Under the Dome: ‘Thicker Than Water’ Review

Thunder Dome

The Mini-Dome Egg

The Birth of Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart

Bret 'Hitman' Hart

“So that’s where I came from!!!”

Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Children of all Ages…… Let’s get READYYYYYYY to RUMBLEEEEE! In tonight’s main event, we have Ollie Dinsmore vs. Big Jim Rennie with Junior Rennie as the special guest referee!!!! You’re in for a treat tonight folks…. in the THUNDER DOME!

Last nights episode of Under the Dome, titled Thicker Than Water was a delightful TV treat. To be honest, I have no idea what to expect from this show anymore and, in my opinion, that is a good thing. Even if the whole Junior shooting Ollie thing was kinda predictable. There were definitely some things I really liked in the episode (pretty much every Dean Norris scene), some things I didn’t like (Ollie’s death) and some things that have left me utterly confused (The Monarch will be Crowned… wtf)!

With that said though, I genuinely enjoyed last nights episode and was literally on the edge of my seat because I had no idea how the hell it was all going to go down. Unpredictability is usually a good thing on television and we’re seeing a lot of that on this show! Yes, of course some things are predictable (like Junior shooting Ollie), but, much like the garage confrontation between Hank and Walt on Breaking Bad (we all knew this was coming), sometimes a little predictability isn’t so bad! So even though we pretty much knew that Junior was not going to be shooting his own father and joining Ollie (because that would have made no fucking sense whatsoever), we got to see a bit of a transition for Junior and now with Barbie blowing up the well against Big Jim’s wishes, this should set up what I’m hoping will be a juicy main event for next week: Big Jim and Junior vs. Barbie in a handicapped match– Dome style!

Now on to my review…

The Circle of Life

“I buried your husband in a grave JUST like this one!”

At the beginning of the episode, there was a scene with Barbie and Julia where Barbie is digging a grave for Alice. A couple of things worth mentioning here that caught my attention. First, while we were watching, a friend of mine turned to me and said “She doesn’t seem that upset about her husband and when is Barbie going to tell him?” Then, this happened….

Barbie: Any idea when Carolyn and Norrie want to bury her?

Julia: They haven’t come downstairs yet. I can’t imagine losing a spouse like that!

Barbie: Ya (continues shovelling).

So ya, I guess he is NOT going to be telling her. And I’m going to bet money that she is going to find out some other way since this has just gone on way too long! I am curious to see Julia’s reaction to this news though, it may be a gamechanger!

Also, Julia made a rather interesting point about the Dome…. she suggests that it was strange that Alice died and Harriet had a baby in the same house, on the same day! The Dome of Life! So again, we get an idea that the Dome is somehow manipulating events inside the Dome. And I’m still sticking with my theory that the Dome needed Alice to deliver the baby before her impending death and the baby wouldn’t have made it without Alice. Dome Knows All!

The Main Event

Before I get to the main event, I have to address this. Ever since her ONE good scene while The End of the World was playing back in episode 5, Linda has been a trainwreck. She is clearly the dumbest cop in the history of law enforcement and I can only hope that she is killed off immediately. I think the problem is this: in the book, Linda was not a cop, she was a volunteer cop (kind of like Junior) and I think she is trying to be more like the rent-a-cop from the book which would make sense if she WASN’T A REAL COP ON THE SHOW! So for the love of GOD, either do something that will actually make us love you or die…. either will suffice for me!

With that out of the way, Big Jim heads out to Ollie’s farm and we know its going to be good! And it was! Big Jim tries to make Ollie a deal and offers him propane (again?) but Ollie doesn’t really care. Ultimately, Ollie’s plan is a good one– he’s going to starve out the town and make it look like it was Big Jim’s doing so they’ll burn him at the stake like a good old fashioned witch burning (American Horror Story: Coven anyone? Is it October yet?)

Big Jim rounds up the troops and they head back to Ollie’s farm with the magical book of by-laws in hand. As they attempt to secure his well, Ollie ambushes them and basically tells them all to fuck off! Then this happens….

Worst. Cops. Ever.

Carter, acting like Linda, decides to NOT move away from the well even though everyone is holding guns on him and BAM he gets shot in the kneecap. Big Jim’s plans to commandeer the well fail miserably and Ollie sends them on their way– but not before Junior makes things interesting and offers to help out Ollie.

This naturally pisses Big Jim right off so he rounds up more troops to take the well back by force. Meanwhile, Barbie is scheming with the World’s Worst Cop to blow up the well and divert the water away from Ollie. They bring the plan to Big Jim which is instantly rejected but Linda and Barbie plan on doing it anyways.

