Under the Dome: ‘Let The Games Begin’ Review

Disco Under The Dome

“We up all night to get lucky”

Domies! Welcome back for another weekly review of Under the Dome. This week’s episode was titled ‘Let The Games Begin’, and in the Olympic spirit , Chester’s Mill decided to have its very own fight club! Sadly, it was nothing like the movie and probably one of the worst scenes in this show’s short history. The 17-year-old version of me and my friends could have put on a better show with boxing gloves and a made up ring in our parents basement than the crap that went on here… we could have had Barbie vs. Big Jim, Barbie vs. Junior, Julia vs. Max… hell, even Linda vs. Dodee would have been better than the Victor “Random Useless Character” Rollins vs. Barbie fight that we all had to sit through.

That said, this episode seems to be setting up some things for the final 3 episodes which could explain why it was so bad. I think I speak for everyone who wanted to see that 4th hand stuff get resolved as early as possible! Of course we only got to see what happened with the mini-dome at the very last minute of the episode… some great visuals with the pink stars and Junior left us with this bullshit:

But… what does it mean?

More mysteries. And thanks Junior…. for leaving us hanging, you dick!

By the way, still no sign of Carolyn, apparently she has given up on the whole lesbian mother thing now that Alice is gone.

Now sit back and relax because the Dome is going DISCO!

Dome Caterpillars  and Disco Inferno

The episode started off great with Norrie and Joe waking up tied to each other to prevent Joe from sleep walking and the discovery of the Caterpillar climbing up the wall of the mini-dome! Not quite sure how it got there… maybe the mini-dome created it? Maybe it was chillin’ in its underground cavern as Norrie suggested, waiting for the right time to pop out (kinda like Maxine– maybe she’s the Monarch)? Or maybe this is the Monarch– since caterpillars can change into butterflies?

“When is my crowning, yo?”

Obviously we’re not supposed to know what exactly this little guy is doing in there and what it will mean if/when it turns into a Monarch Butterfly, but I think it is 100% safe to say that this is definitely connected to “The Monarch will be Crowned” quote from Joe’s clone two weeks ago!

We also find out very early on that Dodee is not the 4th Hand:

If you touch the mini-dome… you’re gonna have a bad time!

Dodee goes flying through the barn after touching the Dome and doesn’t remember a thing. She seems to think she was zapped by the generator outside the radio station and Joe, Norrie and Angie don’t fill her in on the mini-dome… my theory here is that the Dome or Mini-Dome or whatever the hell it is doesn’t want her to know about it!

Next up, Angie finally tells Joe that Junior locked her up and everyone decides that its a great time to go off and murder Junior. Pretty sure Junior would kick the living shit out of Joe so maybe not the best decision. Ironically, Junior was busy getting his ass beat at the Chester’s Mill Fight Club at this exact moment… apparently they don’t take kindly to police officers!

So the threesome heads off to Mama Rennie’s art gallery where they find Junior who is instantly attacked by Joe. And, as predicted by me in the last paragraph, Joe gets his ass kicked in 2.1 seconds due to Junior being both older and bigger. For a smart kid, Joe was not so smart here.

Teenage Fight Club

Oh, and Junior also finds out that Angie told Joe about the whole ‘locked in a bomb shelter’ thing. Luckily, Angie is able to convince Junior to stop being psycho for a minute, long enough to get him to the barn where they FINALLLLLLLLLLY unlock the mini-dome! And while I have no clue what actually happened when all four of them touched the mini-dome… it certainly lit up that barn like a 1970’s disco! All they need now is Benny to score them some weed and some ‘Get Lucky‘ by Daft Punk playing in the background!

When you wish upon a pink star…

Joe also points out that the pink stars are forming constellations. Who knows what the hell all this means but I love this entire plot! I desperately need to know what these pink stars are, why are they forming constellations and why was it those 4 teens that were required to unlock the mini-dome? So many questions, NO answers!

This was hands down the best part of the entire episode, the rest I felt was very ‘boring’, mainly because they used more random characters that popped up out of nowhere. At the very least, they moved the story along and hopefully things pick up again next week!

Fight Club

This had so much potential to be cool. Really cool. Instead we got this…

Fight Club: Dome Style

Worst. Fight. Ever. Barbie decides to leave his Jack Bauer persona at home and gets his ASS BEAT by this random dude whom I hope we never have to see on this show again. As stated earlier…. ANYTHING would have been better!

And honestly, Barbie throwing the fight only to find out that Max bet against him anyways because she knew he’d throw it…. that is beyond stupid.

But… I did get a chance to re-watch the scene after the fight where Max is talking to Barbie… she wants Barbie…

“Your penis is mine MWHAHAHAHHA”

…and she wants the town! And apparently, she’s the kind of girl that gets what she wants because she threatens to “burn the place down” if she doesn’t. I feel like this is important, if only because of all the liquid propane lying around. Max’s downfall could actually lead to much bigger problems for Chester’s Mill!!!

And, last but not least…. Barbie FINALLY has the conversation with Julia regarding her husband’s murder! …10 episodes later! And it was pretty fucking anti-climatic if you ask me!

