Big Brother 15: Worst cast since Season 6’s Nerd Herd!



My mother never taught me how to use toilet paper!!!”

So for those that haven’t heard…. a little show called Big Brother 15 has began its yearly summer journey, and its already off to a BANG! While I’ve watched every single season of the show (Canadian version included), this season has already started to heat up and for those that don’t know– a lot of cast members (i.e. Jeremy, Arryn, Kaitlin, GinaMarie, and Spencer) have been saying some very racist, homophobic and disturbing things!

I really wish the rest of the cast would grow some balls and actually start to stand up for themselves and others being victimized. The haters need to be CALLED OUT and I guarantee there are enough people in that house with good hearts to get these hateful, disgusting arrogant racists/homophobes out of the game! If I was in that house, I would have already rallied the troops against any person making those types of comments (and honestly, if I couldn’t get the numbers then my faith in humanity has ended). And don’t get me wrong…. it is a game, and people do take it personally sometimes and get upset…. name-calling is fine in the heat of the moment and no one says you have to like every single person you come into contact with (people are way way too oversensitive these days– whatever happened to the old sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me). I have no issue with it as they’re just words, BUT as soon as race and sexuality and gender are thrown in, that is when I have a problem! So CBS…. please air this stuff….. I want the public to get MAD, as they have a right to be! In my opinion, CBS is actually perpetuating this hate by NOT airing it. It is beyond insulting as a longtime Big Brother viewer and fan! How can they allow these people to say those things and then show them in a completely different light on the edited show? And WHY would they do that unless they share those views themselves?

At the end of the day…. I want these fake, two-faced, arrogant jerks to get their JUST DESSERTS! Any individual who has the audacity to wipe their ass with someone else’s hat clearly has mental issues…… so for those that support the victims here (I say victims because they are trapped in a house with these psychos), let’s make a difference and give the MVP to those that actually deserve it! And CBS…. shame on you! It is only Week 1, there is still time to correct the problem….. and I’m certainly not the only person out there who feels this way! Otherwise…. they may have to rename the Power of Veto competition to the “White Power of Veto”, LOL (Thanks to former HG Ragan for that clever remark)!

Feel free to comment and discuss, just no SPOILERS as I don’t watch the feeds. 🙂



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