Under The Dome: ‘Blue on Blue’ Review

The Mother of all Domes



Dorphans! Things are finally starting to get interesting under the dome! I can safely say that ‘Blue on Blue’ was one of the better episodes since the pilot aired! In fact, it was phenomenal! While some of the acting and dialogue was a bit shaky in my opinion (way too many cheesy lines with actors not being able to pull them off and make them believable), the story has taken a major step in the right direction. The focus was more on the Dome this week and with the Mother of All Bomb’s having no effect whatsoever on the Dome, I believe that the population of Chester’s Mill is going to start to feel very ‘trapped’ now which should lead to some interesting and juicy stories!

And the song they played on the radio during the missile launch….. well, it was an AWESOME choice and an AWESOME scene– both visually and emotionally. For those unfamiliar with the song, its titled ‘The End of the World” by Skeeter Davis. Check it out below, it really is an amazing song (and I only heard it for the first time on last night’s episode):

Now my review…

The Butterfly Effect

The episode starts off with Norrie and Joe, who unfortunately have been given some of the worst lines on this TV show, but they do serve a major purpose– that being to explain what in the hell is going on with the Dome. So we get another important clue from Joe when he suggests that the Dome is sending out messages and that they are like ‘human receivers’… but when they get too close, there is feedback (aka the seizures, the static on the walkies, etc). I’m not too sure what this means but it might suggest that someone (whoever is responsible for the Dome or the Dome itself) is trying to communicate with the residents of Chester’s Mill.

Joe also shows Norrie this:


“Nobody ever suspects the Butterfly”!

Monarch Butterflies! And oddly enough, these little guys set off a chain of events that end up changing the direction of this series completely! For the better I might add! The Dome’s version of The Butterfly Effect! Pretty cool stuff visually as well!

So as we go a bit further in the episode we find out that the military is going to be shooting a missile at the Dome– something to do with magnetic fields and butterflies. I won’t go too much into this as they still have lots of time to explain the military’s point of view.

Visitor’s Day

Visitors Day


The very first scene when the bus of civilians shows up on the other side of the Dome was great to set the mood for this episode– first we see Joe get all excited about seeing his cousin Frank get off the bus. And Barbie, who instantly wonders why the military waited so long to send families and friends to the Dome.

I’m not really sure I fully understand why the military decided to launch a missile at the Dome so quickly or what their intention actually was (they may have just been trying to break open the Dome– not kill everyone inside). On a side note, I hope they have more interactions like the one between Barbie and the military officer because I would like to know more about what is going on with the rest of the world and how they are reacting to the Dome. In the book, the residents were able to watch the news on television and Barbie was in communication with a military officer he had once worked for in the past…. and it worked very well! And from a TV standpoint, I simply don’t understand why they haven’t included this story since it would undoubtedly allow them to explain this military stuff much easier!

So the Domies get to meet up with their relatives but this whole scene lacked emotion…. only because we haven’t really met the people on the outside of the dome…. they were just a bunch of nobodies that we, the audience, has no real connection with. Oh, and did I also mention that THEY CAN’T TALK THROUGH THE DOME!  Once again, this scene was more or less just a way to set the mood in Chester’s Mill and explain the missile situation. But it was easily the worst scene of the episode. There was simply way too much going on here with many characters on the other side of the Dome that we have never met! It served its purpose though.

Oh and Junior is a cop now!

Some Villains…. Finally

Before I get into the missile scene (it was hands down the best), I wanted to quickly talk about the final scene with Big Jim. Finally, Big Jim has stepped into his role as the murdering and scheming character that he is supposed to be! The first scene of this episode with the Reverend and Big Jim was interesting. We now know that the Reverend had been hearing some strange messages/sounds (creepy sounds I might add) through his hearing aid. We also know that the Reverend plans on exposing Big Jim’s criminal activity (he wants Big Jim to confess his sins). And even though it’s not actually said in this episode, we know that Big Jim wants Junior to get rid of his Angie problem. With the missile on its way and Big Jim assuming they are all going to die, it was pretty clear that Junior was just trying to keep Angie alone with him when the missile struck the dome thinking it would kill them all. What is now going to be interesting going forward is that Angie is still alive and the missile had no impact on the inside of the Dome! I personally think Angie should be killed off at this point and hope she is…. but it might also be that she escapes and ends up being the next major threat to unraveling Big Jim’s plans!

