Under the Dome: ‘The Endless Thirst’ Review

DOMEstic Violence

Snow Dome!

MIKEY LIKES IT! This was easily the best episode of the season so far! So much action and the story is moving at a much much faster pace! And it really felt like I didn’t know what was going to happen throughout the episode which is always a huge positive– especially with Angie! That was intense!

Plus the show has officially been renewed with Stephen King helming the Season 2 premiere and all is right with the universe! I know there are A LOT of critics out there giving the show a hard time for various reasons…. and to them I say to be more patient and give things a chance before you get all Negative Nancy about every single detail! We domies get it…. some of the acting/writing is not so good, but it does not mean the story is bad! In fact, this story is turning out to be pretty fucking AWESOME if you ask me, even with all the differences from the book! I admit, I complained a bit in the beginning, but I kinda like where they are taking this story now, especially with Angie out of that fucking bomb shelter!

So this episode featured some major rioting, some deals being made, Angie finally making a major stride forward towards an interesting story (and boy did it ever get interesting– talk about a dramatic turnaround) and some revelations about the Dome! Some rain, an insulin shortage, a farmer who ain’t taking shit from no one and another death– but this time it was actually someone I think most of us liked ūüė¶ Phew… lots going on, lots to talk about!

Also loved the touch with the snow globe. Kinda ironic in a way that Angie used a snow globe which shattered on impact with Junior’s face!

Now on to my review…

Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

The episode opens with the townspeople realizing that they are all still alive and things start to get interesting when they finally start questioning how they are going to survive in the Dome long term if they can’t escape! And with the mother of all bomb’s doing absolutely no damage to the dome whatsoever, panic is starting to set in! And to make matters worse….

Oopsie Daisy

…there goes the town’s water supply caused by Alice almost being struck by an appliance truck. I know people have already been asking why in the hell an appliance truck would be randomly in town…. but think about this for a minute. I don’t think its that far fetched that a local business owner in a small town is driving around in what is probably his own personal and work vehicle! There are so many logical explanations for this I really didn’t understand why some people were making a fuss over something that serves no purpose to the story whatsoever! The main thing that matters here is that the town has no water supply and mass hysteria begins to set in and that is when things really start to heat up under the dome!

There is a quote from the book, ‘Hope for the best, Prepare for the worst’, and it really suits this episode! Like the book, the people who are caught under the dome don’t panic right away, they are simply hoping for the best and who can blame them! But some of these people haven’t exactly been saints prior to the dome coming down and their pre-dome decisions are starting to have a major affect on everyone in town. Case in point… the lake is polluted with methane…. and I’m no Walter White but my guess is this was somehow related to the propane, which is connected to Big Jim! So, as soon as the town loses their entire water supply, combined with the fact that a FUCKING MISSILE can’t even break through the dome, these people FINALLY realize they should start preparing for the worst… and that is exactly what they do!!!!

The Reverend Really Fucked Things Up

By taking the town’s drugs, including the insulin, the Reverend really put the town’s diabetics in a tight spot and this really set the tone of this episode. ¬†Joe and Norrie running from house to house looking for insulin for her mother was a nice touch especially when we got to see people actually defending their own supplies like that guy with the shotgun! But what is really interesting is that there are 23 diabetics in town, no insulin….. and I have no clue how this is going to play out. Fear is really starting to set in because people don’t know what is going to happen!

And now that the Reverend is out of the picture, Big Jim has a new problem to deal with…. that being Ollie Dinsmore. The Dinsmore farm has a supply of well water but because of past conflict between Dinsmore and Big Jim, Ollie doesn’t make it easy and strikes a deal with Big Jim for some propane. There is tension…. lots of it. Great scene between those two and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!

Ollie expects more propane in exchange for the well water which leads to Big Jim threatening to seize his well…. but Ollie has NONE of it and basically tells Big Jim to go fuck himself! Great dialogue and great acting! And the final piece of this scene was awesome with Ollie basically saying that Big Jim would find some bullshit by-law or loophole to seize his well because that has always been “the Big Jim way”! But Ollie doesn’t give a FUCK no more and basically threatens to shoot Big Jim if he ever steps foot on his land without the propane! ¬†Just an awesome scene and we can now see the lines are starting to be drawn. Ollie hopefully won’t be ‘standing alone’ and I’m hoping for the town to start splitting into two sides, one led by Big Jim and the other led by Barbie!

