Under the Dome: ‘Speak of the Devil’ Review


When Sharknado meets Under the Dome

Last night’s episode of Under the Dome, titled ‘Speak of the Devil’, was just plain awesome! OK, so that Domenado was a bit ridiculous and Linda is still hands down the worst cop ever, but this episode was action packed! Lots to talk about and lots of surprises.

The episode picked up right where they left off last week… with the pink stars and constellations from the mini-dome floating around the barn and the cocoon inside changing colors… that was pretty RAD (LOL)! Wow I can’t even believe I just wrote that sentence! I can only assume the 4 teens were stoned in this opening scene… I mean using words like RAD…. this can only be a drug-induced hallucination… right?

And things got pretty crazy pretty fast….

Windy with a Chance of Domenado

First, Julia gets shot. More on that in a bit. And Junior throws another one of his lunatic hissy fits and takes off on Joe, Norrie and Angie… now I’m not sure this actually caused the Domenado since the wind was clearly already picking up when Angie and Junior were arguing. Anyways, Junior takes off from the barn and the Domenado is formed! I don’t even really know what to say about this Domenado…. it came out of nowhere and there is really no explanation as to what it is or where it came from! Just another mystery of the Dome I suppose!

So while this is happening, word gets out about Julia’s shooting which leads to Linda trying to get to the scene but can’t due to her police car getting siphoned. No one is surprised. So naturally, her first reaction is to ask the guy who also had his truck siphoned if she could borrow his car, to which he replies….


… with a “you’re a retard Linda” shrug. So Linda hijacks Phil’s car and off they go while everyone wonders how Linda got through Police Academy. Poor life choices Linda.

And while all that is going on, Dodee makes a great discovery…. one that you might have missed if you weren’t paying attention. This one is BIG folks… and for those that read the book, I think we can all agree that the sooner they advance this part of the story, the better!!! So as Dodee is looking at lightning out the window, a lightbulb goes off in her head…

“Dome Lightning? Well this clearly changes EVERYTHING”

…that changes EVERYTHING! And actually, she is RIGHT! Her discovery will change everything and I can only assume this will be a big part of Season 2. Don’t worry… no spoilers ahead…. but in the book, the military was a lot more involved than they have been so far. And with Dodee getting the radio back up and hearing that the military has now confirmed from footage of Visitor’s Day that Barbie is Under the Dome… things are going to get very, very interesting! So we know the military is looking for him but we don’t know why just yet! I can only hope and pray that this means they are going to try to make contact from the outside and get a hold of Barbie! Fingers crossed! And who knows, maybe Lt. Cox (aka Ken) will show up and put a smile on every person who read the book 🙂

The other game-changing discovery was when Max went out to Bird Island (hands down the dumbest name ever for an island) and found her dead mother washed up on shore. I can only imagine she regrets doing that cannonball off the boat now:

Homicide is up 500% in Chester’s Mill

This, naturally, pisses Max right off and she heads off for some revenge!

Dome Shootings Are Up

As mentioned earlier, the beginning of the episode started with a BANG with Julia getting shot by Maxine:

“At least you missed my beautiful face!”

Didn’t see that coming. I figured she would pull through and she did… but there were some big questions to come out of this whole situation. While Barbie was busy saving Julia’s life with Joe, Junior was busy saving Angie’s life from the Domenado! And Joe made a very good point when he suggested that maybe it was the fact that Barbie saved Julia’s life that actually stopped the Domenado.

Of course, it could also be because Junior rejoined the foursome but that seems a bit retarded if you ask me! I think Julia is more important then we think and she could potentially be this Monarch they keep speaking of. Joe has even suggested that Barbie might be the monarch as well but I’m leaning towards Julia since the Domenado seemed connected with her getting shot.

