Miley’s Twerkin’: What’s the Big Deal?


Mikey Likes It!

So apparently there was some VMA controversy over the weekend? I think I was a little busy with Walter White and Dexter Morgan that night… but apparently our friend Hannah Montana did some twerkin’ to the max!

Anyways, a lot of people are morally outraged with her performance…. but I don’t really understand why! Sex sells… it always has! And if anything…. never in a zillion years would I have posted something on MILEY CYRUS if she hadn’t twerked over the weekend! So apparently… her performance did the trick. It got people talking about her! And if she loses some morally outraged fans, that is probably a good thing because she probably just gained herself a TON of new ones! Go Miley!

And I stumbled across this article and couldn’t have said it better myself! Click the link below:

She Can’t Stop: Slut-shame all you want, Miley’s having the last laugh


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