Meanwhile, Junior has an interesting conversation with Ollie about the death of his mother and then decides he wants to kill his father. We all know where this is going! So Big Jim and his army head back to Ollie’s at nightfall where he discovers Barbie trying to blow up the well against his wishes which leads to the WORST ATTACK EVER….


Oh shit…. we dead.

I loved the intensity of this scene but that was probably one of the worst attempts I’ve ever seen. Oh and Phil got shot!

Next thing we know, Barbie is doing some Jack Bauer moves on a random dude and Big Jim watches on as…..

Well Explosion

NOOOOOO! Little Timmy was still down there!

…the well goes KAPOOYA KAPOOYA! Watch the clip below if you enjoy laughing.

So with the well being blown to bits, Big Jim’s army pretty much says fuck it and they all get the hell out of dodge! And somehow Big Jim gets captured by Ollie who thinks he was the one that blew up the well! And honestly, even though I pretty much knew Junior wasn’t going to shoot his father, it was a pretty brilliant scene! I don’t know how Dean Norris pulled it off, but he’s on my TV every Sunday and Monday nights now that Breaking Bad is back…. and the world is a better place for it 😀

So Ollie gets impatient, starts to cock his gun but Junior has none of it…

Ollie's Dead

Apparently I’m not as quick as I thought….

…and kills Ollie. Which kinda sucks because I liked Ollie! But at the very least, with Barbie blowing up the well against Big Jim’s wishes, this definitely and FINALLY sets up the Big Jim/Junior versus Barbie rivalry we’ve all been waiting for!

Oh and Big Jim’s drinking again:

More Drinks

Big Jim Beam

Barbie was not too impressed with the way Big Jim handled the situation with the well and essentially blames Big Jim for the deaths of 5 people! He also accuses him of taking the well for his own, selfish purposes. Barbie has now made his move and Big Jim has his next target! Shit is about to GO DOWN! Bottoms Up!

The Monarch Will Be Crowned

So while Survivor Series featuring Team Big Jim vs. Team Ollie is going on….. Julia teams up with Joe and they head off through the woods and back to the mini-dome:

Forest of the Domes

Joe makes a point that it has turned pink so I’m almost 100% sure that those are the pink stars falling in lines but still have no real clue what they are. And when Julia touches the mini-dome…

2 Joes

Am I Big Jim Drunk or am I seeing doubles?

…another Joe pops up out of no where and says The Monarch Will Be Crowned. And apparently they aren’t referring to the butterflies! That was pretty awesome! The Dome has become very interesting and I honestly have no clue what is going on so I’m hoping we get a lot more reveals as the season winds down.

Norrie and Angie also shared a visually amazing scene when Angie decides it would be fun to take out some aggression and throw her snow domes at the dome! Oh the irony….


It was kind of refreshing to see Norrie in better spirits after Alice’s death and after she basically told Joe to fuck off for no reason (poor Joe– he just wants to get laid, give the guy a break). But then she goes into breakdown mode and blames herself for her mother’s death! Poor Norrie… she has grown on me A LOT in the last couple of episodes and I think once she gets over her mother’s death, she will make it her sole purpose to find out what caused the Dome!

I also don’t really know what Angie’s deal is either. She didn’t bother to tell Joe about Junior and she seems to be opening up a bit more to Big Jim. Oh, not to mention the big reveal at the end of the episode…

Monarch Tattoo

The Dome`s version of the Tramp Stamp

…Angie has a Monarch butterfly tattooed on her shoulder which could only mean one thing: she will be crowned? LOL who knows where they are going with this but its pretty interesting television if you ask me! Maybe this means that Angie will be teaming up with Big Jim and Junior after all and, maybe she might end up on the bad side? Who knows but I can’t wait til next week!

The episode was great story-wise, but some of the scenes were not executed very well in my opinion so I give this episode a 7.5. Points are automatically deducted every time Linda does something stupid.

I’ll be back to review next week’s episode, titled “The Fourth Kind“. Check out the preview below, looks pretty EPIC. Enjoy! And thanks for reading Dorphans!

My Top 7 Questions of the Week:

(1) Why didn’t Angie tell her brother Joe about Junior? Is she the ‘Monarch who will be crowned’? What does that even mean?

(2) Will Barbie ever reveal his secret to Julia? Will Julia be extra pissed off when she finds out now that she’s kissed slept with her husbands murderer? Why has this not happened yet?

(3) With Ollie out of the way, what’s next for Big Jim and Junior? Will they finally go after Barbie?

(4) What does “Pink stars falling in lines” mean? Yep, its still here folks.

(5) How is the Dome creating visions? What the hell is that mini-dome thing?

(6) What happened to Carolyn? Will she ever get involved in an interesting storyline?

(7) Will Linda get some police training or will she make another mistake?


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  1. Ha! Sheriff Linda seriously needs police training!

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