Ollie Dinsmore

“I’m a better shooter than you, BITCH!”

Credit to Dean Norris for an incredible performance in this episode! I loved every scene he was in, couldn’t look away (except for one ridiculous line– you’ll know when you see it)! Also, I give major props to Leon Rippy who plays Ollie! For whatever reason, I like this guy. He is a believable character and Leon did a superb job pulling off the dialogue in those scenes with Dean Norris! EPIC!

The Riot, Bad Ass Barbie and Rose’s Matter

Isn’t this stealing? Nah, its just looting!

I would like to think that the riot would not have been an easy scene to film or edit, but they did a pretty damn good job of upping the ante! Things escalated rather quickly and people are definitely starting to freak the fuck out now. Plus we got to see the Bad Ass version of Barbie for once as he kicked some major ass throughout this episode…. it almost reminded me of Jack Bauer, I say almost because Jack Bauer is a TV LEGEND!

The one thing I picked up on almost immediately is that Barbie seems to have a conscious. We know he ended up killing Julia’s husband and even though he does let his rage and anger get the best of him throughout this episode, he does show some restraint in the end by sparing some lives…. the complete opposite of Jim Rennie who ended up murdering the Reverend in a blind rage last week. Lines are being drawn and the inherent nature of these two main characters is going to hopefully lead to some epic confrontations!

And I’m not really a sucker for romance on television but the kiss in the rain between Barbie and Julia was pretty sexy! Red heads are doing well for themselves these days in Hollywood!!!!!

Sexy Time!

This should only add more intrigue to the storyline involving Julia’s husband but I really want them to just get it over with and have Barbie tell Julia because we all know she is gonna fucking find out sooner or later! Learn from the Angie in the bomb shelter mistake and lets move this along!

That complaint aside, another amazing thing this riot did for the series was instantly make this show a lot more dark and a lot more unpredictable. The violence depicted during the rioting was necessary. Bad things need to start happening in Chester’s Mill and I like that everyone is now 150% more on edge than the previous 5 episodes. Once again, it goes back to the theme of being trapped that has finally kick-started these events into overdrive. Before the missile and water supply events, there was hope…. now hope is slowly disappearing. And others were not so lucky during the riot ūüė¶

Rose is dead

“Oh my God! They killed Aunt Zelda. You bastards!!!”

Rose is dead….. ROSE…. IS….. DEAD! NOOOOOOOO! And by the way, as this episode was airing I’m thinking “Wouldn’t it be great if Beth Broderick got more air time, I really like her”…. then boom goes the dynamite and she is DEAD! So by the looks of things, no one is safe on this show which will make it a helluva lot more unpredictable going forward.

This scene, while on the violent side, was beyond necessary to move towards a darker tone! While the death scene was fairly violent and Angie is almost raped, I think its necessary that we see these things happen in order to set the mood and really create some villains that we love to hate! I think that is where they are going with Big Jim as well, and you could tell he was hurt by Rose’s death which should have a lot of impact on his psyche. In fact, because of this whole cover-up propane situation and the Reverend’s murder, Big Jim probably has a lot more going through his mind than the rest of the town. With Ollie threatening him, Rose dying and the Angie situation coming to a head…. I think Big Jim is going to start preparing for the worst….. and I think he is going to do it the ole ‘Big Jim Rennie’ way!


The Dome took a backseat this week and, for the first time in the season, it worked because the other stories have really picked up big time! The couple of episodes after the pilot focused less on the Dome but nothing was really going on. This time though it was a lot more violent, action-packed, dark and unpredictable (oh and did I mention that Angie is out of the bomb shelter)!

But we do find some interesting tidbits about the dome which only adds to our list of questions! It all starts with Dodee introducing her GEIGER COUNTER!

Who You Gonna Call? DOMEBUSTERS! They ain’t afraid of no Dome!

This looked like something straight out of Ghostbusters! But the best part of this is that its a simple reference to the book that instantly put a smile on my face. So Dodee and Julia strap on their proton packs and head out to do some Domebusting but find out that the source is actually coming from Norrie and Joe! And when they both touch the dome together again, the signal on the radio comes back! Really bizarre stuff that needs some explaining for sure! Not only that, but it also starts to RAIN…. but only on the inside and only when Linda was about to do this….

Its raining, Its pouring….. But Linda resorting to Rule #2 was not going to be boring!

