveniently late again, and finally arrests Barbie. I would give Linda props here except for the fact that she has clearly arrested the WRONG guy! Luckily, Angie got away with Julia. Unluckily, she is now on Big Jim’s hit list.

Orange Stars are the New Pink Stars

The Dome Mystery picked up again this week, continuing from last week’s “we have to all stab Big Jim” angle. The Dome Kids are busy debating who the Monarch is when look who decides to finally show the fuck up….

“Where have you been Norrie? I’ve been looking for you absolutely no where!!!!”

…CAROLYN! Where the hell have you been?!? So she FINALLY decides to come out of hiding and do some parenting for once only to discover the kids mini-dome secret. But, using some actual reasoning for once on this show, she realizes that Big Jim and the town are going to be searching homes and tells the Children of the Dome to get their Hide’n’Seek faces on. And of course, they choose the most reliable person EVER:

“Dude, when you smoke pot and hang with the mini-dome egg– you’re going to have a REALLY GOOD TIME, man!”

BENNY! My stoner friend has returned… and so has the pot! So Benny and the Mini-Dome get all stoned in his room and munch out, GOOD TIMES MAN!

While Benny and Mini-Dome were having a mini-session… Big Jim heads to the McCallister residence to search the barn for the mini-dome. Carolyn basically tells Jim to fuck off and so he searches the barn anyways to find…

Mini-Dome Go Bye-Bye!

…absolutely nada. The mini-dome, now off smoking weed with Benny, is obviously not there and Big Jim decides to arrest Norrie and Joe for obstructing a police investigation! Arresting children… best cop ever!

And while in prison, Big Jim decides to make some threats against the Children of the Dome– bad idea Big Jim, cus this one is a fiesty one and she really wants Dome Sex with Joe:

“No Dome Sex for me? I think NOT!”

This is what happens when you threaten family! I’d probably react this way too if I was Norrie… I mean, from her perspective, she has the BEST mom ever! Carolyn is off letting Norrie do whatever the hell she wants– I’d be pissed too if you tried to take that from me, Big Jim! So she tries to stab him, but unfortunately the mini-dome was right and its likely going to take all four of the Children of the Dome to take Jimmy down.

Now just a theory, but I’m not expecting Big Jim to be “taken out” any time soon. He is a main character (and without him there are NO villains left) and this show is simply not going to kill him off in Season 1 (at least I would hope not). That said, I have a feeling Junior will come back around because of Angie and end up joining his father for Season 2. It just doesn’t make much sense that Junior is going to happily go and murder his father just cus the mini-dome told him too. And with Angie and Barbie rekindling their ‘smoke breaks’, I can see Junior going off the deep end again… hopefully sooner than later! I WANT MORE PSYCHO, CRAZY JUNIOR PLEASE!

Meanwhile, the Mini-Dome is still blazin’ with Benny and apparently Benny was lucky that the townspeople didn’t find any of his pot ‘stash’ when they searched his house. So Benny gets all stoned and starts fixing his skateboard and staring at the mini-dome, when all of a sudden the mini-dome starts making the most annoying, high-pitched sound ever! Benny, its not the drugs this time:

Dome Noise

“Holy shit, what is that noise, what have I been smoking?…. oh ya, POT!”

The mini-dome has started making the most annoying high-pitched sound EVER! And who knows why! Does this mean that Captain Caterpillar is finally going to come out of its cocoon!!?!? Here’s hoping!

The Trial Begins

Its true… Linda is a terrible police officer. But maybe, just maybe, its actually her own stupidity and negligent police work that is keeping her alive. Every single person that has actually done something SMART on this show and figured out some of Big Jim’s plan has died. So maybe it’s in Linda’s best interest to continue to be a COMPLETE DUMB ASS!

Even when Barbie explained everything to Linda she still didn’t believe him… I mean, this isn’t rocket science Linda! Even DODEE figured this shit out! Not too sure what Linda’s role is going to be, but maybe she’ll end up on Big Jim’s side by accident!

Big Jim finally has a nice little chat with Barbie and basically demands that Barbie confess in public to which Barbie basically says it ain’t happening. But Big Jim has quite the plan which involves framing every single person in town: Barbie will get framed for the murders, Julia will get framed for murdering her husband for the life insurance money and the kids will SOMEHOW be framed for burning the radio station down. Big Jim ain’t afraid of no Dome Children!

I think what really confirmed Barbie’s decision to not confess was when Big Jim basically said that Barbie would have no way of knowing whether he would keep his promise and let everyone go if Barbie confesses! This leads up to the final scene of the episode where Barbie, in epic fashion, gives Big Jim a BIG FUCK YOU in the form of a not guilty plea. Not quite the epic Game of Thrones trial-by-combat scenes we have become so accustomed to…

“Trial? Nah, this is a good ‘ole fashion witch burning to commemorate the premiere of AHS: Coven”

..but it’ll do! So Barbie screws up Big Jim’s plan and I cannot wait to see the results of this scene in next week’s season finale!!!!

And finally, the mini-dome has apparently turned some kind of weird, orange color while making that high-pitched, disturbing noise. Maybe the mini-dome is baked and this is its version of blood-shot eyes and munchies?

“OW! My freakin’ ears!”

And while this is going on, Junior went off so he could touch Mama Dome on his own. My theory is that he is trying to get more information about his daddy since I highly doubt he wants to go through with murdering his own blood.

“WE HAVE TO GO BACK KATE… oh wait, wrong show!”

What does all of this mean? I HAVE NO CLUE! But that is why this show is so fucking awesome, even if some of the dialogue and acting is really, really shitty! I’m very curious to see what happens with Junior and Mama Dome, and I would also like to know who the fuck the Monarch is– so CBS, you BETTER have answers for us next week cus I ain’t waiting an entire 10 MONTHS to find out!

An utterly awesome episode of Under the Dome all around! Even Carolyn, Phil and Benny somehow got back into things and actually contributed to the story! I also loved the plot changes that occurred with Dodee’s death! I give this one a 9! Extra points awarded because the mini-dome got stoned with Benny!

Next week… its the big season finale and I personally cannot wait! I’ll be back to review the finale next week, it’s titled “Curtains“! Check out the preview below! This one looks pretty epic folks! And actually, I have to mention this: as I went to bed last night after watching ‘Exigent Circumstances‘, I couldn’t help but think what would happen to the folks of Chester’s Mill if Mama Dome was covered up the same way the Children of the Dome covered up their mini-dome in blankets! And, based on the below preview, I am expecting things to get very DARK under the dome  in next week’s Season 1 Finale! Thanks for reading Dorphans!

And one last note… because of how BERSERK this episode was, I’ve put up Eminem’s new single, ‘Berserk’— check it out, its just as crazy as this show! Until next week…

My Top 7 Questions of the Week:

(1) Who is the Monarch and what does ‘being crowned’ actually refer too? What was the loud-pitched sound coming from the Mini-Dome? What will happen to Junior and Mama Dome?

(2) Now that Julia is awake and remembers everything, what is she going to do with the info?

(3) Barbie pleads Not Guilty– but Big Jim has a strong case! Does Barbie get burned at the stake next week? Or will he escape?

(4) What do the pink stars mean? With the Children of the Dome end up killing Big Jim as per the Dome’s instructions? Will Junior turn on the m?

(5) Will Phil Bushey become the awesome character he was in the book now that Dodee is dead?

(6)  Will Linda ever figure this mystery out?

(7) Clearly the military knows Big Jim is a murderer and is looking for Barbie and with Big Jim knowing this, what plans does he have to keep the Dome up?


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