Barbie must be the luckiest guy in the world because Julia somehow doesn’t give two shits about the fact that Barbie murdered HER HUSBAND! As it turns out though, he had taken a life insurance policy out and, using an unloaded gun, needed Barbie to kill him so Julia could get the life insurance money! And she’s going to continue their relationship after all! AWWWWW! Seriously, how is she not even remotely upset that BARBIE FUCKING KILLED HER HUSBAND!!!! I know it was an accident and I know that Peter set himself up for Julia, but still… is she not even questioning Barbie’s past at all at this point? Oh well, at least this sets up Max vs. Julia and puts an end to the 10-episode run of “When will Barbie tell Julia he murdered her husband”! Moving on…

I’m On A Boat, Motherfucker

The other big plot development involved Linda and I get the feeling she is going to be next up on Big Jim’s hitlist. She’s been on a roll as of late, actually making progress on the whole ‘Rapture’ operation. And this episode she finally makes the ultimate discovery! But first, Big Jim had to take care of some business in the most ridiculous way ever!

So… at the beginning of the episode, Big Jim and Barbie team up in order to bury the evidence that Max is holding over them. I can kind of understand this… Big Jim and Barbie clearly do not want the town knowing what they were up to pre-dome… if they find out, there goes any shot at taking control of the town.

So they discover some vacation, dome-front properties out on an island owned by the Osiris Corporation (which Max is obviously connected with) and Big Jim heads out on a boat to check out this Dome-front property.

He meets Agatha… hands down the dumbest character on the show… who is revealed to be the mother of Maxine! Agatha has some baggage with Big Jim and the whole town apparently… in other words, she doesn’t like the town because the town shunned her for being a teen mom! I guess I can kinda buy that.  She also reveals a couple of things: (1) She tells Big Jim about Barbie murdering Peter Shumway; and (2) she suggests that Junior is crazy… which of course we already knew!

So after easily removing the gun from the useless Agatha…

“Barbie ain’t the only one with Jack Bauer moves!”

..they go on a boat ride and the crazy bitch decides to…



…do a fucking CANNONBALL off the side of the boat, only to realize 1 second later that her hands are tied up and she is going to drown! Did that really just fucking happen? Seriously, that was a dream sequence, right? Well, at the very least… she’s dead! So with Agatha swimming with the Dome fishies, she becomes Big Jim’s 3rd victim! The one common thread: they all had information on the drug operation.

Duke’s Dirty Laundry

With every person who had information on Big Jim dead… it was only a matter of time before Linda and Julia were going to find out. Following an earlier lead from Andrea Grenell, Linda and Julia eventually come to find a key to Duke’s safety deposit box.

In the box, there is a letter and a badge:

Badge for Linda

Linda’s New Badge

The badge looks like it was made directly from the hands of Mama Rennie! If Linda starts wearing this thing around Chester’s Mill, I will be forever grateful :)!

Julia reads the letter and it reveals A LOT of information. So apparently, Duke lost his son to drugs and promised to do anything to keep drugs out of Chester’s Mill. He made a deal to buy the liquid propane from Max and she promised to keep all the drugs out of the town. I have to admit… very noble of Duke and a very touching moment. The letter also reveals that Big Jim played a big part… Linda best be watching her back!

Instead, she goes DIRECTLY TO BIG JIM’S PLACE! And Big Jim somehow convinces her that whatever it is she wants can wait til the morning! Like, seriously Linda…. are you that DUMB!? You now know Big Jim’s involved, you suggest to talk to him at the police station, essentially revealing to him that you know something and then you decide to give him the night off! The only possible explanation for this is that Linda received brain damage upon touching the Dome back in episode 1! This is the only thing that can explain her stupidity!

Anyone else putting ALL THEIR MONEY on Big Jim? Hopefully they go head to head next week while pink stars rain upon them from above! 🙂

So that wraps it up! Overall, this episode was not that good… Agatha and the Fight Club were really bad, as was Linda’s stupidity. The pink stars stuff was really cool but there wasn’t enough of it! I give ‘er a big, dirty 6. It definitely would have been a lot higher (pun intended) if Joe, Norrie, Junior and Angie pulled out a joint, some Daft Punk and a bag of Doritos though! Hopefully things pick up next week with only 3 more episodes remaining in Season 1!

I’ll be back to review next week’s episode, titled “Speak of the Devil“. Check out the preview below. Enjoy! And thanks for reading Dorphans!

My Top 7 Questions of the Week:

(1) Who is the Monarch and what does ‘being crowned’ actually refer too? Is it Captain Caterpillar? Is it Angie? Is it Max?

(2) Now that Julia FINALLY knows about Barbie, what does this mean for their relationship going forward? What is Max planning with Julia?

(3) With Big Jim taking out yet another random victim, does this set up a showdown between Big Jim and Linda now that Linda knows about his involvement in the drug operation? Is there any chance in hell she can outsmart him after proving she is the worst cop in the history of law enforcement?

(4) What do the pink stars mean? With the 4-some ‘unlocking’ the mini-dome, what exactly were the ‘beautiful’ pink stars floating around?

(5) What happened to Carolyn? Will she ever get involved in an interesting storyline? Will she return next week after a 2-week 3-week long absence?

(6) Why did Agatha knowingly jump off the boat with her hands tied knowing she was going to drown 2 seconds later? Is the Dome making people do really stupid things? See Linda.

(7) Where is Carolyn?


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