Timing is everything folks. This has to mean something. The rain starts to come down and the town now has a water supply. Yes, it was a bit silly that the rioting instantly stopped once the rain came down, but the rain did solve at least one of their problems, so I can see how this event would lighten people’s moods a little bit. Of course, I expect the hostilities to continue going forward, but it was actually a nice way to break up the riot and involve the Dome at the same time!

Some theories should start popping up on what this freakin’ Dome is exactly…. but clearly it has some kind of a plan or purpose. It is definitely not a coincidence that it randomly started raining only on the inside of the Dome…. Dodee’s explanation for the rain was NOT an explanation, it was a guess, a very very shitty guess! The dome has¬†attracted a bunch of migrating butterflies (which led to the Chester’s Mill Missile Crisis) and prevented the missile from killing everyone inside…. so needless to say, the Dome is doing something, we just don’t know what, how, who or why!!! Julia suggests a couple of things: (1) that Joe and Norrie are connected to the Dome and the Dome is using them for some purpose and (2) The Dome protected them from the missile and made it rain when they needed water and this cannot just be a coincidence. The plot thickens… kind of, but luckily the dome wasn’t the centerpiece of attention this week!

By the way… did any one else start laughing their ass off when Big Jim showed up during the rain and said “It can rain inside the dome. Woohooooo!” That was just all-around bad!!!! But luckily they made up for it in the last scene!

Angie, Angie, Ain’t It Good To Be Alive?

The final scene was great even if it ended ABRUPTLY!!!!! Angie and Big Jim have a nice little chat before Junior shows up and it should set up next weeks episode nicely! I cannot believe she survived this episode but somehow Angie is still alive and by the end, she might be in one of the better positions in town, that is if she really believes what Big Jim is telling her.

Big Jim probably realizes that he’s not going to win her over with threats so he makes her a very interesting arrangement! Protection from Junior, food and water, shelter, a gun….. not too bad of a deal in dome times! The big question though, can she trust him? I mean, both Big Jim and Junior kept her locked in a bomb shelter, so trust might be an issue. Plus can Big Jim really handle Junior?¬†Personally, I would not trust either of them…. its like jumping into a creepy ass van with some psycho offering up a big bag of candy laced with meth! But Angie has been through a fuck ton already so I think she is probably going to keep with Big Jim’s deal…. for now anyways. Having Angie escape that bomb shelter was the best thing to happen on this show and watching that final scene with Big Jim and Angie was captivating television (although I’m still pretty fucking ticked off about that cliffhanger of an ending). But I will admit I’m impressed that this went from being the lamest, most useless story to becoming this intense!

Angie making a deal

Deal…. or No Deal?

In the end, the best line comes just before Junior walks in… Big Jim says that ¬†in times like these¬†its good to have a friend, and Angie finishes it for him: ‘like Big Jim Rennie’! Big Jim means business…. and obviously he had some sway back in his pre-dome days! Then Junior walks in and the episode ENDS! But for the first time since the series started, I really really really want to find out what happens next week! I’m stoked and I hope everyone else is too!

The Endless Thirst’ gets a 9 from me.¬†This was a great episode all around. The story was captivating and some of the one-on-one scenes (Ollie and Big Jim; Big Jim and Angie; Julia and Barbie) were really well done!I’ll be back to review next weeks episode titled¬†‘Imperfect Circles’¬†and rumor has it that some interesting new characters are going to be showing up soon!

Also I’ll leave you with a great, great tune that is mentioned frequently in the book. I am desperately waiting for this song to be played on the TV show…. so here it is:

Enjoy! And thanks for reading Dorphans!

My Top 7 Questions of the Week:

(1) Is the Dome responsible for making it rain? If so, how and why? And how are Norrie and Joe connected to it?

(2) Will Angie make a deal with Big Jim? Would you trust Big Jim? Can Big Jim really protect Angie from Junior?

(3) Will Barbie ever reveal his secret to Julia? Will Julia be extra pissed off when she finds out now that she’s kissed her husbands murderer?

(4) What is going to happen between Big Jim and Ollie? Will we find out more about their past conflict?

(5) What does “Pink stars falling in lines” mean?

(6) What is going to happen to those people who need medication such as Insulin?

(7) With the riot out of the way and lots of violence occurring, what is next for the residents of Chester’s Mill?


2 responses

  1. Just saw a preview for the next episode, looks crazy!

  2. This was one of my favorite episodes too! I thought it was a big turnaround and the mystery of the dome was the main focus again.

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