Under the Dome: ‘Imperfect Circles’ Review

Dome on Dome Action

Introducing… Katy Perry – Teenage Dream (Remix), now featuring THE DOME 

Under the Dome is slowly picking up steam and we had another better than average episode last night (but not as good as last weeks)! This weeks episode of Under the Dome was… interesting. Not a whole lot happened with the story– which makes sense after last weeks action-packed riot! There were some very emotional scenes in last night’s episode though which this show desperately needs more of! And the Dome came back in a big way with a couple of new revelations!

After the riot last week, and now with Linda and Junior running around like idiots as the only cops in town, it is only a matter of time before someone steps up (Barbie or Big Jim– take your pick) and starts to implement a system of rules that the folks of Chester’s Mill will need to live by while they’re trapped in the dome. At this point in the story, there are no laws or rules and things are getting out of hand.

But for me there were 3 great parts to this episode, none of which included the birth of the Dorphan: (1) Big Jim’s huge character shift; (2) Alice’s death; and, (3) THE MINI-DOME! So even though I personally think this was more of a filler episode to set things up for the second half of the season, it still offered up some entertaining subplots and revealed more questions about the Dome!

Now on to my review…

The First Dorphan

I’m just going to get this out of the way first since it was my least favorite part of this episode. We meet Harriet for the first time and she is pregnant to the extreme! I guess the most interesting part of this entire story was the fact that somehow Harriet is able to see her husband who was never trapped under the dome. Harriet follows this vision until she touches her husband’s fingers (which was actually the dome) and…

E.T. Phone DOME!

…ZAP! She instantly goes into labor. So I think its safe to say that the Dome is somehow sending messages through these visions. I’m not quite sure what the plan is here but it appears the Dome is trying to manipulate events inside Chester’s Mill. Last week it rained and now the Dome is apparently making sure that this baby was going to live. This may seem a little far-fetched but is it possible that the Dome knew of Alice’s impending death and, due to the lack of medical staff in town, maybe Alice was in fact the only one that would have been able to save the baby’s life (and remember, the cord was wrapped around its neck during the delivery)? Maybe, just maybe, the Dome created the vision of the husband, leading to Harriet touching the Dome which led to Alice delivering the baby only hours before she died from the insulin shortage– the butterfly effect at its best. It would make a lot of sense and actually give some meaning to this entire birth! But alas, I don’t think the writers are smart enough to do something this clever but here’s hoping. Needless to say, I thought the pregnant lady coming out of nowhere was way too random to form any connection with her so I’m going to stick with my theory if only to make this part of the episode seem relevant!

Or maybe everyone is just high on propane fumes which are causing random visions? Who knows!

Also, a quick side note for anyone reading these reviews that hasn’t read the book. “Dorphan” was a term used in the book to refer to children who were trapped under the dome while their parents were on the outside (Dome + Orphan = Dorphan). So even though the whole Harriet character was pretty boring and even though the baby in this case does have a mother on the inside…. I still like to think of this new Alice (which was, in fact, the name of one of the Dorphan’s in the book) as the show’s very first Dorphan.

G.I. Junior

I still don’t know what to think of Junior at this point. He hasn’t been the villain I’ve wanted to see. But this episode he finally committed his first murder so maybe this means that things are about to get crazy. And the scene with Junior and Big Jim was pretty entertaining too. It is clear that Junior has some daddy issues that he is dealing with and Big Jim totally ‘smacked his bitch up’. Now Junior seems to have something to prove to Angie (who really played no part in this episode besides the convo with Big Jim revealing that Jim actually owns the diner), and Linda and Junior go after the two hillbillies that murdered Rose which leads to this….

“Say Hello to my little friend!!!!”

…GOT HIM! Junior finally kills a defenseless person in cold blood Rambo style. By the way, Linda is the shittiest cop in the entire world! How this woman ever made it on the police force is just a question I have to ask myself every time she does something stupid on this show! Junior is a better cop at this point and he has like 2 days experience….. not good Linda, not good at all!

So Junior F’s up Rose’s murderer and we finally see get to see the crazy psycho murderer side of Junior! And he goes and tells Angie that the Crocodile Dundee Brothers will never bother her again…. so who knows how this is going to play out. Angie had really nothing to offer us this week but I’m just glad Junior finally got to kill someone and hopefully his feud with Barbie will start to pick up! Remember…. Linda did mention that it was Barbie that saved Angie from being raped! To Be Continued….

If You Don’t Control Your Temper, Your Temper Will Control You

Did any other book readers notice the omission of the golden baseball on Big Jim’s desk? That one seemed like it would have been an easy one to put on screen– did these writers read the damn book? GRRRR! But at the very least we’re finally starting to get to know the Big Jim I love to hate! It appears I was correct with all of these problems catching up with Big Jim… and Big Jim handles it in the BEST POSSIBLE WAY EVER:

Big Jim Drinking

Alcohol! The cause of… and solution to… all of life’s problems!

Bottoms UP! Or as Benny says, “HELL YA CHUG!!!!“. So Big Jim goes on a Big Bender after Ollie tells him he is taking all his propane and Big Jim gets stomped on by some huge dude while attempting to get close to his propane. More great scenes between Ollie and Big Jim…. Dean Norris (who plays Big Jim) is just awesome and I cannot wait for Breaking Bad to start up next week (yes… I must promote this show to any one who hasn’t seen it yet– please come out from that rock you live under)!!!! To my actual surprise, it was Alice and NOT Ollie who died this week and a nice little feud is shaping up nicely.

