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Fear The Walking Dead: ‘The Good Man’ Season Finale Review

Leaving It All Behind

Leaving It All Behind

Finally, the episode of Fear the Walking Dead that we all wanted. With literally nothing happening last week, I was thrilled to see shit finally hit the fan. Stuff actually went down guys, and it paid off huge. I was fully entertained throughout the finale. Even though no one really important died, this episode finally advanced our story to where it should be going. Our characters had to make some tough choices in The Good Man and they finally left sweet suburbia to head off into this unforgiving world.

I also really like Strand. That guy seems to know what he’s doing and this show desperately needed someone with survival skills. I think there was too much focus on the Clark’s and family life. Strand really adds a new element to the show because we don’t know a lot about him and because he’s not a bitch when it comes to making decisions (right, Travis)?

This episode was everything a finale should be. Zombie’s are officially fucking the world up so quickly stop whatever you’re doing and enjoy the recap!

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Heroes Reborn: ‘Under The Mask’ Review


“The world has been uneasy. This is the breakthrough we’ve been waiting for. Ladies and Gentlemen…E.P.I.C.” -Erica Kravid

As much as I liked the premiere, Under the Mask was a bit all over the place. The show introduced us to a lot more characters with special powers but I have to admit that I am quite confused with where they are going with the story.

I did, however, like what Renautas did with Molly Walker. Those epically hilarious glasses are the perfect weapon in locating any Evo and it’s going to be almost impossible for anyone to hide in plain sight now. Still, this episode was the equivalent of getting lost in a dark forest. I understand that there are a lot of stories and a lot of characters but Game of Thrones never seems to have a problem with these types of things so Heroes Reborn needs to take a lesson.

Heroes was always at its best when it was dark. Sylar was such an intriguing and horrific character from the original but so far we haven’t been introduced to any really dark Evo’s yet. Sure there is a great mystery that needs to be unraveled but let’s focus more on one Evo at a time rather than time jumping all over the place like Hiro Nakamura.

Hope this review is the perfect medicine to go with your steak and eggs. Enjoy the recap, fellow Evo’s.

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The Goldbergs: Best Moments From ‘A Chorus Lie’

The Goldbergs Best Moments: A Chorus Lie

The ’80s references never stop with this show and that is probably a good thing. We’re counting down the best moments from each episode of The Goldbergs third season and A Chorus Lie had so many references that it was hard to pick my favorites. Rock on, ’80s style!

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South Park: ‘The City Part Of Town’ Review

Welcome Home

The new season of South Park has set a super high standard. This week was a bit of a letdown but it’s hardly a surprise after the last episode in which Mr. Kim starred in. The Sodosopa development was the star of this episode and Kenny’s house being right in the middle of it all was clever but other than that this episode just seemed different to me.

South Park appears to be making some big changes this season and I think this episode illustrated that perfectly but this show is supposed to make us laugh throughout the entire episode and I just didn’t find myself laughing as much as the previous two.

There were still some funny moments, however, and I was actually moved by the ending promotion for Whole Foods. It looks like Season 19 is bringing us an updated, revitalized South Park. Welcome home and enjoy the recap.

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Survivor Second Chance: ‘Survivor MacGyver’ Recap and Rankings

The Social Network

“I realized that not everyone behaves in that manner out here. We’re real people and I’m going to be a real person throughout this.” -Kass

Survivor is still crushing it in the ratings department and this season has gotten off to a great start. There has been emotion, drama and lots of game play up to this point and things have already shifted significantly on one tribe.

New alliances have been formed and the theme of the season so far seems to be all about the social game. Shiren, Spencer and Fishbach don’t seem to understand this aspect of the game and it has gotten them into hot water early on. Terry, on the other hand, has improved his social game significantly since his last appearance on Survivor and he appears to be reaping the rewards. Of course, this will all change once the merge hits but for now, let’s enjoy this crazy Brazilian soap opera.