After saving Julia’s life, Barbie and Big Jim team up for a mission to go after Maxine and take her down… alive. We were not disappointed here. Barbie comes up with an awesome plan which involves turning out all the lights on a timer! Pretty smart actually since Max is pissed after finding her dead mother in the lake. So the timer goes off as planned, the lights go out and Barbie fucks some shit right up and takes control of the situation. And while Barbie takes off…. Big Jim does this…

“This murder thing is getting easier and easier”

…so Max inevitably bites the dust and Big Jim takes control! FINALLY! So I finally understand why the writer’s had to put Max into the story and this ultimately sets up the main conflict between Big Jim and Barbie. Big Jim is about to shoot and kill Barbie but he should know better then to fuck with ex-military….

“Learned this from Chuck Norris”

…and gets smoked directly in the neck. With Linda arriving on the scene, this finally sets up Barbie vs. Big Jim. And I have to admit, they did a great job of putting this all together. I was very, very skeptical at first because I didn’t really know what they were doing with Max, but for those book readers out there, Max is essentially playing the role of Angie/Dodee in the book and Big Jim is going to frame Barbie for both Agatha and Max! Also, its now plain to see how the other murders fit in as well. In the book, it is actually Junior who kills Reverend Coggins– but the show already incorporated this by having Junior do the dirty work against Ollie (who wasn’t as involved in the book). So some minor changes but ultimately they have all come back to reach the same point: Fugitive Barbie!

I’m actually quite thrilled that they have gone back to some of the story from the book itself and this is one of the best by far! Max had to be involved because Big Jim needed a way to frame Barbie and killing her off at the exact moment all of the evidence is stacked against Barbie was a brilliant move by Big Jim!

Barbie on the Lam

I’m not so sure Big Jim’s plan would have worked so well though if it wasn’t for the world’s worst cop being around. Maybe we can compare Linda to Andy Sanders from the book (he was a complete moron)– I wish the writer’s would give us a hint as to who Linda actually is from the book because she is certainly NOT playing the Linda Everett from the novel.

And after Barbie throat punches Big Jim, Linda shows up and somehow fucks up the entire case in 1 second. I mean, this is not rocket science Linda. Since Big Jim already confiscated all of the guns in town, that leaves only TWO possible suspects… Barbie or Big Jim… and she STILL MANAGES TO PICK THE WRONG GUY! Seriously, this chick needs to just turn in her badge immediately. And in classic Linda form… as Barbie starts to run away, Linda yells out “STOP OR I’LL SHOOT”, which leaves Big Jim saying “SHOOT THAT SON OF A BITCH”, which leads to Linda….

…firing off 6 rounds at Barbie. Um…what. the. fuck. It literally only took Big Jim yelling at Linda to shoot and she instantly does it. This is why some people should not be police officers! And has she already forgotten that Big Jim was running a meth operation in town before the Dome went down? Luckily for all of us though, the Dome has bigger plans and they DONT INVOLVE LINDA!

So Big Jim heads back to the radio station and basically frames the shit out of Barbie for the murders of Agatha and Maxine (and that random guy) and Big Jim is seeking the death penalty… obviously. Awesome!

“This is Big Jim Rennie and you’re tuning in to Lynch Mob Radio here in the Mill”

Seeing Barbie on the run was great and now the entire town will be on the lookout for him! The problem with all of this though is that Julia is still alive and is going to eventually wake up! So this might be a big flaw in Big Jim’s plan. Julia obviously knows that Maxine is the one that shot her so with her being alive I can only imagine that she is going to eventually let people know that it wasn’t Barbie who shot her!

“Run, Barbie…. RUN!”

Also, check out the tune below by Woodkid. Its called ‘Run Boy Run’ and goes perfect with Barbie running through the woods! Awesome jam!

Domies 4 Life

I won’t go into the Domenado too much since I have no fucking clue what it is, where it came from, how it got there, etc. But after Junior saved Angie’s life and after Barbie saved Julia’s life, the DOMENADO pretty much dissipated, but not before crushing some dude in his garage. So Angie and Junior look up into the sky…

“It’s a bird. No, it’s a plane. NO… It’s DOMENADO”

…and see the mother of all whirlpools…

The Eye of the Domenado

…vanishing into thin air. Was anyone else hoping the Care Bears would jump through and teach these idiots how to behave like normal human beings?! Seriously though, what the fuck is that thing? Who knows!

