Simpsons Tapped Out: Krustyland Expansion Ideas and more…

The Tooth Chipper

Hey TSTO Fans! I decided to do a quick post on some additions I’d like to see added to Krustyland in the future. Obviously The Simpsons has done a ton of stuff over the years with amusement parks and other types of attractions and even though most of these were separate parks, it would be awesome to combine it all into our own Krustyland’s. Some of these will be obvious WANT’S, others not so obvious (just obscure stuff I happen to remember having grown up being raised by the Simpson family).

I also think it would be a great idea if they started having theme-type packages when new levels are introduced. So, for example, when the next level is released, why not add a new section for Krustyland based on a particular theme (see below for some ideas). That way we can start sectioning off parts of our theme park based on a particular theme. For example, the game already has a lot of Itchy and Scratchy stuff which makes it easy to create an Itchy and Scratchy Land section of the park! Just an idea that I think would be great for future updates!

Now here is what I’d like to see…

The first must-have for any Simpson fan comes from Season 2, Episode 18 titled ‘Brush with Greatness‘…. and if you haven’t already guessed it by now:

CAN WE GO TO MOUNT SPLASHMORE??? Obviously at some point we’re all going to need a water park addition to our Krustyland’s, so why not feature one of Springfield’s most iconic water parks, Mount Splashmore! And I also made a cool discovery while looking this up, and another great idea for a waterslide attraction would be the infamous waterslide that Homer got himself stuck in, The H2Whoa:


Now a lot of these ideas come from stand-alone parks that came up in the Simpsons but I figure why not feature some of these as attractions in the game. One that instantly came to mind was Praiseland:

For those that don’t remember, Praiseland was a tribute to Maude Flanders and would be a great way to introduce her into the game as well.  In this episode, there was a propane leak and all of the Springfield residents thought they were seeing visions when really they were high on propane fumes– a classic! The episode was titled ‘I’m Going to Praiseland‘ (Season 12, Episode 19).

Another really funny idea would be to have a log ride featuring the log from Lisa Land! This was another one of those classic Simpsons moments and there is a pic below for those that don’t remember! I would just love to have some kind of log ride with a Lisa Land theme! This episode also came from Season 12 and was the 4th episode:

Lisa Land

I’m not sure why this was, but apparently Season 12 was when the Simpson family decided to go to all these theme parks. This next one comes from ‘Hungry, Hungry Homer’ and was episode 15 of, you guessed it, Season 12. The Simpsons take a trip to BLOCKOLAND:

Going with the theme idea, it would be pretty easy to come up with some blocko-type decorations and rides to create a ‘Blockoland’ section of Krustyland.

Another fairly obscure attraction that I came across is from the 19th season, episode 4 titled ‘I Don’t Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings‘. Now, I don’t think I’ve actually seen this episode, but this looked pretty cool so I thought I better share it– Plaster Mountain:

It might be something that most of us won’t remember but I REALLY WANT THAT!!!!

Another classic ride that will obviously have to make its way into the game at some point is the Little Land of Duff which was an attraction at Duff Gardens from Season 4, Episode 13 titled ‘Selma’s Choice’. Also, it should come with the “Duff Beer for Me, Duff Beer for You” sound clip when you tap on it cus that would be AWESOME!:

Little Land of Duff

I’ve also pointed out some other cool things I came across from Duff Gardens that probably should be in the game at some point. Check it out below:



The BEERquarium:


The Barrel Roll:

Barrel Roll

And my personal favorite, not sure what this Coaster was called exactly, but I think it was called The Whiplash:

I personally think a lot of the above-mentioned theme parks and rides would be amazing additions into our Krustyland’s! But, of course, I haven’t forgotten about characters either.

I only wanted to list a couple of potential characters for now– these are ones that I think simply make the most sense to add into the game sooner rather than later. Check ’em out below:

The Seven Duffs:

Now first things first, I would hope that EA wouldn’t have each Duff mascot available separately unless they are going to be VERY VERY cheap (maybe like 10 doughnuts each). Surly is probably the one most of us will remember but the other Duff mascots included: Edgy, Remorseful, Dizzy, Tipsy, Queasy and Sleazy! Classics!

Captain Lance Murdock:

Captain Lance Murdock

I think this would be a pretty obvious choice for a Krustyland character. Lance Murdock always seems to show up at any theme-related parks to perform his crazy stunts. There are probably a zillion different actions they could come up with for him as well, like “Attempt to jump the Shark Tank on Stunt Bike”. Lance Murdock is usually known for his stunts going disastrously wrong (think Super Dave Osborne circa 1990’s) so I’m sure EA would have a ton of fun coming up with hilarious and creative tasks for him. I also remember him appearing at the demolition derby in one of the older episodes which reminded me of this……



Something about having a giant, robotic T-REX walking around my Krustyland is very appealing to me! Plus it connects perfectly with the Demolition Derby which they could easily include as an attraction.

And the last two characters should be pretty obvious at this point with the inclusion of the Ring Toss game and Wiggum’s Collect Bribes task…

Cooter and Spud:

Cooter and Spud

Bart Carny was the 12th episode of The Simpsons 9th season and it was a classic. I figure with the recent addition of Rex Banner (and rumor has it that soon we’ll be getting the Sun Sphere), Cooter and Spud could definitely be coming in the future. They only really appeared once on the show, much like Rex Banner, but it would still be AMAZING to have them in our games because they were a part of one of the best Simpsons episodes, for those that haven’t seen it, GO WATCH NOW!

So those are my ideas for some upcoming Krustyland content– VOTE below on what you would like to see next in the game. Hope you all enjoy this post and I’d love to hear ideas from others!!! Especially the not-so-obvious stuff! Happy Tapping! 🙂


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