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Scream Queens: ‘Chainsaw’ Review

Backstreet's Back

This show! I don’t know why but I just can’t stop loving Ryan Murphy’s latest series. Is it this amazing cast, Coney included? The hilarious antics of Denise Hemphill? Or frat boys getting their arms chopped off by chainsaw-wielding maniac’s as the Backstreet Boys Everybody plays in the background? All of the above.

Chainsaw hit all the right spots and I couldn’t get enough. I think this show especially works great if you don’t take it to seriously. While there is a murder mystery going down at Kappa Kappa Tau’s sorority house, the best parts of this show are the laughs and they have not stopped. Denise was by far the highlight of this episode with some hilarious moments and even though we’re not even close to figuring out who’s behind the red devil mask, it appears each character is going to have their own motive going forward.

Plus there was Coney, the greatest school mascot to ever grace us with his presence. Enjoy the recap, screamers!

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Fear The Walking Dead: ‘Cobalt’ Review

Getting Ready to Rumble

Let's Get Ready To Rumble

It appears this show is not that good. Fear the Walking Dead’s penultimate episode finally advanced the plot to where we want it to be but holy crap did it ever drag us along to get to this point. The military has decided that they have no intention of sitting around in the suburbs and are peacing the F out but why do the writers have to bore us in getting there. So far this season has had pretty much NO action and I have no idea why I am still watching this nonsense. It’s the kind of stuff that can give Under the Dome some stiff competition in the dumb department.

The entire episode was all about getting us to this evacuation point and I truly don’t think it was necessary to take us along for this ridiculously slow ride. Daniel torturing that military dude seemed to drag on forever, Chris and Alicia decide they would rather be looters and Travis can’t even get the balls to shoot a walker. I suppose Nick and Maddie are the most interesting characters up to this point but we barely got to see them and I think it’s safe to say that this is impressing nobody.

So put on your best dress and/or suit, sit down at the piano and enjoy a glass of champagne…or just loot the entire place. After all, this is Zombie Armageddon. Enjoy the recap.

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Heroes Reborn: ‘Brave New World / Odessa’ Series Premiere Review

Heroes Reborn Volume One: Awakening

“When you look back at the things you’ve done, the decisions you’ve made…the last thing you want to feel is regret. Am I right?” -Noah Bennet

Yes! One of my favorite series of all time has returned and I could not be more thrilled. First, I love X-Men because who the hell doesn’t love the X-men? Second, I loved the original Heroes series even though the story fell apart half way through the second season. That said, this show has so much potential because of the stories that can be told where ordinary people must fulfill their destiny. Save the Cheerleader, Save the World, right? Well, Claire Bear is dead now so the world is doomed.

Returning from the original series is Matt Parkman, Mohinder Suresh, Angela Petrelli, Noah Bennet, the Haitian, Micah Sanders and Hiro Nakamura. No Sylar, unfortunately but maybe he’ll make a cameo at some point. Also, Mohinder better not still be a fucking lizard or else!

The premiere was full of new characters and Evo’s and some were clearly better than others. Tommy has one of the best powers ever regardless what he thinks about it but over in Tokyo, Miko’s entire story line was beyond fucked up. What in the hell was going on with that? At least they kept the same narration from the original series because the writing is absolutely brilliant when it comes to that.

So get ready for a whole new cast of characters with brand new super powers and enjoy the recap.

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The Goldbergs: Best Moments From The Season 3 Premiere

The Goldbergs Best Moments: A Kick Ass Risky Business Party

The Goldbergs returned for its third season this week and this spoof on ’80s living is still as funny as ever. The entire Goldberg clan provided us with a lot of laughs in the premiere which was all about Risky Business and partying.

Barry and Erica were the highlights of this episode with their plan to have a Risky Business themed party at Lainey’s. And Beverly Goldberg, everyone’s favorite ’80s mom, was also in the mix.

So let’s countdown our favorite moments from A Kick Ass Risky Business Party. Hope you enjoyed the premiere as much as I did.

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