With that though, the ending was simply the best part of this episode. It was unexpected and it really, REALLY sets things up for the final 2 episodes! So with the 4 Domies back together and out of drugs… they somehow decipher the message from the mini-dome to mean that they should go to the ORIGINAL Dome and play with that. A very silly explanation but this is a sci-fi Stephen King show and that is kinda of the point– we’re not supposed to know what the fuck is going on!

So the four of them touch Mama Dome and, holy shit…. MIND. BLOWN.


Dean Norris’ next big role is apparently on The Walking Dead: Zombie Big Jim

An image of Big Jim appears and blood starts leaking out of him. That shot of Big Jim wiping the blood off of his nose was epic! And of course, can’t forget this:

“Let’s get our stab on!”

Junior, Angie, Joe and Norrie appear to be holding bloody knives. This, of course, can only mean one thing: these four are obviously going to have to kill Big Jim and its going to be messy! But I have to admit, the Dome is a lot smarter than we give it credit for… Barbie’s a fugitive, Julia is recovering from a gunshot wound and Linda is the worst cop of all time…. so the Dome made the right choice in selecting these four as it seems that they are the only competent people left in Chester’s Mill!

Imagine if the Dome chose Linda…. she would end up just like Coggins, Ollie, Max and the rest! Wait, maybe that’s not such a bad thing! BAD DOME!

All in all, that was an AWESOME hour of television and it truly made up for all the crap we had to watch to get to this point (i.e. Linda being dumb every second she is on screen, Max’s fight club, Agatha’s cannonball, etc). I give this one a 9… even though Linda made a lot of dumb mistakes, the story is starting to use some of the elements from the book that made it so exciting and it looks like Big Jim is going to be rallying the town and take on a lot more power!

With only two episodes left and things getting juicy, I’ll be back to review next week’s episode, titled “Exigent Circumstances“. Oh, and apparently the title of this episode is a reference to criminal procedure which means: “An exigent circumstance, in the American law of criminal procedure, allows law enforcement to enter a structure without a search warrant or, if they have a “knock and announce” warrant, without knocking and waiting for refusal under certain circumstances. It must be a situation where people are in imminent danger, evidence faces imminent destruction, or a suspect will escape.” (Thanks to http://www.dreadcentral.com for pointing that out!) Check out the preview below… and, ZOMG, looks like Carolyn is FINALLY coming out of hiding, maybe to do some parenting for once (although by the looks of it, Norrie ends up in prison so I’m not so sure)!!!  Enjoy! And, as always, thanks for reading Dorphans!

My Top 7 Questions of the Week:

(1) Who is the Monarch and what does ‘being crowned’ actually refer too? Is it Captain Caterpillar? Is it Barbie? Is it Julia? Is it Angie?

(2) Will Julia wake up and let everyone know that Barbie didn’t shoot her? Will Big Jim go after her once he figures this out?

(3) What is Barbie’s next move now that the entire town is out for blood? Will Big Jim send out a lynch mob?

(4) What do the pink stars mean? With the 4 Domies end up killing Big Jim as per the Dome’s instructions? Why does the Dome want Big Jim dead or is this just a vision from the future?

(5) With Carolyn returning next week, will she actively contribute to the story in any way?

(6) Will Linda ever figure out who actually killed Max and everyone else or will Big Jim continue telling her what to do?

(7) How will the military get involved now that they know Barbie is inside? Why is this important?


3 responses

  1. The captions for your screenshots are hilarious and awesome. I really need to read the book now–the part you said about the military playing a larger role is so intriguing!

    1. Thanks Jean! 🙂 The captions are my favorite part! The book is amazing by the way, I highly recommend it! Its a lot darker then the show…. but I have to admit the show would not be as fun to review if it weren’t for some of the hilariously bad writing!

      Not sure if you watch it… but I’m planning on reviewing the new season of American Horror Story in October, if you haven’t seen the first 2 seasons… you are missing out !!! Cheers!

      1. Agreed! The bad writing is one of my favorite parts about the show.

        I loved the first season of American Horror Story, but never got into the second. I’ll definitely have to catch up and read your reviews for the third!

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