Torts In the Spotlight Tonight!!!


Mikey Dislikes It!!!! Tortorella and the Rangers go into action again for Game 4 tonight….. and I am not too impressed the way the Rangers have come out and played these playoffs. I understand they have some injuries to contend with (see Staal and Clowe), but this team has underachieved all season long, and I place the blame solely on the coach. I don’t understand how an NHL coach can insult his own players at a press conferece– cue up the “Hagelin stinks on the Power Play” quote– while at the same time praising Bruins players like Marchand! That, in my opinion, is the opposite of leadership and is why the Rangers have no fight in them this year. Regardless, at least Torts finally grew a pair and benched his BFF Richards….. that guy has been completely useless on the ice and is exactly where he should be— at home! Maybe, just maybe, the Rangers squeak one out tonight with a new look and nothing to lose….. but let’s be honest, I’m not getting my hopes up!!!!


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