The Beginners Guide to Community Management

A friend of mine posted this great article on community management in the video game industry! Great read, check it out! 😀

Games Marketer

As what we understand a video game to be changes and evolves, so do the supportive teams and infrastructures we need to build around them. Games are no longer a singular experience and players demand much more interaction and sense of involvement, especially when the game itself is acting as a kind of community as in the case of MMO’s and other online games.

Online communities themselves have been around since the beginning of the internet. Being the social creatures we are humans pretty quickly adapted to the use of new technology for social interaction such as bulletin boards, chat rooms and forums. Social sites such as Facebook are now the biggest on the web with users numbering in the billions. People will always want to connect and interact with others and generally with those of a common interest, which more than likely could be your game.

So what is…

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