“Its a Bad Week to be a Seal”: Innovative and Awesome Ads

I just recently saw this Shark Week ad pop up on TV and literally was laughing out loud! What a brilliant advertisement from Discovery Channel! It also got me thinking about some of the better advertisements that I’ve seen in my day! To tell you the truth, there are A LOT of bad ones which always makes me wonder how these marketing people ended up with these jobs in the first place! But there are some hidden gems out there…. some recent and some not so recent and I’m going to post a few for everyone’s enjoyment! But first, check out the Shark Week clip below, it’s a classic!!!

Hilarious, right? Of course an advertisement certainly doesn’t have to be funny to be really good! Microsoft Internet Explorer and Lexus came up with some pretty great advertisements of their own that focused more on our feelings of nostalgia and life! Check them out below:

And a couple more ridiculous ads from the 90’s…. for whatever reason I have vivid memories of these two ads (Pop Tarts and Bud Ice):

Those two commercials are so idiotic they still make me laugh to this day! Which is why I think of them as classic ads! Anyways, just thought I’d share these after seeing the Shark Week commercial! Enjoy! Doobie-doobie-doo!


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