At the end of the episode, the Reverend stepped it up big time and decided to call out Big Jim– which of course ends with…

Reverend Coggins dying

“OW! My Freakin’ Ear!”

…his hearing aid exploding against the Dome. So with the Reverend’s death, is there any one else that can expose Big Jim (besides Angie)? And now we know that Big Jim will do anything, including murder, to cover up his pre-dome schemes! So now that we have Big Jim and Junior becoming REAL villains, I think this show will really start to HEAT up!

Anyone else think that the Reverend’s MOAB (Mother of all Bomb’s) is actually referring to something else and not the missile? 

The End of the World 

I’m really starting to think they save the best for last in these episodes because once again that last 10 minutes was nothing short of amazing. I guess along the way I totally forgot it’s only episode 5 of the series and it does take a little while to get to know the characters. The penultimate moment for me was moments before the missile hit the dome…. we all knew it was coming, but seeing it all play out the way it did was quite epic. And remember… these people all truly believed they were all going to die at this moment (and who could blame them with a missile headed towards them)!

So when Phil Bushey put on “The End of the World” by Skeeter Davis…. the music started to play and I actually started to feel something for these people! Even the scene with Barbie returning Phil’s watch which obviously had something to do with a gambling debt (who the fuck bets on the Cleveland Browns though…. that’s just asking for trouble LOL)…. it had so much more impact because of this ‘End of the World’ scene! Even when Phil and Dodee told each other just how much they hate each other in their own cute little way, it just felt so much more real than all of the last 4 episodes combined! And Linda up on that tower while the music was playing……


Yep, still there! AWWWWWWW!

For the first time in this series, I actually felt some kind of emotion for Linda! FOR ALL OF THEM! It probably wouldn’t have had the same effect without Visitor’s Day either! The music, the shots, everything about this scene was picture perfect.  We also get shots of Big Jim and Rose holding hands, Alice and Carolyn holding each other, Junior lying his head on Angie’s lap, the father comforting his son (did any book readers think of Ollie here)…. and the ghost town seen right below (with everyone hiding underground).

Ghost Town

Ghost Town

This scene reminded me of a very early scene in LOST that really set the stage for that series. I’ve posted it below for any one who wants to check it out:

And the missile finally hit the Dome…. and WOW was that not EPIC?

The End of the World

Not a bad shot for a first kiss!

Personally, this episode completely saved the series! It had a little bit of everything…. emotion, action, destruction, mystery and murder. And the End of the World Scene was flawless (in my opinion) given the state of the last 3 episodes.

With that said, I give this episode an 8.5. Angie is finally out of that god damn bomb shelter, the Reverend is dead and things are starting to move! Check below for a list of questions / mysteries. Back next week to review next week’s episode ‘The Endless Thirst’! Comments always encouraged! Thanks for reading Dorphans!

Questions /Mysteries:

(1) How did the Dome get there? Who put it there? What is it?

(2) What will happen to Angie now that everyone has survived the missile?

(3) Will Barbie ever reveal his secret to Julia?

(4) How much destruction did the missile do to the outside world?

(5) What does “Pink stars falling in lines” mean?

(6) Now that the residents survived the missile, what will their reaction be knowing they are trapped?

(7) Was the missile strike actually the MOAB the Reverend was talking about? Or is another big event on the way?


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  1. […] the military launched a nuke at the dome and if you need a refresher, you can check out the recap here. You’ll remember Skeeter Davis playing in the background when our domies thought their world […]

  2. Funny how this episode they went back to many of the things actually in the book–and it was better? Maybe they need to learn from that.

    1. Agreed! I’ve been re-reading the book and making notes on what I would like to see! There are so many good scenes they could have used and can still use 🙂 Hopefully they continue recycling some of the stories from the book!

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