Rangers-Bruins: My heart can’t take this

ImageI did not watch last night’s game 4 clash between the Rangers and Bruins, my heart just could not take it. I turned the game off after the first Bruins goal, and after watching the way the Rangers were playing, I fully expected them to lose this game.

And yet, here I am writing a post about the Rangers with a teensy, eensy bit of hope shall we say? But I’m still worried because somehow when I get even a little hope in this team, they disappoint me. At least the Rangers have nothing to lose at this point. I’ll probably be watching Game 5, but I really don’t know how much more I can take!!!!

Fun Fact: In the 2010 series where the Bruins collapsed against the Flyers….. the Flyers were down 3-0, and actually ended up winning game 4 in OT, 5-4! If the Rangers can get a win in Boston, the B’s might start to panic! We shall see!

One last note, I loved Kreider’s speed on the OT goal. Like I said, Torts just doesn’t know what to do with these players. He is in a position now where he has no choice to play them– and that can only help this team! Win or lose, I still want a new coach next season!


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