Big Jim’s problems, however, are clearly catching up with him. The death of Rose has had a major impact on him emotionally, Ollie is being a dick and has now stolen HIS ENTIRE SUPPLY OF PROPANE (and by the way, this is so important to the story– the show has barely explained it but propane was what fueled the town’s generators to provide electricity), and his son is acting cray cray leaving Big Jim to clean up his mess. So naturally, Big Jim gets FUCKED RIGHT UP……

Big Jim shooting and drinking

“Night Drinking and Shotguns… the perfect combination!”

…and remembering the guy that had fucked him up earlier, Big Jim decides that he is so drunk that he doesn’t give a shit any more and does this:

Propane Explosion

“Junior ain’t got SHIT on his father!”

Rather than getting his propane back from Ollie, Big Jim is so drunk he decides to blow the shit out of all of it! While I don’t really think this was the best idea…. it probably was for Big Jim! He had to do something about the Ollie situation and let’s not forget about Big Jim’s little pre-dome meth operation he was running. So with this big hit on the propane, the ball is back in Ollie’s court which should set up next week’s episode! Ollie versus Big Jim! Round 3! FIGHT!

Alice in Domeland / No Time

I’ve kinda beat up on Alice and Carolyn and Norrie since the series premiered back in June. This time though, they were the stars. Up until this episode, some of the characters don’t really connect with the audience and Carolyn and Alice were two of those characters. And I can assure you, it is NOT because they are lesbian mothers. I can’t blame them though because their story was pretty lame for the first 5 episodes and only started to pick up last week with the insulin shortage.

The first great scene was with Carolyn and Alice with M83 in the background offering up the most relevant lyrics in the world “No Time” while they danced. Carolyn’s blaming herself for everything that has happened, for them being trapped….. and Alice just has none of it and is completely selfless saying she would have followed Carolyn anywhere and that it is no one’s fault! Why does this show do this! Seriously. First the Reverend, then Rose now Alice….. and the weird part is, I didn’t even like these characters to begin with (Rose being the exception)… then the show does something like this, makes you love the character and…. BAM, they’re dead. At the same time, I don’t know if the emotion is as impactful without Alice dying. Even Norrie’s moment with Alice before she passed was touching. It also gives both Carolyn and Norrie a purpose now…. they were out-of-towners who had no business getting trapped under the dome and will likely blame the Dome for Alice’s death. And seeing as Carolyn has done nothing up to this point, hopefully she will play a bigger role going forward!

The other gem was right before the end of this episode, using the same M83 song from the dance scene earlier and it was just as beautiful! Keep using these types of songs because they just WORK damnit! Cutting back from Harriet with her baby, Carolyn crying because of Alice’s death, Barbie and Julia cuddling, the town discovering the propane explosion, Norrie yelling at the Dome with Joe in silence…. and then the Pink as we fade to black! AWESOME!

Pink, It’s My New Obsession

I think my biggest frustration with this episode was that they really failed to explore this mini-dome any further. It was in the previews and it showed up at around the mid-point of the episode– yet Norrie had to run off back to her mother in order to fuck us all over from seeing what this thing is! Of course she was running off to her dying mother and it all turned out great, but still, I wanna know what THIS IS:

Jurassic Dome?

An egg? With pink stars? Pretty cool stuff! But before we get to this point, Norrie and Joe go on an Easter Egg hunt through the woods and discover a MINI-FUCKING-DOME! HOLY SHIT! Mind. Blown. Joe’s theory here is that there is some kind of generator that would supposedly be placed in the middle of the Dome in order to actually generate the Dome itself.  So what in the hell is this mini-dome? And what was that black egg inside of it? And why were those pink star thingies floating around inside? Obviously this is somehow connected to the “Pink Stars falling in lines”, but I’m still not really sure what it all means…. more questions, less answers…. LOST all over again!

So by the end of the episode, not too much is revealed about the Dome but at least we get a really cool new discovery and one that I hope they explore sooner rather than later! ‘Imperfect Circles’ gets an 8 and it would have been lower if not for the awesome M83 song which played out perfectly during Alice’s death 😦 Tearjerker indeed! 

And I’ll once again provide the video for the AWESOME jam that was played on last night’s episode. It was a very fitting piece of music to play and it really added so much to Alice’s death scene. Good TV Series know how to incorporate great music into each episode and I’m starting to see Under the Dome do this more and more. Almost any character-driven show needs some kind of music, it simply adds to the emotion! And it worked wonderfully in ‘Imperfect Circles’. The song is Wait by M83…. check it out below:

Enjoy! And thanks for reading Dorphans! I’ll be back to review next week’s episode titled ‘Thicker Than Water‘, which I can only assume from the title will involve some sort of showdown between Big Jim and Ollie over the town’s water supply! Close your eyes and click your heals three times…. because there’s no place like DOME!

My Top 7 Questions of the Week:

(1) Will Angie rat out Junior?

(2) Can Big Jim control Junior? Now that Junior has killed, is this the beginning of the end for Angie?

(3) Will Barbie ever reveal his secret to Julia? Will Julia be extra pissed off when she finds out now that she’s kissed slept with her husbands murderer?

(4) How will the Ollie vs. Big Jim conflict play out?

(5) Was the Mini-Dome with the egg-shaped thing at the end of the episode the ‘pink stars’ from Norrie and Joe’s seizures/dreams?

(6) With Alice’s death, what is next for Carolyn?

(7) Insert any question about the mini-dome here– your guess is as good as mine 🙂

Check out a preview of next week’s episode here:


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